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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-29 21:45
    Dann of Thursday
    And the volumes aren't too much thankfully. That is definitely something to worry about so hopefully sales are pretty good, though I don't know the state of the manga industry. Well, at least it seems to have a set schedule and not some one where a volume will be half a year away.

    Hmm, hadn't considered that, but it would fit. As would I since I believe it's only ever been in FFVIII where it was a minor summon. I've been thinking they might use that flashback as the tutorial and introduction, which could work really well. As do I, but if I were to really think about it I'd guess this is going to be a tragedy rather than a comedy.

    There was a Baldur's Gate 3 in the works called The Black Hound which I guess was cancelled for an extension on the D&D console license. Half-Life though, I don't know about. Never played them, but I can't see how that game could live up to the massive expectations people must have for the nearly ten years it's been since the second. Yes, what they'll be doing next outside of their established franchises is something to look at to see how they'll evolve. Yeah, it was pretty fun aside from the level caps, though I'm becoming concerned that the each planet only covers one area you visit over and over in different missions. I like him and his character even if there isn't much to it.

    Well, RWBY doesn't have quite the same level of production values, but hopefully they can do well with this model. Hopefully so since this season has probably been my favorite of the three thus far. Yes, we do need some introductions on them and I am very curious on what his intentions are, especially since it seems to involve robotics and we have that White Fang giant mech too...True, so I'm curious whether his angle is to turn her to their side or something to that effect. Maybe sacrifice herself and give everyone access to all the elements? Given they tried to kidnap her way back when they probably need her to do something.

    Neither am I and that seems to be a consensus I'm seeing shared by people talking about it. Definitely, though I'm wondering if they'll have the situations change based on actions as you'd normally expect. I'm sure they all have something to them to appeal to everyone in some way.

    I'm a bit more skeptical, but we'll see since the setup is at least interesting. I definitely see a possible final boss here maybe with him turning an army of thralls at you. The latter sounds like a nice possibility and would be a nice point to leave off on. It's definitely a great opportunity and I look forward to actually seeing a speaking Sauron for once. It does allow for some very interesting possibilities if you're creative enough and also potentially encourages replays to try out different scenarios.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-28 19:23
    Dann of Thursday
    I don't buy manga as much these days, though a lot of that is due to budgeting on my part. Well, the series isn't so far along that it'll take too much time I think.

    I feel like there were also indications of Ifrit, but can't recall if it was associated with anyone. The Doom Train was a bit of a weird one, but the imagery made it fit the best. Maybe it's something else, but it definitely is odd in comparison to the others. Yes, we really haven't been given any indication one what this actually grants them aside from some vague mentions.

    I'm not sure if they're interested any more in doing so to be honest. It really would and if the model proves very successful with those other games coming out soon I could definitely see them (or through EA's encouragement) taking a shot at it. Indications are that it will get a bigger reveal at Gamescom, though it seems this isn't the new IP hinted at during E3 so there's at least one more thing for them to reveal. True, more than enough to keep us occupied.

    It's a bit more convenient for me as well since I tended to not be home when it was airing. Yes, hopefully they'll be able to at least create a good conclusion for all the characters. Yes, hopefully so. Yeah, it was definitely more of a breather for a first episode and I hope we get a lot more of what's going on with our antagonists. I'm especially curious as to exactly what Zaheer plans to do with Korra, whether it be kill her or something else.

    Some hints and it sounds like it might be co-current with Shepherd's story, but it definitely seems early in development still. I rather wish they'd have another go with Jade Empire's world actually. Man, that could be gut wrenching if we have to kill them or witness a horrible fate. Are there any other present candidates that make sense aside from her? It is a lot to explore. I don't go to the city often and I've barely seen any of it probably.

    Hopefully it doesn't muck it up too much, though I'm getting some vibes from the wraith that he might get a bit extreme for Talion. It was definitely Blum and not a bad choice at all honestly. It's funny how October used to be the most crowded month and now it's lightening up with these big releases moving. I'm also really looking forward in how you can go and subvert their efforts with planted assassin's and the like.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-27 13:14
    Dann of Thursday
    That match is definitely more of a wild card since it really could go either way. Perhaps down the line they'll get translated. The first volume is due out soon correct? I could have sworn it was in August.

    It's what we've learned to do with this game best after all. I can't find the speculations right now, but basically it involved noting that each of kingdoms seemed to have a summon connected to them with Niflheim seeming to have Bahamut going from the banners you can see talking about a peace summit. Noctis' realm appears to have Doom Train and the other one with all the water has Leviathan as we've seen. You could also identify the name of the person from Niflheim meeting Noctis' father from the banner, who was guessed to be the old guy pointing the gun. I've theorized it might be due to some near death experience they had together as children, which we see a brief flashback of them together. Or that Square can get their production policies up to snuff. Yeah, no hurry on that.

