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  1. Kanon
    2022-05-10 07:07
    Little Witch Academia has its fanbase, I don't think it'll be that easily forgotten. That said, shows that get multiple seasons, even if they're not very good, are more easily remembered.

    I finished Angel Heart last week and enjoyed it from start to finish. Completely different tone from City Hunter, but provided enjoyable stories. Xian Ying was also a great main character who grew a lot other the course of the series.

    I've started Beck. I'm five episodes in and I have a hard time getting into it. The horrible Engrish and the bad singers really take me out of it.
  2. Kanon
    2022-04-26 17:10
    Yeah, five more years of Macron, but it's way better than the alternative. His opponent's policies would have brought the country to ruin. People flock to the extremes because they're desperate and think they have nothing to lose giving them a chance.
  3. Kanon
    2022-04-26 06:58
    I still see Simoun being recommended from time to time, so it's not completely lost. It's been a very long time so I admit I don't remember much, only that I loved it.

    I've been watching Angel Heart for the past month. It's a pseudo-sequel to City Hunter set in an alternate universe. If you can accept the supernatural stuff, it's a very good watch. It's completely different from City Hunter though, a lot more serious and tear jerking. Ryo is still awesome, but he has less opportunities to be pervy. Saeko is given a lot more depths, I read an arc of the manga that I've been told was skipped in the anime and it was some heavy stuff. Umibozu is still amazing, and has a lot more friendly relationship with Ryo in this universe.
  4. Kanon
    2022-04-10 06:47
    You know, I don't know why I said it would the season of sequels to me because there aren't that much. It's more or less 50/50.
  5. Guardian Enzo
    2022-04-06 18:27
    Guardian Enzo
    Just have to have faith somebody will sub Summertime Render.
  6. Kanon
    2022-04-06 17:44
    I've only watched three shows. Aharen-san was pretty funny, but have to see if the gag doesn't wear thin.

    Otherwise it's pretty much going to be the season of sequels for me.
  7. Kanon
    2022-03-29 07:17
    Characters aren't really why it's considered a classic. I really should rewatch it someday.
  8. Kanon
    2022-03-27 10:42
    Finished Moriarty. Remained good the whole way through. I was pleasantly surprised it had an ending, given that the manga is still on-going.

    I get why this show was popular.
  9. Nachtwandler
    2022-03-24 10:32
    Originally Posted by Last Sinner View Post
    Not everything from that list gets adapted. I'm still holding on a faint hope that The Apothecary Diaries gets adapted but I'm not holding my breath. Heck, Imhotep did well in one of those polls and still isn't adapted. 'Some' of what polls top 10 on that list gets adapated. And not surprisingly, shounen and isekai will stand a better chance to for obvious reasons.
    The one I wanted was a GL LN with the current "otome game villianess" trend, and it was like 3rd in the list, so I hoped it has a chance.

    I heard good things about Apothecary diaries BTW, never got to read it yet though. Planned to buy the e-book recently but life...
  10. Kanon
    2022-03-24 08:13
    It spent a lot of time meandering but the ending was worth it. A solid 7/10. I'll stop there, though, even if they make more.

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