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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-19 17:41
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm not entirely sure it was sabotage or if he simply predicted and countered. Some of the judges seem quite pissed that they Subaru won as well. I did see a funny prediction that Soma will make one of his horrible dishes and Subaru's attempt to copy and improve will instead make it worse, leading to his loss.

    I'm still confused at that whole plan of his, but I imagine we'll get a glimpse of his success before beating him to a pulp. That whole thing has the potential to be a fun boss depending on how they play it. I feel like they thrive on making those though so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if that happened still, though perhaps we have a better chance of getting it this time. Perhaps it could even be a form of DLC rather than a whole game on it's own. It did have a catchy ending theme. Oh definitely. I'm sort of going through a phase of not really caring what's going on with them all since I can't bring myself to really care what's happening to everyone.

    I'd think they'd come up with something to cap it all off. That always seemed like the simplest comparison given the more passive uses like sensing and whatnot. I think they'll endure at least, though I wonder if that Titan project they've been working on for so long will get revealed anytime soon. Yeah, it's interesting how games are evolving in ways where we get products like this.

    They always do to the point it seems like a compulsion. It is understandable, but she definitely has held onto it way longer than she should have and it's not like Suyin isn't regretful of it all. It does serve to make him creepier and more intimidating, though Amon kind of had that going at times too. And good lord, they just keep making the Earth Queen easier to hate with her poaching Air Bison and that implication she ate her dad's bear.

    Hopefully they go into detail at SDCC and don't just tease stuff. I hope they have some good story stuff with them and the Wardens or at least tease developments for future games. Those two are also at the top of the list of what I'd like to play as well, but that would seem the easiest method to take given just how drastic the differences are with the endings. Perhaps the story of the very first Spectre could work for instance. I know it influences some things in the game like Morrigan being warmer as a person if she was romanced apparently, so hopefully they at least give a bit of info on what's going on there. I wonder if they will or just leave it to the player to see. I'm still hoping we get a look on how that's going to look and work since we're only three months from release and I expect they'll have the Keep out before that. About the same for me really and I've been budgeting a lot more lately to just save up in general myself. Still, it's something to look into in the future and we can plan accordingly as you say.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-18 16:24
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, looks like he lost. I'm not sure if Subaru anticipated it or somehow sabotaged it. Looks like it's up to Soma to show him up and I'm going to enjoy watching him break down over it.

    Will do. I'm not saying it makes any sense, but that they seem to operate that way for some reason.

    I hope it all makes sense since the whole situation has gotten increasingly convoluted as it's gone on. I think the developments in DDD take the cake although fighting an army of Xehanort's could be fun potentially. Totally, and that cancellation was so he could further promote Captain Planet of all things. Well, DC tends to do some sort of reboot every so often to keep new readers in and this is simply the latest version of that. They've done plotlines restoring the multiverse before and it wouldn't surprise me if they did so again.

    I'd honestly prefer they moved to some other project in that universe, but we'll see what they want to do next. I think I sort of thought it as magic, but not remotely in the same terms as one usually does. I don't exactly know why they chose to do an MMO as I don't think they're quite as popular as they used to be. I guess Destiny and Division are MMOs in a sense, but they don't feel quite the same.

    I read something about him wanting to create a new world order without the Avatar and such, but I'm sure he'll give a big speech on it at some point. I could totally see Varrick getting that role. I'm sure it will turn out well and I wouldn't be surprised if we never learn about the fathers. I'm curious as to whether they've come up with some overarching plan for the series at this point.

    Maybe they'll release one around the time the new Mass Effect comes out? The World of Thedas was a recent thing, wasn't it? I wonder how much presence the darkspawn will have in this game or if perhaps they'll be more in the background. Maybe they'll open up choosing what species to play, but I'm curious where'd you go from that end or if they'll just make one of the endings canon. That kid is prime player character material for a future game as well. I'd be a bit surprised if she wasn't on the list. That'd definitely be a cool thing to see, especially if choices have a say in it. Sure, I'd definitely be up for it.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-16 08:55
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, it is the introductory one for the season so a lot might be set-up and dialogue, which is fine too.

    Haven't had access to my PS3 as of late due to one of my sisters taking it to beat a game before she has to go off to college and that's the only one with the log in info set (other sister won't tell me it for the computer), so I've been streaming it. Still, that's good to know since when she's done soon I can compare. I'm generally more forgiving with dubs and have several series where I like both equally. Yeah, it's not that bad at those points I guess. I think it might be due to the screams being a form of vocalization and thus they have to dub or something.

