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  1. Lolipopo
    2017-11-16 13:25
    Ahahaha so glad to hear from you again, that's one instense feeling ofnostalgia, being here x)
    Gosh can't imagine going through this madness again, Geass was one hell of a show, I don't want to go through pointless debates again x) So how have you been ? Almost a decade now,that's crazy !
  2. Noran
    2008-09-28 18:12
    Hello Nilie! I was just wondering if you could tell me where you got that gif from the last moment of CG? Also, is it real? Thank you!
  3. Lolipopo
    2008-09-11 12:23
    I didn't really understand your point there O_o
    I don't know about people in this forum, But I'm rooting for Kalulu since S1, so, nothing new for me, cause in my eyes, CC and Lulu were and will be partners in crime till the end. So yeah, I always supprted Kallen and Lelouch, and this, even if during S1 we were 20% kalulu fans VS 80% CluClu fans, without give any complaint about how annoying they were to treat Kallen as a "supporting character, a zero fangirl, a fanservice female" and to repeat without end that CC and Lelouch were meant to be and that Kalulu fans were hopeless dreamers...

    In AS, the wind turned it seems, and I'm not going to complaint about that, because when I see Kalulu fans speak, it's usually to speak about her devellopment (since ths forum is made to speak about the anime, if Kallen has devellopment, well, people are talking) or to give answer to Kallen's bashers; You know, I don't think that posts like those of a lot of CC's fans who are only complaining about Kallen's stupidity, or Kalulu's fans stupidity are going to help.
    It's only normal that people respond to those kind of words; I see a lot of complaints about Kalulu fans but...seriously? Where did you see a Kalulu fans act like a CluClu fans ? I don't remember have say on day "Ohh CluClu's fans are desilusionnal" or "CC is just a pizza eater, a pizza butt, and she was useless"

    When those stupid kinds of remarks will stop, then, shipping war will stop :/

    Oh an BTW, if your posts was about the The Holy Kalulu Empire VS the UFN of C.C., don't forget it's more sort of a joke between Kalulu and Cluclu's fans, nothing bad (for the first time...)

  4. Lolipopo
    2008-09-10 04:39
    Yeah I'm no more a nice girl in my post, this is war did you forget ? :P
    The Holy Kalulu Empire VS the UFN of C.C.
    Now I'll no more be a nice girl, I'll keep using logic bombs to defend Kallen against everyone xD
    About Llody and Cecile, it could be weird I admit, but since I can't see Lloyd acting romantically (no, not at all xDD maybe with his KMF ?) I= was more thinking as a comic pairing, just always together, till the end \o/
    It's the first time I'm attracted by those type pf characters to tell the truth and I'm rooting to more scene of those two \o/

    Your avy makes me lol. Still xP
  5. Eliarine
    2008-09-08 16:30
    Ouééé, je suis chou! =D Trop kewl merci 8D
  6. Lolipopo
    2008-09-07 15:51
    Yes I remember your posts, always really sweet but there, with Eliarine you are just bad girls that's all
    I LOVED THIS TURN to me Lelouch's attitude, the focus on his mouth closed, the fact that he wished to take a longer way, his hidden face and's the first time where I feel that lelouch could have some romantic feelings for Kallen, she deserves it, gogogo Kallen ! xP
    But that poor girl was really hurt; About the kiss I think it was more of a matter that "Kallen must have a kiss and there is her only moment where she could"...bah at least she had her first kiss with the man she loved...
    I LOVE GINO TOO (but not with Kallen :P I'm all for their frienship but nothing more, Gino cares already too much to Suzaku (and to Anya before ) and I want he help him to take him back to his true self; About Suzaku, I don't really have an opinion about him, he annoyed me buring season 1 (Don't hit me xD) But at the end of the season he was just awesome, after Euphie's death *_* But In R2, I don't know, sometimes I like him, sometimes I hate him (Just like this time where he is using Nunally to try to discover if Lelouch was really Zero >_<)
    I hope lelouch and Suzaku will be saved from themselves, I'll be glad if at the end they could stay alive, with everyone (what a sweet dream u_u)
    Oh, aren't you rooting for Lloyd x cecile ? They make such a lovely pairing The crazy scientisfs and the madly cooker
  7. Lolipopo
    2008-09-07 15:08
    And even if you aren't nice with Kallen I add you to my friends list. I know I can make you change your mind :P
  8. Lolipopo
    2008-09-07 15:06
    Eliarine je t'ai vue :P
    Honteux vraiment, en gros Kallen était appréciable parce qu'elle était mise de coté durant la moitié de la S1 ? Ehehehe chacune son tour les filles, CC a eu son temps alors un peu pour Kallen

    Sinon Nilie, tu parles français aussi, et anglais, alors je vois pas ce que ça a d'extraordinaire ^^
    And yes, your icon fits you. PERFECTLY :P
    Kalulu all the way
  9. Eliarine
    2008-09-06 08:07
    Non serieux, moi g toujour adorer Kallen mais avec tout le temps qu'elle a eu a l'ecran cette saison j'me dis que j'aurai ptete mieux fait de pas lui souhaiter plus de vedette en fin de compte. C'est plutot elle qu'est devenu chiante (No offense, honest, just bordering on teh Sue here)

    Jt'ai rajouté de la réputation rien que pour cette phrase parce que...comment suis complètement du même avis? =D
  10. Lolipopo
    2008-09-01 18:38
    Nilie !
    Just to tell you one thing.
    Your way to post and your avy fits to well, it's really strange but seen as you seems this much full of energy and happy when you post, with your Lloyd who is literally dancing...I don't know, it's amazing
    I needed to tell you this one day <_<
    have fun

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