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  1. Narona
    2008-07-31 15:25

    By the way, warning: it's "avi splitter", not "quick avi splitter". Don't pick the wrong software
  2. Narona
    2008-07-31 15:06
    Yes, try it, you will love it

    Yeah, it's crop XD. It can't hurt (it's sharewares though...), no spyware !

    If you want, but I'm a newbie
  3. Narona
    2008-07-31 14:51
    Don't use VD!!! It skips frames. Use Avi Splitter. It's sooooooooooooooooooo easy and accurate. VD is difficult to use and crap. (you can only use avi though)

    Then, use Ulead Gif Animator 5. You can cut (I don't know the name in english, it says "canevas") and resize all the frames in one or two clicks.

    You can try those two softwares

    Then use imageready to do some little edits, like adding a border !

    Me I can do some edits in photoshop (for example, manga scanlation) and I know how to use it a bit, but I'm not so good at it.

    Yeah, I'm trying to do some code geass vectors. It's hard but I nearly finished 4 vectors from official artworks XD.
  4. Narona
    2008-07-31 13:19
    Thanking me? I don't think so

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear that.

    Then, if you want to share thoughts and experience, what softwares are you currently using?
  5. Narona
    2008-07-30 17:25
    "No biggie, Narona. Like I said, everyone is totally entitled to their opinion! And I respect your opinion very much."

    Don't worry, I understood your point of view. Hope you don't think that I wanted to say that your work was not good. I didn't mean that at all.
  6. Var
    2008-07-23 13:32
    I'm glad we agree on so many things, I paraphrased our conversation concerning Gino and Anya in the Romance thread. I'm just putting this up as a note that I've read what you've written and I'll do my best to reply once I get home from work. :/ No time to really construct a reply worthy of this discussion.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-23 12:56
    Dann of Thursday
    They creep me out to be honest like they do half the cast. I liked when Brock was considering having them beat up Dean, but then decided against it because they were "kinda creepy".

    Yeah, I suppose so. He at least showed that he cares about things. I still worry though.

    Well, the spoilers from before say so, but only time will tell for sure. Granted, a lot of things in that list have come true so far and the others seem quite plausible. They talk of bad things happening with Lelouch though. There are other little things like Lelouch giving C.C. a ring and asking her to stay with him and Lelouch saying something to Kallen that expresses his true feelings (not sure what kind though). The ring thing sounds sort of positive, but I guess it depends on how Lelouch is acting and how C.C. is reacting to that as well if it is true, though her calling him master is something I hope doesn't continue and those spoilers could always be wrong entirely on that count since they were wrong about the bit with Refrain or the ring thing could just be with Kallen instead since the bit with Kallen sounds more reasonable than the one with C.C.. They got things like the info in the Knightmares right. Have you seen the new ones like the Galahad?

    On the other hand, Koshimizu has said to take them with a grain of salt, to some of it is probably sounding way too good to be true like the bit with the ring. Sounds like someone being hopeful to me.

    She could I suppose, though I can't quite think of how that would happen. I can't think things would be exactly the same though. Well, you could start believing, but we don't know quite how each regarded the other. I guess we know that C.C. regarded him as an important person, but I think another reason she protected him was due to him being Marianne's son. And I think Lelouch may be just as unsure as I am about the whole thing. He couldn't finish that sentence "She's" after all and then just switched to some other form of stopping her. Her being happy would be nice, but at the same time the idea of them being together seems almost too happy of a thing to occur.

    That's always possible now I suppose, though I still can't be sure. First I think he isn't quite as bad, but then he sort of goes and confuses me more with that whole one person thing. Grooming him for what though? He certainly isn't helping him now or vice versa. And what was with those weird masks?

    Something I noticed was that C.C.'s past sort of makes some of her personality make more sense, like her being so sloppy. Still, I suppose her true wish is to simply be loved by someone. True love I mean, rather than the kind she experienced with the Geass. It's almost as simple as wanting to die. I wonder why exactly she chose to stop.

    I have this horrible fear that C.C. will die now though. She's mortal now after all. If her memory returns, my fears will likely only increase. That whole "dying with a smile until the end" makes me think it might end up happening. I have trouble imagining both Lelouch and C.C. both being alive in the end I guess.

    I saw it for the second time last night (the first time was just me and one of my sisters, the second with my dad and other sister). I only wish he had been in the movie more since every moment he was on screen was just great. He'll certainly be remembered for doing such a great job and that performance just makes it more clear how much of a loss it was.

    It looked pretty accurate so far from what I saw of the trailer. The movie is supposed to be quite long though and it seems like Snyder had to keep a few things out. I guess they are considering making an extended edition sort of like with Lord of the Rings. The movie is very intricate with various plotlines going on. If Snyder can get close to the original thing at all it will be an accompishment. He does do something interesting by taking the acutal panels from the comic and replicating them on screen as much as possible.

