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  1. RWBladewing
    2009-03-10 23:53

    Yeah, I agree and disagree with your assessment of the guys, depending on the character. Shirou is supposed to come off as really determined but he ends up just being kind of annoying and naive. Like I said though he's still better than his anime version. Shinji is just a disgusting character overall but I think he's supposed to be. I'm assuming Archer is the one you're referring to as emo mainly, I can see why someone would say that but I still find him an awesome character, partly because I pretty much share his outlook on a lot of things. He is also definitely not emo in Heavens Feel and is actually pretty damn heroic. Oh, and Lancer also is a really cool character but you can't really tell that from the anime/Fate route. Kotomine has a fairly interesting backstory as well that is not elaborated on in the anime.

    Yeah, the translation is no problem, can d/l the whole thing off their site in a few minutes and they did a really great job with it. The game itself though, yeah, cost me a hundred bucks BEFORE shipping to get it.

    Don't know where you heard there's no music because that's definitely not true, every scene has it except ones where it's supposed to be silent.

    I guess if you're looking for actual romance though you may not enjoy it so much, a lot of the H-scenes are somewhat violent in nature just like you inferred. And really, romance is not the main theme, at least I didn't find it to be. It's important sure but the game isn't anything like a traditional dating sim. It's way more of a fantasy game that happens to contain H-scenes than an actual H-game, if that description makes sense.

    My main favorite character is Rin, never cared much for either Saber or Sakura. I have like 10-15 different Rin figures, including that Bome one, and multiple plushies. Also have the fanbooks from the game and the anime, and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff like trading figures and keychains. I'm a pretty big collector by nature, you should SEE my Clannad merchandise. I think I can make a real claim to having more of it than anyone else outside of Japan. Some of it I can't even let my friends see, they already think what they have seen is creepy enough, hahaha.
  2. Sephi
    2009-03-10 02:55
    Sholazar Basin sounds fun. I'll be 78 tonight. Hope i'm done with Zul'drak soon to. Going to Scholazar Basin as i already got a quest to look for Nessingwary. As much as i like blizzard creative twist to quests. I am a bit tired of running around so much to do some of the quests. I hope Sholazar Basin will have more kill x of that, and than deliver the things. It's good way of getting exp, as boring as it may be. Zul'drak has been quite good on that part. And some fun quests like the one with the storm giant
  3. Sephi
    2009-03-09 07:46
    Much thanks for the links, Utgarde Keep will be the first Heroic i'm trying when i get to 80. I'm 77 atm, and man, lvling is slow.

    The items you linked all looked very nice except for the ring. Expertise has no use for hunter from what i understand.

    Will try get to 80 next sunday. I'm fed up of that lvling

    Lvling in Zul'drak atm. And probably going to Scholazar Basin after. And at the end of that, i should be close to 80. Perhaps some Storm Peak to finish it.
  4. RWBladewing
    2009-03-06 12:25
    There's none. I figured the whole "I'm going to get revenge on you by voting against your characters in Saimoe" paragraph, the comment about playing a female character making you gay, and especially the "This post is 100% super serious", made it pretty obvious I was just fooling around, though I guess my sarcasm is more subtle than I thought.

    Not too bad an idea to level an alt to 80 if it's a role you aren't used to, would be one of the few things that actually might provide a change of pace. I had considered leveling my DK to 80 to tank but I really can't find any motivation to play at all anymore.

    Funny thing about F/SN, I thought the anime was totally great when I saw it, so much so I absolutely had to go play the game. And now that I have played the game, I actually like the anime quite a bit less. The game was amazing, totally puts the anime to shame, and the actual adaptation of it was poor in a lot of areas. For one thing Shirou isn't quite the total sexist tool he comes across as in the anime. Though it may be tough (not sure about the importing scene in your country and the game was extremely expensive for me to buy), you should really play it, assuming you haven't already.
  5. Last Sinner
    2009-03-06 09:41
    Last Sinner
    I don't BG while I level. I just want to hit 80 ASAP and do it then, if at all.

    Speaking of which, my Druid hit 80 today, then somehow fluked winning 3 epics from 5 Heroic runs. Respeccing Resto was a very good idea, even if two of those epics were feral. The Dual Spec option in 3.1 is gonna be so good for my Druid. Being able to offer healing AND tanking...HA!

    What level are you at now? At least 76, I'd have to think.
  6. Sephi
    2009-03-05 02:09
    i was quite casual with doing some AV, and even got 15k atm. Think 40k is doable. I just wonder how well the pvp epic holds against drops.

    I actually sold the axe with AP. To many stats lose, i run out of mana far to often already. Main problem is mana now. Will try get the trinket. Missed the quests from that place. Looks like a okish chain. Hope it's not to long. I'm sure i'll find something better later on. And i wanna get to 80 asap.

    Got the belt already from the wanted chain. Was quite hard lol. Found a shaman to team up with, but the frost wyrm required a druid to tank, as my pet died to fast.

    Will try get that icier spear thing soon to pun on the AV reward

    Wow armory is down atm, will look at it later
  7. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2009-03-04 17:54
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    It's made it murder to get a job that's for sure. Next to no one is hiring, and those that are get like 100+ apps. It's just the luck of the draw here at the moment.
  8. Sephi
    2009-03-04 01:48
    I already have the gun/neck/ring from Borean Thundra. Gun is from some chain, ending in going down a cave with magnataurs that you have to weaken with a item. Glad i did that, the gun looks badass. Still using the gun. Neck is grom the scourge things east of tank'le village. Neck isn't that good, and is replaced by Uthgarde keep reward. I'm done in Borean Thundra. And soon done with HF. Will go to Dragonblight after. Still haven't done a full nexus. Did got the shoulders from nexus. Only got that far before group wiped till it disbanded. Replaced shoulders for some lv 73 rare i bought in AH.


    Also notice pvp epics only cost 40-50k honor! i already have 15k from doing some AV! Think i'm going to try get some pvp epics when i hit 80.
  9. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2009-03-03 19:29
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    Well I 'cheated' a little with the Priest she was my main in Vanilla WoW, I dropped her for a Shaman (Enhancement) in TBC, and dropped that one for a tank DK in WOTLK. (I'm not a chronic reroller, honest!)

    Live up around the Grafton area on the mid north coast, sadly that town doesn't have much of a bookstore. I'd have to drive an hour to Coffs if I wanted to go to an A&R. If I had money I'd definitely open one, or even better buy a Borders franchise. We were supposed to get a Borders but someone failed to deliver on their contract for the new shopping center extensions, so it fell through. Colour me bitter.
  10. Sephi
    2009-03-03 04:15
    Don't worry about it m8, i'm just going to do whatever is available and where i can find a group for, and will see what drops. As for BM dps, half comes from my gorilla pet, and half of his dps comes from thunderstomp. I can probably increase my dps if i optimize the rotation, but will have to work in to that later.

    Still wanna do some test with ferocity pet to boost my own dps, because ferocity pets have crit talent, so i will get more crit and higher dps, though the thunderstomp dps is so crazy, it's hard to go without it, it's especially usefull for volley/multi down group of mobs when gathering them.

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