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  1. DragonOsman
    2017-01-30 11:46
    It can happen if the power in Ise's body is infinite and he just can't use it fully, only being able to access up to Heavenly Dragon-level power from it, except for when he uses Infinity Blaster where Ddraig's Boost ability could be making it infinite by enhancing it up to 100% of Ophis' power (it's possible, no?), since Ddraig did say that in DxD G, the power of the Sekiryuutei's ability is infinite. I know there's an inconsistency, but that's kind of a given in a manga/anime/LN story. We can interpret it in a way that makes it make more sense. That's up to us as readers.
  2. DragonOsman
    2017-01-30 11:21
    Apophis doesn't have an ability that completely invalidates a Sacred Gear. He just has a tricky darkness that absorbs attacks and such and Ddraig probably didn't get the chance to enhance Ise's attack power infinitely as he did against Rizevim. Either way, there's something that Apophis has that Rizevim didn't. And Apophis is also stronger than Rizevim.
  3. DragonOsman
    2017-01-30 09:19
    I think there's a way to interpret what Ddraig said to Rizevim about the Sekiryuutei's power in DxD G being infinite that makes my theory more believable without any inconsistency even with him effectively calling it Heavenly Dragon-level vs. Apophis. If you look, Ddraig actually said that the power of the Seikiryuutei's ability is infinite. It could be taken to mean that the power in Ise's attack, despite being initially canceled by Rizevim's ability, was then immediately boosted back to full power by Ddraig's ability. No matter how many times Rizevim would've tried to cancel it, then, the Sekiryuutei's trait would've still powered it up it infinitely because the Sekiryuutei's ability at that time was infinite thanks to Ophis.

    [It’s extremely simple. Your ability to cancel is limited. Over here, the power of the Sekiryuutei’s ability is infinite. Since it’s a power which can’t entirely be cancelled — that would make things different, wouldn’t it?]
  4. Sixth
    2017-01-29 05:32
    Yeah, I didn't expect them to react like that too. On serious note, I am actually OK with Erina X Jouichirou.
  5. Liddo-kun
    2017-01-25 17:25
    Ah, thanks for the reply.

    So that's why she looked familiar... one of my friends was selling her Aqua costume a few months ago. @_@
  6. Liddo-kun
    2017-01-24 18:52
    Good morning. May I ask, who is the girl in your avatar and sig?
  7. Hakai
    2017-01-17 14:23
    Err, I ended up deleting all my Vms by mistake(don't ask how....) so sorry to anyone who ever sent me one

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