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  1. demon_god04
    2008-12-09 15:46
    Although the weather is not as nice as it is here. Really though, Vancouver is a great place to live, crappy place to work. -.-
  2. demon_god04
    2008-12-03 16:25
    Ah I have been here since I was six, immigrated from Hong Kong.

    I am just finishing my first semester. I worked for a few years before decided to go back to school.
  3. demon_god04
    2008-12-03 11:23
    ah so you are going to school then? Where are you studying?

    I want to go to Japan as well but that will have to wait until I take some Japanese language courses.
  4. demon_god04
    2008-12-02 12:59
    Do you work downtown then?

    Actually it does not take me that long to get downtown. The millenium line makes it pretty convenient.

    I plan on taking Japanese next semester.
  5. demon_god04
    2008-12-01 16:43
    Yeah I have taken some psychology courses but my major is Anthropology, I live in Vancouver as well, between Renfew and Rupert. Close to the Renfew skytrain.
  6. demon_god04
    2008-12-01 16:30
    Well we can argue for days and still not come to a conclusion, there are some very interesting articles in psychology journels at UBC on this subject and there are several schools of thought on that matter. I guess we can just agree to disagree.

    By the way you live in Vancouver right?
  7. demon_god04
    2008-12-01 15:59
    His cognitive understanding of the world around him and the world views of his society is not even that of a teenager's which is why it is causing the conflict with the party. He did not know alot of things he was supposed to which is why he is the way he is.

    I was not saying that age was absolute, I said that both had a bearing and influence on the maturity of a child. That Luke was more influenced by his actual age because of his circumstance then Ion was.
  8. demon_god04
    2008-12-01 13:41
    Again, it is a mixture of the two, because as we saw, Luke's upbringing is not all that atypical from how one would raise a child from say a baby to seven years old. Him being trapped in a house is like a metaphor for a baby in a crib. So if you want to go into the "real" answer, it is because Luke is a seven year old that was not given the maturity of someone porportionate to his physical appearance but rather his real age. Once again I am not arguing about the upbringing and environment but that actual age is misleading when it comes to replicas only because of their physical appearence. but at the core they are still the age of whenever they were created, only that other factors can accelorate that growth. Essentially Luke has the maturity of a seven year old because that is his actual age and he has not had any experiences to trigger a more rapid growth. So age very much as a bearing on his maturity.
  9. demon_god04
    2008-11-29 08:55
    As I said, Ion as had actual training, he was taught what was needed to act out his role. Replicas are only different in that their physical bodies are developed to whatever age the original was at the time their data was taken. But their mind is still malleable and receptive to information as that of a child's.

    You admit that experience comes into play, how exactly do you gain experience? it is through time. Obviously for some people like Ion they went through experiences to accelerate their maturity so in his two years he actually lived life times more when compared to someone like Luke. And as I said, Ion's distinction is that he was taught and educated knowing he was a replica for a specific role and his education was tailored to that. Luke's case was very much different as they basically retaught everything to him like they would a baby, and locked him in a house. The metaphor here is that he is like a baby in a crib, that the mansion is his little world which forms his world view. So essentially those seven years he lived where like from a toddler to a seven year old child in terms of actual experience and knowledge. It is very evident in how Luke expresses himself and his lack of knowledge in complex subjects.
  10. demon_god04
    2008-11-26 20:28
    again I am not denying that you can be mature beyond your age, as I mentioned in the thread there are many real life examples of kids being more mature then their age. But that they were given the environment to cultivate that maturity. Maturity comes from one's life experiences which is gained as you age which is why you gain maturity as you grow older so you cannot say it has no connection. And again I did not say age is the end all be all factor, I think I made that very apparent in my last reply that BOTH factors determine maturity.

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