    One can only hope at this point and I feel it could prove a problem due to all the milking. But they can always make more money, but I could definitely see them at least doing Frozen given how much they've been pushing that. Yeah, they don't make too many like that anymore. I remember reading how Ted Turner got SK cancelled and that PoDW never actually finished for whatever reason. I know, it doesn't make any sense since some of their most acclaimed books were Elseworlds stories.

    They didn't think this through entirely it seems. Eh, he's a Force user and they have all kinds of tricks. The main problem seems to be making sure the new developments are actually as interesting as the initial ones.

    I am curious where all this is leading and how it may carry over to the next Book. It is indeed hilarious and perhaps a testament to what Zuko was able to accomplish, though it wouldn't surprise me if we end up meeting some. Yeah, she mellowed out for the most part it seems sort of like how Suyin did. At times it's very funny but others it goes almost too far. Agreed, it's a good opportunity to develop her more and perhaps get her to lighten up a bit more. Felt so bad for Opal when she was trying to talk to her.

    I rather like books like this for that sort of thing and kind of wish more did this. Come to think of it, was there ever a Mass Effect one? I did find that character interesting in what he could represent as well as the moral questions it raises. True, but I half wonder if we'll see that timeline pushed forward for some reason or perhaps the next DA game jumps forward in time. I feel like they said we'd get some answers regarding that in this game and hope we do. Aww, that's a bummer. That's good to hear. Curious how it'll look with the new art style. Yeah, they always debut some great stuff at SD.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-15 00:03
    Dann of Thursday
    I like that they're retooling the length for longer single episodes, which means more content each episode to chew on.

    Unfortunately not and I don't have subs on hand to compare. I'm a bit mixed on the dub honestly, though part of that could be due to hearing the sub first some time ago. Those are indeed terrible and honestly rather lack the menace and rage, especially with Eren. It's not the first time I've seen this sort of thing with sound effects like that either.

    It'd definitely be best if this next game was the last time we play as Sora and all of them. I'm not sure if there is some specific reason none of them have ever been used, though I believe it is Disney who dictates what they can and cannot use as a source. I wouldn't mind maybe seeing some of their old cartoons like Gargoyles get represented as well. It feels like they don't do those quite as often as they used to or at least there aren't many that really stick out.

    Unfortunately so and some of their conclusions to stuff from the games was a bit unsatisfying. Oh, they killed him? That would seem kind of the big finale, wouldn't it? Yeah, I quite enjoyed it myself and thought it had a nice conclusion, though the very last volume War wasn't as good as the previous material I thought.

    One can only hope they've finally hit the right sort of balance with the format now. Well, since each book had a focal point on a region to a degree, I'd sort of expect our next big focus to be the Fire Kingdom so perhaps something out of there. It doesn't really surprise me she'd screw that aspect of it up. I half feel that's a jab at all the fans who want to know who Lin's father is. But perhaps one of the things this season will be coming to terms with it all sort of like what happened in season 2 with Aang's kids. That I'm rather curious about as well and I also think it may have to do with how Tenzin said he'd drifted apart from Lin.

    That is extremely nice to have and I find the origin stuff some of the most interesting. The Blight I think is rather interesting especially as there are two more sleeping Old Gods who I wonder about the state of with Inquisition. That does indeed seem to be the case. Yes, rather surprising really and I am wondering if we might see a reunion if both characters appear. Some of the new stuff is a bit creepy thus far. Ah, sorry, wasn't sure which it was. I'm most curious about when it takes place.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-14 16:17
    Dann of Thursday
    That and I hope we get some expansion on their interactions since it's mostly just been between Jaune and Phyrra, though I do like that.

    Yeah, that would be one of the deciding factors.

    One big title like that can be enough to get people to buy it for that and if it turns out to be good I can definitely see it catching on out there. Yeah, that could be a bit odd since everything that has happened this entire series so far has been the doing of the same guy so this should serve as the nice wrap up to it and the leads. I was thinking on that as well, but how much farther back can you go and have it make sense? They could always bring in Pixar or their recent work like Frozen, which was extremely popular in Japan to the point they're releasing a special Frozen PS4 out there. Agreed. I'm actually surprised they've never full on done that before, though I know they did one that went a bit in that direction called Son of the Bat or something.

    I still wonder if they'll try to resurrect it again outside of the MMO. It was before the first game and actually featured Revan and Malak before they went to the dark side. Main character's name was Zayne if I remember correctly.