    I think it's Wizards of the Coast and they can be a bit stingy on this sort of thing. Indeed, though I wouldn't put it past them to make a game in the vein Destiny and The Division are doing. I like the visuals (creepy smoke man) and the ARG they have going hints towards a lot of things I find interesting and would like to see in a game. That does make sense and I'm curious what they could come up with, though it had been intended to be a MMO before they rebooted development. No telling what it might be now.

    I think it might have had something to do with some of the episodes leaking, but hopefully they keep going. I'm also hoping that game from Platinum turns out to be pretty good. I think the online move could be a benefit as well since one of the problems for this franchise quite often was that the schedule kept moving around. Not as much as we'd hope, but he's trying at least. Yeah, that food fight was a hell of a lot of fun and some nice hints of things to come. I was a bit surprised that he has more reach then we suspected, though it does make sense given some of the hints with him.

    It is probably best not to get the hopes up too much before we play this. I'd imagine it might be a bit hard to write that well without showing favoritism. Oh, it wouldn't surprise me if they pulled that with a few different situations or characters. Hopefully they plan some stuff out over the next few months to build that hype for everyone. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't mind trying out some new places since everything around me is a bit old at this point.

    Yeah, saw it yesterday at work when a customer was talking to us about it. Very surprised they actually pulled someone from the Silmarillion of all things, but definitely made the plot a hell of a lot more intriguing to me. I've been somewhat curious about the game for a while now with that Nemesis System looking very promising if they pull it off and it's definitely moved further up in my interest as of late.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-25 15:12
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, don't know if you heard about this, but it seems some teasers for a new IP from Bioware are starting to emerge. Not the one teased at E3 though.

    Here's a thread with some details:

    And a link for the teaser:

    Looks like some sort of Time Travel/Alternate Reality/Dream kind of thing. Very interesting, though there are some indications of it being some sort of online thing.

    Also seems some drama is unfolding about Korra with the last episodes being aired only online, though apparently the show hasn't been cancelled yet.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-25 00:32
    Dann of Thursday
    As am I and I think there is a chance since Souma and Ryo have yet to go head to head in any fashion. I rather liked Souma's approach to Subaru's attempts to mess with him and it looks like he's going full on outplaying him by straight up telling Subaru what dish he'll be making. I think the flashback is some sort of special chapter since it wasn't in the Raw I looked at.

    It is an interesting question and I'm definitely as curious as you to see how they'll respond to it. That I definitely would like to see as I'm pretty sure we don't even have names for most of the antagonists, though I seem to recall someone making a good guess at one going by clues present in the footage they showed off. It'd also be interesting to see downsides to Noctis' abilities I think, though I can't even imagine what an endgame Noctis would be like to play in battle. As am I and it's quite odd since the last engine the guy worked on was a Sonic one for Sega, who he remained with for 10 years shipping several games. Here he was with Square for 5 years with no games shipped. I do seem to recall XV not being a full Luminous engine game, but was not sure on KHIII. I can't remember honestly. It's been so long.

    Now wouldn't that be a surprise, though I'm not sure if they still have the rights to do so or not. Obsidian recently commented they still think about KOTOR 3. It's simply much more interesting since there's so much that hasn't been explored about it so it'd be great to have any sort of single player game in that era again. It'll probably be an MMO which means I won't care, but I am curious to know whether it'll be an all new IP or a continuation of another. Or one of those where it's one of several parts of a story with each mission giving you a little more? Both that and one with genuine rewards are quests I always like.

    Well, it's easier to be cynical and pleasantly surprised than hopeful and disappointed. I'm really hoping he gets the hang of it as well. Completely forgot about it hilariously enough, but will probably watch it after work since it's pretty late now. Yeah, and it's not like things have been all that easy for them all.

    I'd imagine they'd take some of the lessons and such they've learned with Inquisition and apply them in a way that makes sense for an ME game. You'd think they'd try to do so given that there seems to be a bit of trepidation from fans lately or at least it's come across that way to me at times. It is too bad since there was definitely some potential to that whole idea. Hopefully you get some cool interactions with him that hopefully don't lead to death. It definitely feels like more incentive now to start showing off more of it to the public. It's sometimes interesting learning what chains are present in some areas and what aren't, though I can't think of many in my area like that.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-23 15:48
    Dann of Thursday
    Probably preparations by the upcoming opponents as well as the results with the losers, which indeed might be hard to watch. From spoilers it looks like about what could be expected although the final match up could be a toss up depending on where they want to go.

