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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-13 23:17
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, it can be tiring, but I find it tends to be worth it in the long run.

    It was alright but a shame it couldn't be more in the end so yeah. Eh, from what I've heard, the author seems to explore different genres while moving the characters forward, but yes the place the anime ended on was felt the most appropriate. It's pretty much the risk with any adaptation, which is why I often feel a bit hesitant to follow them unless it looks like a really good effort. I don't believe I've ever seen Casshern Sins actually, though I remember seeing parts of it here and there. Very true, though there are times where I'll read a work and think how great it would be to see an anime adaptation of it, especially if it is finished or near finished. Still, I'd say we've had some good original stuff.

    Yes, RandomC's reviews have some great observations there and the variety is one of the things I like so much about it, though I fear the first episode sort of gave people this impression it was going to be something else. Well, the only episodes he actually wrote are the first and last and I saw someone say the ending will be white-gray, though that's not confirmed and I have no idea what that even means. The former is preferable, though the latest episodes raises some questions I had at the start about the Hideazu. The latest is also an example where fanservice can have a point, or at least the fanservice near the end had an important point in developing Ledo.

    Heh, Tomino seems to have much the same opinion on Victory, despite many seeming to view it as some masterpiece though I can't attest. Yeah, Sunrise tends to be pretty free about that sort of thing though I can't say I always agree with what they pull. Well, it would make sense to pull out all the stops for the finale so all we can do is hope they go with that. I rather like Garden of Sinners myself, but there is so much padding and filler in those films. BlazBlue would be an awesome anime, though all the time travel hijinks might be hard to convey possibly though I suppose you could do an episode just exploring that aspect with Rachel. Funimation at least seems to get it with their sets and generally reasonable prices. Now that getting announced for official release in the US would be a surprise :O

    Yeah, there's generally a sense of doom and gloom given the setting, but also that things are changing now. I can't see it ending that badly, though Eren's survival might be suspect. I actually like the focus on how the Titans don't make any sense and that the scouting legion's job is mainly to get information, which does seem to be coming through if you read between the lines of events of recent chapters. Neither did I, though my sister did and confirmed it was pretty stupid. Yep, best case I can manage all that, though I haven't made much progress the last few days. Should be able to make some more this week though.

    Ah, well that's good, but then it'll be another year until the next I bet. The CG looks alright at times, but it's largely just odd to look at. Sunrise seems to be doing a lot of CG lately and it does work sometimes like in Tiger and Bunny, but here not so much. I'm totally betting they seem to make it out alright and then Suzaku shows up and kills them without really being aware of it.

    Beast Machines was really weird in a lot of ways, though it did have some good points. Just not the same feel as the original though. Dinobot was indeed awesome and I liked all the Shakespearean references they did with him. I knew there were some other movies that weren't too good, but I can't say I'm that surprised to learn that. Will do on that account. Oh I did and it turns out the place I stopped at was the second episode sadly enough. I can already appreciate Welker's changes to Megatron too and Steve Blum's Starscream is very fun to watch. Gotcha.

    Wow, that doesn't feel right. I seem to recall Animated ending in a similar manner on a cliffhanger. Watch us not even see him next season either
  2. Kirarakim
    2013-05-12 16:44
    Well don't get me wrong I understand that you are going to see boobs and behind in belly dancing, but the way these elements were the main focus of the dance was what bothered me (well stomach was too but that makes a bit more sense in context). There were actually very few full body shots during the dance.

    If that was the intention of the scene (and I am not arguing for or against) then the way the scene is presented actually distracts me from that.

    Also another thing that kind of bothers me is while Amy at least is a fully realized character, her friends have been mainly used for these fanservice type scenes.
  3. Kirarakim
    2013-05-12 16:27
    I think you can show the fast tempo of the dance without panning like that.

    We might have to agree to disagree though.
  4. Kirarakim
    2013-05-12 16:22
    But like I said my problem wasn't the dancing itself but the way the camera was panning on the girls and the male gaze in the audience.

    So even if that interpretation is correct it doesn't change my issue.