    I suppose that makes sense in smoothing things over a bit. I almost expect it of them at this point. It does represent a great opportunity so hopefully somebody brings it up. There is something of a pattern going on here with that. I meant more in that she let her kids choose their own path unlike how her parents always tried to restrict her, though she did fail in other ways. I'd love some flashbacks of them as children with Toph, though they didn't really do that with Aang so I'd be surprised to see it here.

    That is always how it works. The general history of the peoples and some of the world stuff specifically like the Fade. I suppose it would depend on whether it was more out of the opportunity provided, but bi would seem the most likely. It'd definitely make it a tad less creepy in some scenes. Oh and apparently there is going to be a panel at Comic-Con with Bioware on Mass Effect so I guess there's that.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-13 17:41
    Dann of Thursday
    Eh, we'll see. Hope we get some good action from that team in any case, though I'd imagine it still won't be near that of the main one or even JNPR. It does have a vibe to it in some ways and that big robot reminds me a bit of the one from Robocop for some reason.

    That and they might actually welcome someone who may show more that they care if Historia perhaps interacts more with the people than the current leadership seems to do. Or maybe not, I don't know.


    True, and they kind of need a big hit at this point to win back the crowd. It's the most likely one at this point unless they do some blowout with a magazine like Famitsu or something, though both would be welcome. I'm actually quite curious how it will do in Japan since console gaming has fallen off a lot out there. I was speaking more from a production stand point unless they both began full production around the same time as I've heard different things on when XV went there. The origin of Keyblades maybe, though the war would definitely be an interesting place to go. Curious as to what Disney worlds would actually be around if we went that far back. I'm not sure they honestly have given how they still try to push her on us and such. I'm not so much for the whole "hero falling into darkness" thing myself unless there's some sort redemption at the end.

    I think there actually was a concept for a third game in the series, but it got cancelled just before they were about to start production due to Lucasarts having problems. I read a comic series that I quite liked that had a rather interesting "gift" of the Force for its main hero.

    I think part of the issue may have be the constricted episode count compared to the original series, which led to rushing and whatnot. Though it's also rubbed me the wrong way that they sort of drop some plot threads like the whole Bender/Non-Bender conflict after season one. They've been doing some stuff to make it better certainly and I hope it continues. I still wish he could learn metal bending or something. I like Opal too and it is pretty cute with them thus far. It'd probably be best if they approached it slowly or maybe just had them sit down and talk it out like adults. It's definitely beginning to escalate quickly and Zaheer is proving an interesting antagonist. I've only seen bits and pieces and read summaries myself due to having no time. It's a bit sad in some respects though she seems to have tried being a good parent and the note that she sort of vanished is rather interesting, though I'd be quite surprised if we actually saw her again. I have some trouble imagining her seeking enlightenment given her personality.

    I may very well doing alternate playthroughs myself, though I agree that some time looking more at the classes as well as the various abilities available is needed. Some of it though I've been jumping around rather than going straight through to look at specific topics. No, no, this was from one of the lead-in books to the new game. She was in a relationship with her handmaiden Briala, though it broke up on rather messy terms. Then again, I think they implied something between her and Cailan as well. I guess the look depends on whether that really was Alpha footage and if the final is really all that different. The tactical mode looks nice and I'll certainly be using it a lot.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-12 16:56
    Dann of Thursday
    I think "Coffee" is stretching it a bit even compared to the others, but it is nice that we'll hopefully see more of them. Also hope we get a bit more detail about the leadership and the change from how it used to be. Hopefully so.

    True, there likely aren't enough people willing to go against sadly.

    It really could go either way at this point, which is nice for suspense. In a way, it could demonstrate just how good a chef he is if he can improvise that quickly. At the same time, it'd be a nice twist if it did end up messing the whole thing up.

    No, it lingers in the shadows. Perhaps, but I think it's important to note that this wasn't a mainline title until they decided later to do so and I half wonder if it was because they didn't have anything else in the near future to take the XV position. TGS hopefully yields something, but if we end up silent for the rest of the year that'll definitely be troubling. I did just read some news that indicated they would start sharing more info on it as well as that both XV and KHIII are set for 2015 release. Not sure how I feel about III coming out that soon since it doesn't seem like it had that long of a full production period and I'd rather it come out later than rushed. No clue on what to next honestly. I'd probably be fine if this was the grand finale since the next set of games would likely be a whole new thing, though maybe something with the whole Keyblade Order restored? That it did. I didn't care too much for the the first game at all minus Sazh and that one ended in a manner that didn't need a sequel. Indeed, though it'd be nice if they were at least in early stages so that they don't milk XV to death while waiting for the next one to get done. I can definitely see something with him and I loved Kevin Conroy's portrayal and it'd be great if the Court was perhaps a side thing maybe in a similar manner to Azazel in City. Maybe or perhaps Jason Todd, though it depends on how far that whole "all new character" thing stretches with him. I swear I've seen that explored before, though I wasn't sure how to feel of them making her fully evil and crazy in the comics.

