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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-28 15:07
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, did you see all big announcements from Marvel today? If you want we can include it in the section about this.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-28 00:25
    Dann of Thursday
    I use the playstation for it, though we don't actually have any sort of blu-ray player otherwise. Don't think anyone else in my family would care either way either. Yeah, I'm certainly in no hurry. I suppose it was bigger over here since it was a gateway series. Glad I did jump on it too since it jumped $30 not long after. Iíve got DVD copies of each series from some time ago. Outlaw Star was actually the first anime I ever bought myself. Theyíre all from that same era and have a similar format with the adventure of the week with the overarching plot. I keep wondering if some new format might show up soon honestly or if streaming and online watching will come to dominate entirely. Hopefully none of them get cut short given the format theyíre doing this series in.

    I would have just been confused had I seen that. Oh, they didnít finish that one before stopping? Curious just how far theyíll go with snapping up series, though they could potentially make a decent alternative to Viz. Yes, I suppose that one could have potential difficulties in being localized. Thatís good at least as thereís nothing worse than a work being abandoned, though it can be understandable when real life takes over.

    Something interesting I learned was that this TV adaptation was going to be an adaptation of the Fate route before they decided to go with UBW in the end with HF being done in films and Fate being released for free on mobile (in Japan only of course). Additionally, the original author Nasu is actually writing original scenes for this series of which there were several in the latest episodes. It seems there is going to be a number of things expanded on such as Ilyaís role since she doesnít factor as much in this route by comparison to others. Also saw an odd comment that the preview for the next episode implies weíre going a stealth Saber route, though that could just be misinterpretation. They do still have a good relationship here, just not on the same level as the Fate route. Itís certainly better than what happens to her in HF. I really do want to see at least the Realta Nua ending animated by them for that reunion. Yeah, the main strength with it comes from its deeper exploration of the cause for the Grailís corruption and the whole thing with Lancerís original Master, though I suppose that isnít the most important thing. The setting just isnít as fantastical as Fate is, though the backstory of certain aspects is much more interesting to what actually happens. The manga adaptation actually managed to give that a happier ending, which I wouldnít mind seeing adapted. Well, that house is pretty big so thereís plenty of room.

    Same thing happened with the comic industry, though not quite due to the same reasons Iíd warrant. Curious to know what the generally accepted reason for it going down overall in popularity might be though I suppose the economy could have been part of it. I also think that anime in a lot of cases has become even more niche in recent years with not a whole lot that can appeal to everyone. I hadnít even thought about Christmas yet, though it is coming up soon enough looking at the date now. Thatís awesome! Let me know how that is The book actually comes out tomorrow now that I look so Iíll have to see about picking it up soon.

    Yeah, real world settings you can only do so much with so itís cool to see what can be imagined in either case. Iíll look into it and hearing it doesnít have those aspects does make it sound much more bearable.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-28 00:23
    Dann of Thursday
    Donít worry about it.

    Iím actually about done with the game. Just need to brand two more warchiefs and then take on the Black Hand and Tower. Itís more in the way of the trophies with trying out special conditions to get, but Iím in no hurry at the moment for that. Thatís true, but it can be irritating when Iím trying to brand a captain and some random mook manages to take me out. Curious if there are plans to make a franchise out of it or not actually. Gameplay is fine based on what Iíve played and it does the atmosphere and survival aspect quite well. They seriously did a good job pushing it and while not as successful, the past few games have had pretty decent pushes in the advertising aspect. I know they plan on supporting it for a few more years at the least. All I can think of is giant plasma cutters, but youíre right in that we canít do anything till an announcement.

    Pretty much as heís the one who is going to decide how this goes. We should be seeing something soon then hopefully. Thatís still unclear as is how some things like that whole village of people getting turned happened. She definitely serves as a means to make Reiss be as open as possible, which heíd sort of need to be since I canít imagine Eren being anything but suspicious. Of course, he could be manipulated in the wake of having what happened to his father revealed to him. Yes, random images can be illuminating but confusing without context. Especially since Iíd think theyíd put as many people as possible into tracking him down and apprehending him. That seems the best explanation of events based on whatís been shown. Iíd imagine that Grishaís whole side to things is what weíre not going to really get till the basement. They definitely donít seem to be going for killing him quite yet which works in his and everyone elseís favor. Itíd definitely be very strange if they actually went the other direction with that, so weíll see how she reacts to events going forward. Yeah, Iíd definitely prefer if we could jump back to the present at times just to see some discussion and such.

    Ah, alright I understand. Itís one of those games that can be fun to go back and do a run through, especially since it has chapter select. Iím not really sure if it will get one anytime soon since it didnít seem to do quite as well as the previous games did. Personally I didnít quite like it as much as the previous games either, but thereís always room to improve for a sequel. I wouldnít put it past them unfortunately. This is the first Iíve heard of it. Looks pretty fun and itís cool to see Sherlock Holmes there too.

