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  1. Hagoshod
    2012-11-10 03:52
    You know, for a guy who's trying to build an argument around the entire concept of they must have been OFFICIAL Royal Guards because only OFFICIAL Royal Guards would ever be allowed to wear OFFICIAL Royal Guard flight suits with OFFICIAL Royal Guard TSFs, you're kind of forgetting that entire last part of the original trilogy where a bunch of UN-trained pilots were allowed to pilot Royal Guard TSFs with Royal Guard flight suits.
  2. Hagoshod
    2012-11-09 16:54
    That's nice.

    If they wanted you to think they gradated they wouldn't have said they didn't graduate.
  3. Hagoshod
    2012-11-09 01:11
    are you seriously still going on about that shit

    It doesn't matter what they were wearing or what they were piloting. If you were intended to believe the Royal Guard girls graduated before being deployed in Kyoto (even if it were a rushed graduation), then the script wouldn't have gone out of the way to tell you they hadn't graduated and were still trainees multiple times while they were in Kyoto. It's that simple.

    And you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot there. You bring up the fact they already "knew the basics" and were allowed on the field with the rest of the commissioned pilots as evidence that they graduated, yet acknowledge the UN girls were also put on the field in the 12/5 incident when they were obviously still trainees at that point.
  4. Hagoshod
    2012-11-08 17:06
    is this a reference to my awful fanfiction?
  5. John117xCortana
    2012-09-19 19:57
    Yes I am. And I'm still waiting for your PM replies ^_^.
  6. John117xCortana
    2012-09-19 05:54
    Siti Haliza = Siti Nurhaliza ?
  7. Sumeragi
    2012-09-12 07:57
    You might want to put what you just wrote in the SAO Image thread in spoilers.
  8. Ray
    2012-07-29 08:13

    After SAO was cleared? You might wanna remove that bit.. :<
  9. akim36
    2012-07-24 13:33
    hey i was wondering if you can send me SAO chapter 16.5 please!
  10. Netto Azure
    2012-07-23 05:34
    Netto Azure
    Click on view conversation and THEN reply

    Also I'm Filipino, not Malaysian. Although I live in the US nowadays so eh. XD

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