    I imagine it'll involve each character's specialty making it a good idea to switch for the sake of strategy, especially during bosses and whatnot. Ah, alright. I sort of think her motivations will remain a bit mysterious perhaps since I think one of the points in the game could be that the entire scenario isn't simply one of black and white, although Nifeflheim certainly don't come across as all that benevolent. I'll settle for just getting the games at this point. A bit of slightly worrisome news is that one of the heads of the designing the Luminous Engine being used in part for FFXV and KHIII has left Square. One I remember was objecting to them taking all these animals back with them and out of their natural habitats or something.

    At this point yes, especially with all the other projects they no doubt have going. Indeed, though I prefer the stuff set further back away from the prequel trilogy. Indeed, as I think that's exactly what happened at a certain point or it was that what they wanted to do wasn't possible. Always preferred, though I'm curious how much it really will change since it's such a simple mission to design.

    I'd be surprised if they never went back to it in some manner or had them just talk about it in retrospect. Well, she's still got that healing which is always useful. Ah yes, RWBY is tomorrow so that'll be fun. Same, I'd rather no one died but I wouldn't be surprised if they did it to raise the stakes.

    I'd definitely like if we could get the basic story and who we'll be playing as. Yeah, running around the same areas for hours on end doing quests gets old after awhile with no variety. It is annoying when if you wanted to try another romance you'd gave to play through possible the whole trilogy again while doing it for just one game is much more doable. I'm the same about the cheating thing and would be surprised if they ever did allow for that. It'd be nice if there was more of that since it was always pleasant if somewhat surprising in some cases and it'd be funny having missions where perhaps you try to play matchmaker. I think there was something like that in DAII now that I think about it. Oh, I forgot to factor in that he might be immune to it through his mother if that is a thing possible. Yeah, I'm not too broken up about it, though if it does get pushed I'd be pretty mad. I've never been to one of those so it'll be a first time experience Indeed, very curious on some of the movie news that might come out as well as gamewise.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-22 17:48
    Dann of Thursday
    So, DAI got delayed 5 weeks till November 18. A bit surprised honestly. Speculation seems to be that it was due to how crowded October was with releases. This happens to clear the board for October for me, which is nice though I feel slightly tempted to check out Shadow of Mordor now.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-21 23:23
    Dann of Thursday
    The extent of his foresight truly is frightening that I find myself looking forward to a match with Souma to see what method will be used to subvert him. That it will, though hopefully not for too long. I'll imagine that'll likely be the cap off to this all so we'll have to view other matches before getting to that one.

    As am I. The systems for XV I especially wish to see more of given we've been told more about them than what we've been shown. I'm actually alright if we don't learn too much about the plot beyond the basics, though I'd like if we could see some more in the way of interactions of the main characters to get more of a feel for them. I'll take them over microtransactions any day. I just remember a couple times where he'd be treated as wrong by the others when he made a perfectly good point, but yeah they just seemed to be working the stereotypes. Yes, some can get to the point where it takes a lot to know what's actually going on.

    And I'm curious if they'd be allowed to do another single player affair in that era, though I'd dearly like to see them do so again. I am curious how gameplay would be in the event they did get another shot. I do think it was nice to have something different so that those conflicts didn't get too repetitive, but often it went in a silly direction as mentioned. That is one of the risks of a long development time as what you're working on can become outdated with enough time. Indeed, such as avoiding those tedious quests of "Bring me X number of this item" that are so prevalent.

    Best that they choose to address it then rather than make this season too cluttered and have it get rushed, which is the last thing that plotline needs. So long as such a device isn't too out there or used too often I think it's all well and good. True, though old people in this series have been shown to surprise us. It is reaching the point where answers need to start getting doled out to us. Indeed, though I hope we don't have any casualties as I'm starting to fear we may see.

    I'll keep that in mind

    It'd be great if we could get a look at that, though I'd be greatly surprised. I honestly found those bits some of the most tedious of the series, though I do like the idea they represent. True, what we saw didn't look much more or less advanced than what we're used to seeing. It did suck how they didn't give her as much time as some of the other romances. Provided he's not dead or with someone else by that point. It'd be great if we got to see some sign of a child from him, though given Alistair isn't always married it might be one of those random possibilities by choices in earlier games. I've been wondering if we'd see another part of that gameplay series and was hoping we would. I like that they let you see how it'll play out before confirming it as a save in order to allow for tinkering. Best of luck then and hopefully I'm able to get something a bit more significant.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-20 22:48
    Dann of Thursday
    It's curious that there aren't more rules about this sort of thing, though it seems to operate on any means necessary given they allowed the copying in the first place. That also works as a means to win and I'm just looking forward to seeing Subaru lose at this point.

