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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2011-04-15 11:33
    Dann of Thursday
    Alright, got a little bit of time today finally. Sorry about that.

    We don't usually see that sort of thing animated to scale. I was even surprised to see that scene in the first episode when the suit exploded and that history teacher basically exploded into flames for instance. Hopefully they deliver fully on it then, though they've been doing an excellent job thus far. I don't think anyone would object much to having the episodes be longer for instance if it meant more material could be covered. I'm sure we'll see her fate animated given how important she seems to be. Besides this upcoming incident and a few others, I don't much at all for what happens either.

    They seemed to try and rehash this with SEED, which I saw many point out as being quite similar to the UC universe in some base aspects. Yes, hopefully the next series will be a good one with a new direction perhaps. The nuclear situation unfortunately seems to just be getting worse. I do hope things can start taking a better direction for them.

    I watched the two first episodes, though I think finding more is going to be an annoyance since I can't seem to find many who were actually subbing it for the whole series. I'm surprised to say that I thought the bikes actually added quite a bit to the whole thing despite the oddity of it. It made the duels much more fast paced and exciting I thought in comparison to them just standing around throwing cards down. The main character also seems much more mature and level headed than I was expecting.

    I've no doubt she's quite different since I severely doubt they'd go so far as to copy her personality from another show's character. Always nice when there seems to be a pairing that almost everyone supports rather than many different ones all vying to become the real one.

    They bumped up the episodes? Hadn't heard that though it's certainly welcome I suppose. The notion that they'll be exploring a conflict between benders and non-benders is an interesting one since it wasn't really looked at in the original series. Seems to be all we do these days, doesn't it? Yeah, hearing about whatever legacies they've left behind is something I look forward to seeing as well, such as how the Fire Kingdom has done from Zuko's reign to this point.

    I've been generally taking that approach when I can, though these last few weeks are especially hectic with all the different projects I have going for finals. Thankfully, I think I only have one actual test for that week though.

    Hadn't heard about that one. The only ones I have on my plate right now are Ao no Exorcist which looks like it could be pretty good with some nice animation from what I've seen and Tiger and Bunny. The latter is a bit of surprise for me, but I actually rather like the concept so far with commercialized superheroes so hopefully it manages to turn out good in the end.

    I've got a few games in the future lined up, though I'm going to work first on Origins and ME2, which I'm quite behind on. Yes, I've heard there's a pretty big twist at the end that could have interesting implications for 3.

    I was able to read most of the article in GI and I like what I read. Nice how they seem to be trying to put in some more RPG aspects such as customizing weapons a bit more and having your abilities increase in different ways as you upgrade rather than just having a big upgrade at the end.

    I'm quite curious how the final party will round out, though having some for certain missions actually sounds like a good idea for me. Glad to have Garrus back as a full as well as Liara. The new guy will hopefully be interesting. Not sure on Kaiden or Ashley so I may have to do a save file for ME2 where I save one and then the other. I did Kaiden for my Infiltrator run so perhaps I'll save Ashley for the Vanguard one I plan to do. Who did you choose to save on Virmire, by the way? I hope for more Legion especially since it seems you only get him in the final stages of the game so he should have some room to stretch out in 3.

    Really curious to see how we'll actually be able to take down the Reapers themselves as well as how we'll have time for any sidequests with the invasion and all. I'm reminded of some little comic a person made of a Vanguard Charging at a Reaper, though I don't think the move is quite that effective.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2011-04-12 08:40
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I'll be getting the issue in the mail soon actually though seeing it now is even better. I might be a bit for a reply as this week is a bit chaotic with painting at my home and school work, though I'll try to get something up before the end of the week.

    Thank you
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2011-04-02 10:44
    Dann of Thursday

    It is sort of weird that we're looking forward to seeing a massacre animated, but from what you've told me and that one image I saw, it will be something to behold provided they get it right. Would depend on whether they want it to be a real surprise, though the fact there's an image out makes me think they might have a little shot of him in a preview to tease fans. Agreed, it's just a matter of how they do their pacing with everything I suppose. What events do we have after Dakar anyway? I know we have Unicorn's counterpart still and of course a final battle with Full Frontal, but not sure what's in between all that.

