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  1. DragoZERO
    2009-11-09 11:30
    Saw your question on Sinestra's VMs. I love White Album. But it really is a niche series, you either love or hate. I would watch it more than once though, but I'm sure I'm in the minority there.
  2. Sinestra
    2009-11-08 21:11
    White album is not really that bad the protagonist is very human and thats probably why a lot of people dislike him he makes a lot of bad decisions throughout the series. The main problem i have with the series is the progression i felt was a little slow and also it was hard for me to relate to most of the characters but one. Is it worth the viewing i would say yes but its definitely not an anime you will watch more than once. The music animation and VA's are quite good.
  3. Zwei
    2009-09-16 14:50
    It was just Mina dreaming of what would have happened if she led an ordinarity lifestyle.
  4. Raiga
    2009-09-12 23:18
    OH I thought it was referring to something in the episode, not in the post. ^^;;
  5. Justin Kim
    2009-08-16 20:20
    Justin Kim
    Where is your avatar from?
  6. magnuskn
    2009-07-21 19:15
    Thank you!
  7. Setsuna00
    2009-03-31 19:20
    hey were u alittle dissapointed setsuna didn't get a girl like me. Well i knew it wasn't going to happen but the fan in me wanted him to lol =)

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