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  1. Kanon
    2022-10-10 08:37
    I'm saying this without any sarcasm whatsoever, but I don't envy you. It doesn't seem like there's much you like, at least when it comes to modern anime. Personally, I have very broad taste. I'm able to enjoy anything as long as it's not dreadfully boring. I even watch trash shows on purpose sometimes in order to appreciate the good ones more. Case in point: I'm currently watching Accel World. It is so, so bad it's hilarious.

    I'm still going to venture making a suggestion: have you seen Kageki Shoujo? I'm in the middle of it and I'm finding it really great. It's much more mature than I was expecting, and sometimes deals with serious themes. One of the best anime I've seen in quite some time.

    I don't know if you've started it but I think you'll be disappointed by Tatami Machine Blues. I kind of am, to be honest. It lacks the charm of the original, and it's not really a sequel. It doesn't add anything to the series.
  2. Kanon
    2022-10-07 06:39
    Superficial similarities at best. Both use guns and have a no kill rule, that's about it. Their personal histories and reasons they don't kill are very different.
  3. Kanon
    2022-10-05 17:49
    It IS surprising, given that Gundam has shied away from depicting homosexual relationships for 40 years. For the first time, same-sex marriage is a plot point and is described as common. I struggle to even think of a yuri anime where the girls ended up marrying each other... mainly because it's against the law in Japan. Happened in manga though, like Citrus.

    I don't think anyone said Lycoris Recoil was revolutionary, although I admit I was puzzled Kojima was shilling it. The series worked for me because it had great leads, the rest... meh. There wasn't even any actual yuri, as usual. All bait the entire way. Hoping it won't be the same with Witch of Mercury.
  4. Kanon
    2022-10-04 17:11
    I knew about V3's main twist going in but there was actually so much more to it than what I had read about years ago. I probably forgot most of it too. I thought the ending was pretty brilliant, I like when media go full meta. The best part is that you're not even sure what the truth is in the end, which perfectly the theme or truth vs lie/reality vs fiction the game had going on.

    You've probably heard but the new Gundam is yuri by the way. It blew up so much because of that I doubt they can back down now.
  5. Kanon
    2022-10-03 07:08
    I stopped at the sixth season after remembering I had bought Danganronpa V3 and never touched it. So I've been playing that since last time. I'm at the final trial. We'll see how the end holds up, so far it has been a more than worthy successor to the first two games. The first trial was pretty dumb, not so much who the culprit was but the method used, but the others have been really great. Plenty of amazing twists. Even better: there is apparently a huge twist related to the first trial since the final trial is revisiting the case, so perhaps it wasn't dumb, after all.

    I'm planning to jump back on Brooklyn 99 right after that. And yes, the show was really good for the first 5 seasons. I didn't dislike the sixth either, but it just feels like a different show sometimes.

    And speaking of Summertime Rendering, you should read Summertime Rendering 2026: the room that dreams of murder if you haven't. I read it yesterday, it's short and really really good. Tanaka is definitely no one hit wonder.
  6. stray
    2022-09-30 14:52
    I'm pretty sure that at this point not many people believe he had a back spasm or whatever on Sunday. He shouldn't have been in the game to begin with, especially on short rest. I don't really know who to blame, or how widespread it is but Miami is a horrendously run organization; tanking allegations, reports of tampering that lost them multiple draft picks... now this.

    Whatever loopholes there are around concussion protocols probably need to be walled up, but this whole thing is really disappointing. CTE is nightmarish, yet you still hear a lot of people involved diminishing what isn't immediate damage.
  7. stray
    2022-09-27 19:21
    Oh wow, the US doesn't change to winter time until the beginning of November. Probably because Halloween has become the big holiday here.

    I'm kind of pleasantly shocked the Eagles are doing so well. It remains to be seen if they can keep up their momentum and hopefully avoid any freak injuries when the play in NYC, but I never really expected this. Their schedule isn't that challenging either so playoff seeding should be solid.

    Josh McDaniels is garbage; he sucked in Denver, he flaked on the Colts, and now he's sucking with the Raiders. I think its kind of obvious now that Brady was the one making everyone look good within the Patriots organization.I guess Belichick could turn things around there but it remains to be seen if Mac Jones needs surgery.
  8. Kanon
    2022-09-23 08:36
    I'm near the end of season 6 of Brooklyn 99. The show's definitely gotten more woke, but what bothers me is that it often takes itself too seriously now. It's still a comedy of course, but sometimes I feel like this isn't the same show anymore.

    Gina leaving was also a major bummer. She came back in the latest episode I watched but I'm pretty sure it's a one-time thing.
  9. stray
    2022-09-20 11:21
    Eagles look better than I honestly expected, and the Bills look like the team to beat this year. It really was a weird weekend otherwise though. Kyler Murray's 30 second scramble was sort of ridiculous and I guess SF looks the same as last year with Jimmy G back. Bengals appear to have a Super Bowl hangover and an offensive line that isn't coming together, and I guess Brady is going to be fined if he smashes any more Surface tablets. Colts look so, so bad right now. And I don't think the Bucs have any receivers to play next week with Evans suspended and almost everyone else injured.

    Did you watch Cyberpunk Edgerunners yet? I wasn't sure how to feel about it but liked it quite a bit, Rebecca is undoubtedly best girl. I haven't really kept up with Summertime Rendering anime though, I'll probably marathon it when it ends. The physical manga release got pushed back to December which kinda sucks.
  10. Kanon
    2022-09-13 06:59
    You're welcome, I guess

    I've been watching Kaleido Star lately, picked it up mostly because Junichi Sato directed it. I wasn't sure I'd like it since I'm not really a fan of circus but it's a really great show! It's also interesting to see how some of the cast carried over to Aria. Ryo Hirohashi (Alice) is voicing the MC and Sayaka Ohara (Alicia) the performer she admires the most. I'm also pretty sure Eri Kawai (Athena's singing voice) sang a couple of songs too.

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