    But to clarify as much as I am posting about it it's not really that big of an issue for me.
  5. Kirarakim
    2013-05-12 16:18
    As for your point about the dancing representing Ledo's mind that might be the case, although I personally didn't interpret that way myself (but in this case I don't think I can say this type of interpretation is wrong).
  6. Kirarakim
    2013-05-12 16:15
    I edited my post because I didn't want to start anything unnecessarily with that. No not your posts, especially since you explained yourself and were not rude.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-11 10:04
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry, sorry. I fell asleep without meaning to.

    That whole "kid's stuff" view so many people take on it doesn't seem to have gone away too much, though I've seen some critics and animators express how they dislike it as well. Well, it is what seems to sell these days, especially when it comes to animated films. Almost feels like a dying art or at least outside of Japan it does. I did feel a bit of sympathy for him as well for much the same reason.

    That seems to be the case going by that. Hmm, I hadn't considered that. He really should get some kind of raise with all the work he's doing.

    He's done a decent job thus far I think in avoiding becoming too attached to it all, but he definitely is being tempted here and there like with Ryner's offer. I saw that but wasn't quite sure since I thought they might have been a bit younger than him possibly. That might make sense as it would give more hands on deck to train the students. Heh, I'd expect he'll at first be a bit surprised with how effective this leader has made them before perhaps coming up with a counter. Yeah, I thought it was one at first until looking closer at the picture. Was that what happened at the end? I wasn't sure, but I wonder if he's lamenting not taking advantage now going by his reaction at the end.

    It would be a bit too much to have all his superior officers against him. There did seem to be a bit of that going on and I can't say I was too surprised to see it. Indeed, Bernd seemed to want to keep the advantage on their side, which you're not doing at all by going right up to them. He's already beginning to build that up a bit and any success he has here will only add to that.

    That is an unfortunate possibility as well. He has to smooth some of these issues out if he has much hope of not simply being overwhelmed from all sides. They really are in the worst possible position by being right between both nations, which of course is why they're wanted so much as allies. That's looking more and more the case and if he could perhaps get the people on his side somehow, that could go a long way. He's not exactly as personable as his brother can be though...Maybe they can work out some kind of deal or the Army Chief might give him some sort of time limit. Yeah, I got the impression he was going for that as well. Yes, it's very nice to see the author touching all bases on the sorts of people that are in the military and it also makes it all the more interesting to see how they grow.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-10 16:15
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry on the delay. Long hours at work this week.

    I get you and Maoyuu is a good example as I also like the manga version more than the style the anime went with, though it wasn't completely terrible either. They have been going longer than they probably needed to at all and where the anime ended with the second novel was a pretty good place to end at. This is of course if they don't make another season. It's the problem I always have with adaptations of novels as usually they veer off from the source material or they only adapt so much and then you never get to see the end animated.

    That is why I find I tend to like them more often then adaptations. It's certainly a relaxing show that's a bit different from what you'd expect. From what I gather, this is more the director's show than Uro's, but he has expressed that he wants to incorporate a message for those young people who are entering society and may feel a bit lost with finding their place with the job market. I like how even episodes that might seem more filler than anything like the latest one do a good job of conveying what the show is exploring. Given how short it is though, I'm not sure where it is going to go.

    It is nice seeing them actually trying to do something about it all, though I'm not sure how positive it all is given Victory Gundam happens after this. This episode seemed largely about setting up for the finale with character work, so I'm sure we'll be satisfied on the action side of things next time. It isn't just Gundam either as both Gurren Lagann and that Garden of Sinners movie series had collections that were around $500 each I think. I suppose collectors might go for it, but this sort of thing is why Bandai had to close in the first place as the main Japan branch didn't understand that those of us overseas aren't as willing to pay a good amount of money for four episodes on a single disc.

    The manga is still going so I don't know when that will be. I'm pretty sure I heard it might end up a 50 episode series surprisingly so I'm unsure if they plan to veer off or if they are going to do a straight adaptation perhaps with the manga ending around the same time. Ah, Heroic Age is pretty good, though the character designs throw me off since they are by the same person who did Seed. I'm trying to work out a schedule to do that myself though right now I think I'll do Prime, Roughnecks, Game of Thrones S1 and then we'll see from there.