    I am as well, particularly in regards to the what they've done to upgrade the battle system. I tend to vary in approval of DLC myself, but wouldn't be as mad if it avoided having to buy the game all over again. I thought it was weird that they always had Wheeler be wrong, even when he was making an actually good point. I've heard of a few of those, though never read them. I've always been fond of Hellboy and Atomic Robo on my part.

    Indeed, but eventually it will fade as the trends change, though this one has seemed to go on longer than most. Best to keep it all relatively simple I think with limits otherwise it starts getting way too nuts. I think there was something about it being retooled a bit as well. There's definitely some great potential for personal storytelling that more people could attempt that has been done in the past with other games.

    I don't have too much of a problem with it since it is very sweet and nice to see Bolin having a bit more luck for himself. I also saw someone point out that it demonstrates something Mako and Korra didn't do which was openly discuss their feelings with one another and being receptive to the other's opinions. So perhaps they'll learn from example. Indeed, it is good to see them not dragging it out the whole season like the might have. It'd be cool if Toph does show up again and we get a bit of a reunion of what's left of Team Avatar. Yeah, he seems just sort of mysterious and could do with some demonstration of his grand ambition. Seems a definite point to see the end of that annoying Queen. The last episode has an interesting title as well about the Red Lotus. Perhaps a counter organization to the White Lotus founded by Zaheer?

    I'll definitely put it on my watch list. I've never read or seen any adaptations of that story despite how popular it is so this would be a good opportunity. Thank you.

    I'd expect a teaser trailer at most, though anything more than that would be most welcome. That it does and I'm hopeful this may become a trend for them with future games such as the new ME. The only recourse I can see is going so far in the future it didn't matter anymore or a prequel as we discussed. They've made some interesting comments on expanding the options so I'd definitely see that as an option. I'll definitely agree on that end and was always rather relieved that it didn't take much for me to choose what I thought was a good option. That was always what I went with for Alistair and I really wanted to know how things went with him and Anora. True, though it's not that much longer of a wait I suppose before we know our complete options. Oh, that's sounds like a nice format for such a thing and I've also heard it'll have a codex to quick look up details and such. Sorry to hear that. But definitely, as I think it'd be a good experience to have.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-19 17:41
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm not entirely sure it was sabotage or if he simply predicted and countered. Some of the judges seem quite pissed that they Subaru won as well. I did see a funny prediction that Soma will make one of his horrible dishes and Subaru's attempt to copy and improve will instead make it worse, leading to his loss.

    I'm still confused at that whole plan of his, but I imagine we'll get a glimpse of his success before beating him to a pulp. That whole thing has the potential to be a fun boss depending on how they play it. I feel like they thrive on making those though so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if that happened still, though perhaps we have a better chance of getting it this time. Perhaps it could even be a form of DLC rather than a whole game on it's own. It did have a catchy ending theme. Oh definitely. I'm sort of going through a phase of not really caring what's going on with them all since I can't bring myself to really care what's happening to everyone.

    I'd think they'd come up with something to cap it all off. That always seemed like the simplest comparison given the more passive uses like sensing and whatnot. I think they'll endure at least, though I wonder if that Titan project they've been working on for so long will get revealed anytime soon. Yeah, it's interesting how games are evolving in ways where we get products like this.

    They always do to the point it seems like a compulsion. It is understandable, but she definitely has held onto it way longer than she should have and it's not like Suyin isn't regretful of it all. It does serve to make him creepier and more intimidating, though Amon kind of had that going at times too. And good lord, they just keep making the Earth Queen easier to hate with her poaching Air Bison and that implication she ate her dad's bear.

    Hopefully they go into detail at SDCC and don't just tease stuff. I hope they have some good story stuff with them and the Wardens or at least tease developments for future games. Those two are also at the top of the list of what I'd like to play as well, but that would seem the easiest method to take given just how drastic the differences are with the endings. Perhaps the story of the very first Spectre could work for instance. I know it influences some things in the game like Morrigan being warmer as a person if she was romanced apparently, so hopefully they at least give a bit of info on what's going on there. I wonder if they will or just leave it to the player to see. I'm still hoping we get a look on how that's going to look and work since we're only three months from release and I expect they'll have the Keep out before that. About the same for me really and I've been budgeting a lot more lately to just save up in general myself. Still, it's something to look into in the future and we can plan accordingly as you say.

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