    I've never played any so I can't speak for it myself, though I feel like I don't hear as high praise anymore when I talk to people that do. I'd be surprised if we did though anything is possible. I feel the same way largely, though do you mean the MMO solely or that era in general?

    It kind of feels like they wrote it as it went along and it all just went to pieces with them not knowing where to go with it all. That could act as a trigger if they look on and start thinking on it again. I hope Bolin stops getting treated mainly as comic relief, which makes him seem like a waste of potential much of time. It'd make the most sense. I do hope that they resolve that bit as well, though I'm curious where they go from here unless it's a time jump. Did almost right after I found out and she and my other sister were surprised. It's definitely a nice opportunity for some great visuals no matter what as well as something new since it has the potential to show us different styles that we saw with the other elements. Half-sister? That is rather interesting. True, no sure if he'd trust anyone else to do it right.

    Will do I've always been fond of the Arcane Warrior idea so I'll probably go in that route myself. Same here, but the Qunari intrigue me so I'll probably try it out. There's 8 apparently and at least one outside the Inquisition, so it's possible. Isn't she into the ladies though and has someone she's estranged from yet still loves? Scribbles the Scribe I find potentially interesting as well as Cassandra. Still need to wait on actual interactions to see how it feels though. Did you see the gameplay series videos they're doing now? Game is looking great.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-10 17:56
    Dann of Thursday
    Indeed, would have liked to see a bit more of them as well as what's going on with those outside the main team. Adam? Wait, was he from the color trailers set before the series? Here's one from before he got picked up by RT:

    True. Only for a second before it kicked in that this was all way too over the top to be serious. Indeed, there are definitely signs regarding a sense of unease and I'm curious how things would go if much of the Corp rebelled in light of the info that there's soldiers out there made specifically to deal with humans.

    Going by the spoilers for the next chapter, Takumi has something up his sleeve that may give him an edge.

    I feel like it all goes back to Spirits Within and that some of these current problems stem from that along with how the market has changed. As do I so hopefully Square gets their act together about this. I just read an interview discussing KHIII so why hasn't there been anything as of late for XV since we should be getting that game some time before KHIII? They need to figure something out about all this. FF VII-X had a pretty decent release track, though part of that could be that the tech wasn't as complex back then. But get several teams together and have them all working on projects. One of the reasons for the XIII sequels was that it was simply easy to do due to reusing the engine and such and thus cost effective, along with that they probably had nothing else ready. And there's talk of doing something similar with XV. Yes, that was the one. Will do. Yeah, I'm sort of expecting a similar set up here, though I'm curious who would really make for a good final villain. That and it was well done so I'd like them not to reverse it at all.

    Hopefully new ideas and concepts separated from one another is done to avoid that. One can only hope that it all ends positively. There's definitely some interesting stuff there, but it does feel off. I'm curious whether that is still canon as well actually.

    True enough. I've actually seen several comments from those who think it does feel resolved at this point with none of them together. That's definitely true, though I'm curious how much farther they'll go given where it's all going right now. It'd be sort of fitting I guess and I'm also curious if we'll ever find out what happened with the Kyoshi Warriors. Actually didn't realize how old he was meant to be until I looked it up yesterday, but yeah it's probably the voice then. We did only get a few glimpses of how lethal it could be when used in that manner. I'm actually rather surprised to hear Lin has a sister and it'll be interesting to meet her. Also, I wonder if Iroh's tea shop is still running.

    Haven't had much time to see much more of it due to work, though last I checked there were no problems logging in. Yeah, I have no idea who either so it'll have to wait for interactions. Do you know what you plan to play as? I'm probably going mage and am debating between regular old human or a qunari.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-09 18:31
    Dann of Thursday
    Eh, it's only a few weeks. Trailer does look quite interesting with the tournament and the giant robots and whatnot. Yes, hopefully that all turns out fine. It's really quite interesting seeing them expand with all these news sorts of projects and the game certainly looks interesting in concept. That it does, that it does. Same here, though I check in via wiki and such to see if their any closer to the end now and then. Yes, it's good that he actually talked about it with them. I have to admit Jean freaked me out for a quick second though.

