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  1. Sassarai
    2009-08-30 12:59
    Yeah the skits/convos were the best part of Tales of the Abyss game. Forgot if they took most of it out or I just wasn't paying attention.
  2. monir
    2009-08-30 01:59
    I started out with anime fairly recently. The first subtitled anime for me was Ninja Scroll The Movie. Until then, I had quite the view that cartoons are for children. What a jarring wake up call that was. Feverishly engulfed one title after the other since then. Naruto was one of those series that has just completed the introductory phase and was entering the Chunin exam. Some of the animated fights were so well choreographed, that I was hooked. Yu Yu Hakusho was another series that was a good watch along with One Piece. Shounen series got me started with anime, and eventually veered into other genre for quality watch.
  3. monir
    2009-08-28 23:45
    Absolutely in agreement. Sacrasm detector is a must for any adventurer who is daring a trip in the World Wide Web.
  4. monir
    2009-08-28 23:29

    I'm extremely flattered that I was analyzed with such complexity in mind. If I may say so, you are fantastic!
  5. monir
    2009-08-28 21:58
    Originally Posted by Kujoe
    Originally Posted by monir View Post
    Oh my gosh... doki doki.. it's that day of the week again. Oh joy. I haven't been anticipating for a show this much since the golden days of Naruto. It's the truth.

    Are you happy, or are you uninterested? Are you interested by being uninterested?

    Good god, man! You just broke my sarcasm detector.
    Lol.. .. Truth be told, I was once a Narutard of the actual kind. To me the first think I look for in a series is the overall visual quality. Naruto series has seen some of the shittiest animation effort and it also has seen some of the greatest animated movement in the anime history. The golden years of Naruto was 2003-2004 when it was my most anticipated show. Alas, the show became too famous and marketable. And as we know, once a franchise becomes milkable, it will be milked till the tits are dry. Show lost its flare. I moved on. I'm still a shounen fan at heart, but I still can appreciate a good series when I see it. Bakemonogatari is a great show mostly for its story and characters that are portrayed.
  6. Sassarai
    2009-08-27 10:29
    lol it felt like...

    travel here
    talk a bit
    travel somewhere
    talk a bit
    lame fight
    travel again

    rinse and repeat.

    In the game you have to fight monsters so it makes the journey seem longer and more epic.
  7. Sassarai
    2009-08-27 03:27
    You know, Tales of the Abyss followed the video game pretty much all the way through but somehow it just felt super boring compared to the game.
  8. Sassarai
    2009-08-27 02:43
    lol I get the feeling it's me goofing around to much with my photoshop and stuff. Just trying to entertain while waiting for the next ep.

    lol Now I wonder how dead the topic will be since about 80 percent of the posters just "constantly whine"

    This happens in EVERY Manga that gets made into an anime series pretty much because like 90 percent of them don't follow the manga and add a bunch of new stuff! I.E Claymore, Rosario Vampire, Boobynauts the Laision, Gantz, etc
  9. Sassarai
    2009-08-27 02:27
    Yeah but after everything has already been said I think most people just try to have some fun with it while waiting for the next ep. I don't really see a problem with it really unless people's feeling start to get hurt. I mean if they are going to complain at least complain about the damm game spoilers being revealed often!
  10. Sassarai
    2009-08-27 02:12
    Sigh, this type of stuff happens in every series's forums wonder why the mod is mad about VC in particular. Probably someone complained or something.

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