    I remember the characters going over well with Dissidia, especially the main villain from V. Maybe theyíre counting on everyone just forgetting?
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-28 00:21
    Dann of Thursday
    I feel like the more recent comics gave some magical abilities to his trident, which I thought was a nice addition at least. Who does Aquaman have in terms of villains beyond his brother and Black Manta? I can do without the hook had as well. Offhand I can’t think of anything. Which is pretty much as it should be in this case, though of course that doesn’t prevent original creations that the upcoming villains replace in a sense. True, if the show hadn’t done well it wouldn’t have really been able to do much aside from leave us with them dead without much chance to show growth of the other characters in response, which is rather unsatisfying. Seems a good route since there was always that mob presence in Gotham even without all the supervillains. It’s an odd issue since it would only really need to be shown for a money shot at the ending. If they ever get that far I wonder if they’ll really show much of it since it wouldn’t be in Gotham, but that’s getting ahead of myself again. I thought it did a good job setting the tone of things and I completely agree on Spader’s performance. They managed to make a line out of Pinocchio creepy.

    Yeah, I don’t buy that happening either time soon either. He could always ask how to use it or figure out the method on his own to incorporate into a dish later on. And I imagine this match will go on for a few weeks though I’d think we’ll see the end of it before the year is out. Certainly can’t blame him for being upset, but that’ll probably serve to drive him even more. Maybe Soma will take a direction where he combines the approaches of both Hayama and Ryo into one dish or something.

    I was thinking more on how the weapons have evolved and how they’re made since you have some like Jaune’s which seem more dated than some of the others. Aura would be good though since it would be nice to have analysis on how these abilities develop and such. They’ve been upping the ante the whole season in various ways so I have hopes it’ll deliver as well, though I’m sure we’ll also end on a note of potential dread. Perhaps team RWBY will all get put on Cinder’s list after this. They’re definitely seeding a lot of stuff for the future like our mystery woman and I’m hoping we get to see Adam again at some point soon. It was a little off, but I’m used to that sort of thing with these recorded Q&A sessions.

    We definitely seem to be heading for that sort of route and I’m curious how Kuvira plans to spin this into good PR unless that isn’t much of a concern for her at this point. I could see them having him go along for a bit longer but with serious doubts developing, but at some point he’ll break off. True, they’d probably never go that hostile, though I could see Opal jumping in to help her family. I could see something like that happening though the alternative is an interesting path if it happens as well. The comments about her past opponents made me wonder if she’ll try to bring Kuvira herself back into balance to avoid her meeting the fate of others. That was a good thing to see since it humanized them beyond evil mooks. With Kuvira it’ll depend on whether we get to see her have moments alone where she isn’t being sinister as they keep having those scenes where she has some evil or ominous look on her face. Yes, from what I’ve seen the story is just sort of there though the gameplay is quite fun based on impressions. Not sure on how I feel on them being resolved so quickly, but we’ll see where it goes. There was a shot in the trailer that had him with a background filled with those jars and such. If they have him progress enough they could work it in perhaps. Maybe it just comes through in a different way to me now that she’s old. It’d be really cool to see her come to her daughter’s aid and show off.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-19 22:38
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, that'll look very nice then. If it ever gets a Blu-ray release then I think the chances would improve. Actually sort of surprised that there hasn't been one for Wing. I was able to get a combo with both versions when it was at a decent price thankfully. Not sure why I like that, but the option is always nice when possible. Well, it's a major set piece to sell the film on so I'd have to think they wouldn't go cheap on it.

    I had no idea CR had a manga division, though it makes sense as a way to branch out with the same audience. I'd have to really take a look at what's out there that's defunct. World Embryo and Bastard I'd be curious to see if they aren't owned by someone else. Does anyone have the rights to that Gunka no Baltzar manga?

    If these all do well enough then I suppose a Fate remake could be in the works, but I'd doubt ever seeing the other pairing since it's never really happened in any ofbthe games and ufotable has always stuck quite close to the source material. They have played up the chemistry they have thus far and it's been rather nice so I hope we see more. If I remember right, there was something about Rin managing an experiment that fused all possible realities together into one within Fuyuki City which also brought back all the servants for some reason. The only person who stayed dead is Kotomine. No, not by any means and they have been adapting a lot of TYPE-MOON works that I can't see why they wouldn't. I'm actually curious if they might also do Tsukihime as well, though I've never been as fond of it as the Fate series. They went into a lot more detail regarding the corruption of the grail as well as the story of Lancer's original Master before Kotomine hijacked control of him. I actually can't recall how it ended, though I actually think the other Servants were still around by the end of the whole thing. It'd be nice to at least have the whole thing animated.

    There seemed to be something of a crash in the market over here, though I think it's largely stabilized if not reached the heights it previously did. It's funny how trends with that sort of thing seem to work really. I've browsed through two of them and both have a nice selection with alright prices. Still need to check out the last one.

    Yeah, it seemed to be one of those ones where you're not sure at all where they'll take it. There do seem to be a lot of fantasy series lately, which I'm perfectly fine with since that setting can be a lot of fun.

