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Truth Martyr

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  1. Nagumo
    2009-08-15 10:49
    A fellow Patlabor fan? Wow, I can chalk up another person on my list.
  2. Sheba
    2009-06-01 11:13
    Go watch Deadliest Warrior!!!
  3. Wild Goose
    2008-12-17 00:41
    Wild Goose
    Pretty much. Although the middle ground people are probably headdesking now; there will be no more room for moderation and observation.

    Observation is alright and well, but ark takes it too far.

    Eva has an engineering degree. His degree >>> ark's self taught knowledge.
  4. Comartemis
    2008-12-16 16:18
    Are you laughing as hard as I am at this latest twist in the Magic and Tech debate?
  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2008-11-24 07:06
    Mah~ It wasn't exactly dangerous or anything...

    I needed her just to illustrate a 'point' I was so happen to be making back then.

  6. Wild Goose
    2008-11-03 15:32
    Wild Goose
    You can try guessing, TR, but 4 nations use Malay and have people fluent in both english and Malay.
  7. TerranReaper
    2008-11-03 10:50
    From that Malay you wrote...I can accurately guess where you are from.
  8. Keroko
    2008-06-23 02:38
    Small question about the F/SN doujinshi, do you know if any of the other chapters of Heavens Failure have been translated? So far I've been able to find chapter one translated, and the others raw.

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    I was a ronin. I now work in customer service, fighting the Rebellion's supporter.
    Doing Anzu's paperwork.
    Anime, fanfiction, creating worlds and charecters, gaming, hotblooded toku
    Customer Service, fighting the Rebellion's supporter. Writing manuals and fixing shit
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    A crap laptop, and a rig that plays Skyrim in Ultra.
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    The Oarai roundel. Suck it, Kuromorimine & Chamber Pot.
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    One must forgive one's enemies, but not before they are hanged.Heinrich Heine.

    I believe in miracles.


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