    Eh, I don't know. If it were Soma, then I'd of course say it's a guaranteed win given the circumstances and the kind of opponent that Subaru come across as. That it's Takumi me gives me pause as he's a side character and Soma hasn't gone up against Subaru yet. I think it could go either way really.

    Well, part of the problem last gen was that Crystal Tools engine which took them so long to make that it partially delayed several games including XV and I don't know if what they're doing with the new engine is much better. That's a problem with SE I think as lately they've been announcing projects way too early like Versus/XV or even Type-0 HD since they didn't actually have anything to show for it other than announce it. True, though they need to turn around their development process a bit I think as these games just take way too long for this day and age. That'd definitely be an interesting way to do it, though I wonder if they'd really do it. I know any kind of anime for VII would garner a lot of interest no matter what. It was some little mobile game where you play as the Turks and took place before VII. Not familiar with either, but I'll look into them. I'm still a bit surprised with Scarecrow seemingly being the big villain, though they switched that up a bit in City too. Just please don't have it be the Joker somehow back to life.

    The fact they have three different studios cycling in and out could lead to good things as I'd think each would work on their own sort of concept along with the increased timeframe to make the game. They don't care as they have that Disney money now The original trilogy with him were generally considered the unofficial episodes 7, 8 and 9 and even their original covers were by the guy who did the movie posters. Yeah, some of the later stuff in the timeline from what I've read doesn't exactly appeal to me.

    That does seem to be the big theme this season now that I look at it and Asami seems the only one not dealing with anything like that, though there are obvious reasons for that. Maybe they're afraid to stir things up again? Probably, though it's not helped by how they don't really show us much of anything of their childhood which would be rather nice. Perhaps, but I feel like they would have been mentioned by now if that was the case so hopefully we get something on what the deal is. Agreed, and they've had a bit of that with other characters. My sisters for instance find General Iroh odd mainly due to the way he's drawn giving him these really prominent cheekbones which make him look way older than he obviously is meant to be. This whole army of airbenders thing has the potential to be real creepy too with all the brainwashing. It is gratifying to see pompous characters get taken down a few notches. Yes, and that would seemingly make the team just about even with the old team. Any bigger and it could become a problem though.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-07 00:02
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, won't be till next year of course, but goodness knows I need to take a vacation for once. I've seen a few good live action adaptations and I expect they'd really want this one to be a success. Well, it keeps the suspense up I guess, but at least I can be content that it likely won't reach One Piece levels of ridiculous length. That would be the ideal resolution, though there's no telling what else might happen that could push them even farther.

    It'd be a really big surprise at this point I think and might actually be good if this didn't turn to Soma to take him down. Yes, very curious how she'll treat Hisako here.

    It's almost like they're using them as a crutch really and I'd take a less pretty game if it meant everything else would be good. It will be great to finally just have it out, for good or ill. I think they could go further from XII's system to something more in line with today. Perhaps so, though I'm not sure RPGs and especially Final Fantasy demand what they did in the past. It was really great being able to see more of that based on the little bit we did with VII. It's kind of a shame that little game of theirs didn't get any kind of localization. Yeah, though I'm starting to feel I may need to take a break for a while and do something else like read. I tend to go in cycles with things like this where I need a bit of time away from it to do something else. True, and I'm also very curious if we will indeed see that come to a head here. It makes sense that it would since this is the finale and given the state of Gotham.

    I understand the logic, but it always gets to a point with some exceptions where there needs to be something new. It's one of the reasons I keep hoping to see CoD's popularity finally start to wane a bit. I'd be very surprised if they used him or any EU characters and just as well since I'd expect they would kill him. Good point and that is a nice thought.

    They've opened up some interesting paths like Mako and Bolin's family that could maybe help Mako along a bit so hopefully something happens in this regard. There is that I guess, though it's kind of sad that Aang wasn't exactly the best father to his other kids even if I'm sure he never meant for that to be so. Some unanswered questions still like why Sokka never had any kids for one. I love the idea of having them all be examples of unique benders and I'm not sure what to make of Zaheer either. I really love the waterbender as it's just such an interesting visual to watch her move. One can only hope we actually see someone effect some actual changes. Getting rid of the Dai Li might help for starters. Oh totally. Tenzin even thought he had him after all with that last one and who can blame him?

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