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  1. Frontier
    2014-10-19 01:10
    Even if you might not like Kouko's personality or habits, you have to give credit to a woman who pretty much wears high-heels everyday. Not to mention sometimes runs in them. I think a lot of women would probably envy that ability, especially considering how natural it seems to be for Kouko .

    The reason I asked is that I asked someone else and they said around 165 cm without heels (5'4-5'5) while Asuna is 168 (5'6). Just something interesting to think about. About the best comment there is regarding Kouko's height is that without heels she's "just about the right size" compared to Banri.

    Y'know on the topic of tight outfits, Kouko would probably fill out a Mecha pilot suit pretty well. Forget what would happen if Kouko was in Dragon Age, imagine Kouko in a Mecha show .

    She'd probably pilot one of those more effeminate rose-themed MS' that male pilots usually get, and completely own with it .
  2. Frontier
    2014-10-17 19:15
    Yeah, I can see Mirai as having a similar fashion sense as Kouko and they're definitely both pretty elegant. Heck, if she had tried for it, there's no doubt in my mind that Kouko would have made just as great an "amateur" model .

    Here's hoping we get a beach episode this season so Fumina and Mirai can show off some swimsuits .

    Kouko just has that rare body type where she can pull off any kind of swimsuit, be it a one-piece, bikini, or school swimsuit and do it really well. Same goes for her outfits .

    Remember that time I asked you about Kouko's height, Flare? If you were to compare them, do you think she and Asuna might be around the same height?
  3. Frontier
    2014-10-17 17:25
    Well they're certainly bold in how well they show off her assets, in more ways than one .

    Would definitely be nice to see Mirai wear something like it once .

    Though I guess something more "sporty" like what Fumina wears would fit Linda, or at least high school Linda, more than Kouko. Kouko's usual style, with as much variety as there is in it, lends more towards dresses and more traditionally feminine outfits with a lot of flair and detail .

    I can settle for those sexy swimsuits she wore when it comes to outfits that show off that very well-developed body .
  4. Frontier
    2014-10-17 15:20
    Which reminds me of how much I wish we had seen Kouko in a costume at that masquerade party back in episodes 11-12. I remember seeing a cat costume in there that she'd look pretty fetching in .

    Or put her in those Devil costumes that Nana and Linda wore, and who wore them well even if Kouko would probably outshine them completely if she put it on .
  5. Frontier
    2014-10-16 14:42
    Pretty much the same for me too .

    Y'know, watching Fumina on Try has me wishing we had seen Kouko in tight outfits like Fumina wears in the opening and ending. She most definitely has the body to pull it off .

    Best I could remember that comes close to that is a sample scan of Kouko, Chinami, and Linda as bunny girls .
  6. Frontier
    2014-10-16 00:51
    True, since now we've now already seen the big moments animated and know the major reveals that happen in the route, though with a split-cour anime Ufotable will likely have more time to better develop and pace out the story compared to the movie. Not to mention, the major fights we're expecting will all probably look a lot prettier .

    I also imagine ShirouxRin will get more focus as well .

    It's so nice to find someone else who's not watching the new anime in an attempt to wipe out the traces of Deen's adaption from their mind. I haven't re-watched it in a while, but I actually enjoyed it and I always appreciate it for getting me into the franchise. I can see now the complaints other people, especially VN-readers, had with it and I admit some of my opinion is rooted in nostalgia and how young I was when I watched it, but that's how it is .

    Also out of curiosity, how do you feel about Shirou and Saber, as well as their romance?

    And the Archer fight:

  7. Frontier
    2014-10-14 19:15
    Ah! I was wondering about that. So we're in the same boat .

    I also assume you've seen the UBW movie too ?

    Just out of curiosity, do you share the same negative opinion of the Deen anime that most do?

    And yeah, that would be pretty hilarious. The difference between the Illya's alone would be pretty jarring, as would the lack of loli's and yuri .
  8. Frontier
    2014-10-14 17:31
    So is the current anime you're first foray into the main Fate/Stay Night universe ?
  9. Flower
    2014-09-29 02:16
    Yes! You agree! After thinking about it for a while I decided on Sinon grabbing a rice cooker (as the preferred kitchen item of choice) and whacking that creep Shinkawa a good one on the noggin. -_-
  10. Frontier
    2014-09-21 22:05
    Well compared to her fellow Attendants, Marie definitely isn't as conservative, so you would hope so unless she has a winter outfit. Knowing her, she would probably just design some .

    Maybe she could give everyone in the Velvet Room some new sets of wardrobe .

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