    It was some interview and it wasn't meant to be quite that positive I suppose. Moore considers it to be unfilmable, which may very well be true though the artist Dave Gibbons says he thinks Snyder will do a good job given how enthusiastic he is about the movie. Alan Moore sort of has the right to be angry I guess, since his work hasn't exactly translated to the screen all that well. Still, I'll go see it and enjoy it as much as I can.
  8. Var
    2008-07-22 10:17
    Ehh, I've only done it once, I'm not that silly. Life always takes precedence because life makes everything possible.

    I think the wide spread destruction is actually what is going to cause Anya to switch sides. As it stands, I can't see anything really making her defect other than a total betrayal or some royal mess up by the Empire. Queue Nina's nuke. Marianne and Anya are quite similar, even the same hair style, but they have no other similar traits. It feels like Anya has emulated Marianne but isn't related or some such.

    Gino and Anya are two parts of a whole. They were seemingly friends before Suzaku showed up, so their bond likely has a long history and isn't centered on Suzaku. It seems like they took him into their circle, and not the other way around. Gino's worry for Anya in Ep.11 really makes me think that they (or at least he) considers her as something a bit more precious than just a friend. Anya is a bit of a mystery as to her emotions but since she follows Gino, or maybe he follows her, I think she's warmed up to his personality. There are 'four different' Anya's that I've observed through the show: Bloodthirsty, Cold, Scared, and Pseudo-open/amiable. The first two appear on the battlefield or in normal conversation, the latter only once with C.C., and the fourth has only ever appeared around Gino and Suzaku. Due to their respective appearances, I think it is due to her time with Gino that's she's developed that last bit of personality. As for Gino, when he's with Anya he's a bit more level headed, and the moment you remove him from her, he turns into a loose cannon that flirts with everything with legs, breasts, and alive.

    The name Tristan may just tie to the mech's original appearance, a noble one that seems very refined. It could also be a knock to his nature, which I think it is to a degree. But, due to the Tristan's eventual change of face (literally, its face is different in the OP), I'm not quite sure how far the name goes into the pilot's character and not just the fate of the mech itself, like with Gawain. It may even represent what we see later in the OP, the loss of his happy/cheerful side for his seemingly remorseless side. The only way, though, that I can see that happening is if Anya dies. Not sure what else could really send him off the deep end. The Iseult idea simply doesn't have time to be developed for any other character other than Anya at this point. Which... now that I look at it, could fit. Since she's now seeking the truth, Gino could help her find out the reality of who she is.

    Nunally seems to have understood that something was amiss with Suzaku, that is why she tried to test him if he was lying and he failed. At which point she compared him to her brother. I think she's completely sure of the fact that he's doing things behind her back, which is why she took a step forward this episode (15) and threw around her weight. I think, what we have now, is the development that Suzaku will begin to protect Nunally, again, with the right intentions in mind. But first, he's got to open his eyes to the reality and realize that the system is changing him far more than he is changing the system.

    They, with the new information from Koshimizu, don't mean entirely nothing, to some degree. They are not omens of what's to come but they hold some meaning in that they were something-like commissioned to be draw with some sort of 'plan' in mind. The reason I think red is associated with Kallen is because of how her role is panning out. In the second ED, the red is tying things together, or holding them back. For instance, the one ED picture that is only Lelouch, has something akin to a leash on him that is red with blue gems at either end. It could simply be me looking to deep into a picture, but the color and position seems a bit too coincidental. A leash, something Lelouch needs to keep him from falling down the pit to his father, red and blue are Kallen's 'colors'. The tattered red that lines Lelouch's 'throne' could be representing Kallen's attempt to try and bridge the gap between Lelouch and Suzaku, but due to its broken state, it likely means she fails to some degree.

    As for Nunally, I'm not sure where the feather comes in. As your hunch is to a degree correct since she began to throw around her weight and take command of her government.

    I want to see Bismark put everyone in their place, everyone.

    Well, Cornelia is still a secondary character, so its not surprising that she wasn't in an episode that more or less finished (yes, I know you disagree) the C.C. story barring her regaining her memories and powers. I think what you're thinking of is her being captured by Lelouch and escaping to Schneizel, all of which I can see happening. She can still be a third player, but people can take sides even if they are not on the same team. She seems to understand the whole picture, but I don't expect her to side with the person who killed Euphemia, even if it wasn't on purpose. We know she's hardheaded. And if she stays with Lelouch, how will she get to meet her precious Guilford?