    What I think it is that makes this such a great timeline is that sheer amount of backstory and detail put into the world that you mentioned whereas all the other series have to establish their universes. It also helps that the concepts it employs are simple but complex and doesn't rely on anything rather crazy like the particles in 00. There also seems to generally be less fanservice and a bigger focus on serious story, though not to say that isn't present in the others. As do I. It'd be nice to have something like that. Has there been any word on a new series as of yet or is it just this right now?

    Really? Hmm, might take a look then when I have the time. Maybe in the summer. What always weirded me out was how that one character looked a bit similar to Kallen. Was it the sort of pairing that pretty much everyone was on board with? I thought the bike thing was a bit much from what little I saw, but the fact they went even further is a bit hard to believe. I've got one I think I might take a look at, but I'm pretty much the same right now. Ah, glad you got to watch that, it really is a great series. There's actually a sequel miniseries featuring the next Avatar that'll be coming up soon. Features her learning air bending from Aang and Katara's son. About the same when I have the time, though this has been a really busy semester. I may have overdone it a bit.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2011-04-01 16:26
    Dann of Thursday
    Everything's seems rather uncertain now so it's all rather tense I think. That's a good thing to do I think. Just to have a breather and settle down. Yes, hopefully we might start to get back on track all around with things though currently that doesn't seem to be the case what all the problems both at home and abroad. It'd be nice to have a period of stability.

    Yeah, I can't see why adding the extra time could really hurt things and the movies have already been pretty long anyway. Hopefully they manage to do that battle some real justice. Best of luck to them yes and I agree that the cast has done a great job thus far so I feel we can have at least some confidence. The movie idea seems a good one if they complete the OVAs at a good point and they would also be able to make them a bit longer in that case I think.

    I've heard nothing but praise from the UC fans and you can't blame them since it's a bit of a surprise to see this era revisited after all this time. Those who perhaps aren't as familiar with the UC are also getting a bit of a taste and hopefully this may get some to watch the original series from that era.

    Wow, it was going that long? I never watched that one. Never really saw any after the first show, though my only experience was the dub which wasn't the best first impression. That's generally an irritating thing when it happens, yes. Star Driver ends this Sunday for me and after that I'm not sure what's coming out.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2011-03-31 12:32
    Dann of Thursday
    Ah, I understand. Feeling the same way myself, though right now I'm just trying to work on improving my skills in my classes while keeping in mind what I'll really need. Good luck to you in any case, no matter what you decide to do. Getting a degree from graduate school couldn't hurt, I'd think.

    Hmm, well looks like we've got a few months wait if that Autumn tag is anything to by. Nice to see we'll be seeing that and I also wonder who they'll get for Bright. Having the finale be a movie on its own does sound like a good way to deal with the time concerns we've been having.

    How successful has Unicorn been anyway? I'd think rather well since everyone's been so positive about it.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2011-03-31 08:21
    Dann of Thursday
    No, it's fine. I was just hoping everything was okay was all.

    Busy with school for the most part though I've had a little time to play here and there. I haven't gotten it quite yet though I hear it ends on an interesting note. I quite liked it overall with how they handled it. I didn't notice any signs for the Port Dakar battle though unless there was and I missed it.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2011-03-29 09:45
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, hope you're doing alright and everything. Sorry if this comes across as bothering or anything like that.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2011-03-12 11:13
    Dann of Thursday
    I haven't played it much yet aside from just a quick few in the beginning. I'm finishing up a playthrough on the first one which I'll then upload to the second one. It seems fine so far from what I've seen. One thing I'd wish they'd put in for both is something that was on the first PC version with the isometric view.

    I'd expect we'll see DLC soon enough, though I'd be fine if they just focused on ME3 and DLC leading to that for now. I'm becoming curious how the next game in the series will continue. Another region of the world would be in order I suppose, though it'd be great to see plotlines from both games start coming to a head.

    You managed to see Unicorn yet? I haven't done so just yet, but it seems there are a few subs out.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2011-02-26 23:41
    Dann of Thursday
    No rush. Yeah, played through on both mage and rogue archer and enjoyed them both for the most part. I'm going to try and get a new playthrough on Origins in to be able to compare better. I think the Rogue does seem cool though the sheer speed is a bit unbelievable. Yeah, I love being snarky, especially to Flemeth.

    Nice. I'll check it out.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2011-02-22 12:25
    Dann of Thursday

    Sounds like a nice bit to set up ME3 I think.

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