    By the way, when was the next episode of the Code Geass OVA supposed to come out? I thought I'd heard this summer but wasn't sure. I rather like the main characters of that, though I hope they don't end up dead at the end.

    Yeah, I must never have seen those. Shame they ended on a cliffhanger. I'll have to look that up. I saw one for Beast Wars as well which was just as surprising, though at least that one concluded. I'm about halfway through Pluto at the moment and I must say it is impressive what they were able to do with the tech they were working with. About a fourth of the way through it now and my memory was really bad as I hadn't even finished the whole Darkness Rising opener.

    Prime's on its final season? That's a shame. Reminds me of the times he'd try to do an impersonation of Iroh and sort of fail at it. Yep, shelved for the moment then.

    And perhaps more if they really do decide to spring other DC heroes off of it, though I worry how well others might translate. Especially if they go straight for the Justice League movie as has been rumored. It's actually rather nice that they've managed to keep a lot of it under wraps even with some of the info we've been given.

    And I am getting a bit tired of yearly releases of that series. The recent gameplay video released really looks good along with the interviews talking about it all. Though some of Ubisoft's internal actions are a bit worrisome. Yeah, though I was given the impression that the general gameplay was about the same as what I played. I too am looking forward to see what developers come up with as it'd great to see a lot more new IPs even if I do want a few sequels here and there.

    I'll have the next half up later tonight.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-07 09:25
    Dann of Thursday
    Indeed, and I don't always get why people can knock it so easily as something for children when you can accomplish so much with it. Yes, he may very well use this as an opportunity to observe and learn what he can.

    And given the focus of looking at the various forms of ground combat, it would make sense to continue. Yeah, I was trying to think of what possible air combat would make sense and balloons is the only one that sprang to mind. That probably goes without saying with what's happened so far I suppose. He seems well aware of how much pressure there is, so I'd imagine we'll see him doing his best to make sure all goes perfectly as he has been attempting to do with every twist and turn.

    Indeed, as the fate of an entire country is relying on him in a sense to not muck this up for them. Ha, it'll make for interesting events, that's for sure. Yes, I went and looked through it. Seems we have two Weiben officers with the group now and it seems the continued focus on artillery was correct. Seems that we may have a sort of rival leader on Holback's side of things in these skirmishes so that should produce some tense battles. Odd cannon on that one page as it looked like it fired many bullets at once like a cannon version of a shotgun. Bernd looks seems to be taking charge of things so he has a chance to impress here. One of the extra stories was rather...interesting with what looked like a brothel or something. Though it seems like Bernd wasn't that affected despite being in a rather racy situation.

    Yes, I got that impression as well based on their interactions and it is nice to see he has someone like that. The responsibilities may very well be the result of high expectations given how he's been talked about. Hmm, I wonder how a promotion could affect his responsibilities in relation to Baselland. Unless he's viewed as a danger by the higher ups, I'd imagine they'd want him to be the main person with them given his success and established familiarity with the people there.

    Seeing results from Bernd's methods could certainly go a long way towards him perhaps being a bit less harsh, though whatever pressure the other issues Weiben is dealing with also must be a factor in such decisions. Ryner certainly has become a bit more reasonable from the start. Hmm, looking at them again that does appear to be the case and they could probably use a reality check pretty soon. Good point as Strunz Industries was a way of getting the idea to the common people, Helmut can act that way as well though I don't know how well she could convince other nobles unless it is done through the other noble academy students as you said with a whole new generation seeing the importance of change. A mixture of both is likely, though it certainly will depend on which one takes precedence for him. Yeah, it feels like something such as that would work better as an extra chapter in the volume collections. Hopefully we do get a focus on each of them, though I noticed chapter 17 does seem to focus on one of them and his resolve about coming along or not.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-07 00:55
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry for taking so long on a response. I'll have the second half up tomorrow morning if I can.

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