    Ahh good old Jeremiah, since we can move the discussion to these... board-things, I was planning on just forwarding everything from the C.C. thread to here concerning him. As it really doesn't belong there. My overall point about Jeremiah, though, was that I don't think he fits into the grove you've placed him, both by the Arthurian metaphor and the ghost one. He's still a free spirit and he makes his own decisions, even if they seem to be guided by loyalty. The reason I do not think he is a single-minded duty bound 'machine' is because he questions why people do what they do, he makes his own decisions, and he can forgive people. If he was just a duty bound machine, he'd never have asked Lelouch why he betrayed his empire. He'd have simply killed him or followed him because he was Marianne's son. He asked, and made a decision based on what he heard. Jeremiah, like Lelouch, likely wants the truth as to why Marianne died. He also, more likely than not, follows Lelouch now out of a sense of guilt to some degree. Guilt for being unable to protect Marianne. And, finally, he cried. Machines don't cry. I think that showed us that he was still alive even though he'd lost his original humanity.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-21 12:17
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry about that, but it was a good one. The best part had to be where Dr. Girlfriends moppets kept asking her what Dr. Venture did to make the Monarch hate him and she kept going on without answering the question. I don't think anyone knows what happened with that.

    Well, he was a bit better this episode I thought. The weird masks did make a few good points though.

    She'll get time next episode at least when she and Lelouch have a talk. We'll have to see how that goes. I could see her wanting to know exactly what happened with Euphemia for one.

    Yeah, I saw it. Feel free to discuss it because I'd love to. I liked it for sure, though I feel sad at the same time. I mean, it's nice and rather sweet how Lelouch wants to fufill her true wish, but that C.C., the C.C. he had come to know, is gone now and it sort of makes it harder to fufill that wish. He's just a stranger to her now and from the looks of thing, she is afraid of him. Unless she somehow remembers him, this is seeming more like a loss than a gain.

    I guess I did, but I can't remember too well. And it seems I may have been and I'm happy about that to some degree.

    Yeah, I thought it might have been V.V. until C.C. goes and says he liked her. I'm just so confused about that now and I have to wonder how this thing with C.C. affects that.

    Oh, and I saw The Dark Knight the other day (which was awesome) and happened to see a trailer for the theatrical version of "Watchmen" though I know you haven't read it. Too soon to tell, but I remember reading that Alan Moore stated that it will probably be as close to a film version as you could get, though of course he wants nothing to do with it. It looked pretty good from the little I saw.
  10. Var
    2008-07-18 21:22
    Yes, I did send it to myself. Sorry for the delay, but this is the first real break from work I've had to think through everything and give you an adequate reply.

    The cannons on the Mordred are Hadron cannons. I do believe there will be destruction when she switches sides, I don't see how else it could possibly work out. Mayhaps she will be the one to wreck the Tristan. Might explain Gino's sudden switch in disposition. Speaking of them, do you not agree that they complete each other in essence and in character? The one aloof, carefree and open, while the other is shut off, quiet, and systematic. I somehow doubt that, without Gino, Anya would not have been in as many places with so many people as she's been, and Gino would have likely been far to detached from reality of being a noble.

    Iseult doesn't really fit for anyone but maybe Nunally. Maybe. But she is more Guinevere if we want to stretch parallels. I think that some just do not occur in the story or that some characters simply have no relation to the parallels. It seems to me that the parallels befall the mechs themselves and what their fates will be more so then the pilots.

    I'd say Gino and Anya complete each other, but I said that above. O-o

    I agree that Suzaku and Nunally will have to make amends, and I believe it will be soon. I'm just curious under what pretense all this will occur.

    Kallen can't work for Nunally officially, the only possible way she could likely work for Nunally is if she is her messenger to Lelouch. The bird carrying the message, so to speak. The ED is a little weird, I'll admit, but now with recent news that the pictures were to a degree comissioned, I may try to piece together some semblance of meaning. I think one thing to note, is that no character wears red. It is present in different places but never worn by any single person. Kaguya has a red ribbon in her hand, Ougi's bandana, Nunally is drapped in a red cloak, Lelouch has a red 'thing' around his neck, and at the very end, he is drapped/sitting on red (while Suzaku is not). All these characters have a connection to Kallen. Another thing to note, is that the cage has a feather in it. This is a recurring image, but the only person with feathers is C.C. (as Shirley's image was meant for the original ED). So I am curious what the real symbolism is behind the cage and the feather. Does it mean that C.C. opened the cage? If so what is the cage? Kallen's heart (seeing as she opened that at some point by bringing her back to Lelouch)? Lelouch's despair/heart? Nunally can hold several things in that cage, Lelouch and Kallen are the more likely one in the metaphorical and the other literal.

    The whole Bismark being papa bear was something I started out of sheer boredom... it then was taken too far by others and myself.

    V.V.'s reaction in Ep.14, I think, overides your point of him wanting to manipulate Lelouch. It appears that he was fully intent on having the boy killed.

    The part about Cornelia also seems to have been overturned by the time I replied. :/ She is shown to be doing it for Euphie, and Euphie alone. Her intention seems to be to destroy/reveal the cult. She is a third player, but her goals are in line with Lelouch's.

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