    There can definitely be some good fights with those I'm sure.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-19 21:03
    Dann of Thursday
    Haven't had as much time unfortunately, but from what I understand it unlocks on its own via the story missions. Yeah, I've definitely noticed that though I confess it gets real irritating with how smug they get about it. I suppose I'll be the one laughing in the end though. Looks like a bit of work to get the top level rune, though the process seems straightforward at least. Seen a bit and I'd have to agree, though general impressions I've seen are quite positive at the least. A friend lent me Alien Isolation as well which I've been playing on and off. Very tense thus far and the art and sound direction is a spot-on recreation of the look of the films. Yeah, I think one of the issues they had in the past was more in the marketing department as Symphonia was the most successful but had Nintendo backing it in that department. If that sort of effort was given with more of the titles I think they could build the fanbase further. Yes, perhaps they might have worked on it more in that time, but hopefully it isn't a rush job. They'd certainly have to step it up if they decide to continue the story since it's quite another thing to defeat some regular old necromorph compared to a gang of Moon-Cthulhus.

    All he can do is move forward at this point and see where it leads, though it'll likely depend on what comes out of this situation with Reiss. Wow, are we due for the next chapter that soon? It doesn't feel that long since the last one. Not to mention where they even acquired such an ability in the first place, though perhaps it's linked to the origin of the Titans. We'll have to hope he slips up somewhere in the explanations or someone starts asking the right questions, though I'm not sure Eren is going to have a word in the conversation soon. The chapter really was throwing a lot of big moments at us without much and hopefully they answer a lot of the major points in the upcoming chapter. That definitely seems the case and transforming into a titan wouldn't really help him either since it would just draw attention. Once again it may come to that basement since Grisha did tell him to go there and whatever answers we don't get from Reiss may be there. Yes, that Reiss is bothering to explain things to him seems to be an indication he wants him on their side. She still seems to be wanting to help everyone that's for certain. This could definitely be the start of some sort of flashback arc, which on its own could be very interesting.

    They need to have these big games be success, especially after all the work put into them. If they fail then I'd think the damage could be pretty bad. Then again, I'm sure the sales will be good especially for KHIII. Isn't Inquisition using EA's Frostbite engine, or do you mean what this nextgen can mean for RPGs in general since this is probably the first big one coming out for this generation? I'd be surprised if they weren't thinking of one at this point, though I've been surprised they haven't done one already honestly. I didn't think the wait between the first and Lost Age was that bad, though it totally was for Dark Dawn. Something to watch for from them in any case and hopefully if they do make one they don't simply make it a phone game. Wait, are they moving to that time period? I know Dual Destinies seemed to end on an opening for the future, but hadn't seen an announcement for another entry in a different era.

    Yes, though they haven't seem to have done anything with V or VI oddly enough, but anything past that would be more suited to full blown remakes. Yeah, having them address some of those would definitely be great to see if this ever happens. Wasn't there also a weird ending like that with that Vincent game they made that actually seemed to be connected to stuff from CC? There's a lot of potential there for growth, that's for certain.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-19 18:56
    Dann of Thursday
    I'd take it as a sign that we're approaching a true release for it, which would make sense since we're about a month from release now.

    I know, but it's still something that makes him someone who isn't useless when water isn't around. Perhaps, though focusing on the talents he has that they don't can work to if done well enough. Though they can't advance too quickly either, though I don't see Nigma or Ivy coming close to who they are later for some time. I suppose and there's nothing necessarily stopping them from perhaps doing flashbacks from Bruce or Alfred's memories. Good that they're taking that approach. I do rather hope that should we ever get far enough that we get to Bruce becoming Batman they at least include a shot of the suit. Getting way ahead, but I remember the grumbling about the lack of really seeing Clark in the suit when that Smallville show finished up.

    Maybe work out some sort of deal so he can use or hand it off to his brother, but I agree that it'd be better if they didn't drag it out too long. I think it's due at some point though probably not until he comes against one of the Elite 10, though of course the stakes can't be as high as they were with Subaru. I feel like they've been playing him a bit as the underdog so he'll probably pull something Akira won't see coming. I'm kind of thinking we'll perhaps see it or at least see what Ryo's trump card is. It'll be a good final match either way and I'm also wondering what sort of theme they'll go for.

    That'd make sense or perhaps one talking about the weapons used against Grimm. Well, we're approaching the end of the season so that is to be expected especially with all these great henchman to play with. We'll have other things to tide us by at least I think. Seems the likeliest direction to go for and perhaps we'll get a bit more clarification on how they're doing it or why. Ah right, I forgot about the models and the other store merchandise. Thanks for the link.

    Best case scenario that and at the moment they seem to be going back and forth between her making good points and hinting at the more sinister aspects. It'll largely depend on how she goes about taking Zaofu and the people as well as how far Bolin is willing to go in rationalizing it away. If the airbenders get involved in opposing them and are then taken prisoner that could serve as further incentive for him to take action, though I wouldn't be surprised to see him fight against his friends if briefly. He seemed to get off to a good start with Wu admitting he's not cut out for it and hopefully that does indeed continue from here. I agree it does seem any sort of viable path to have him become a king and it wouldn't change the fact that whatever Kuvira ultimately is, she wasn't wrong with her speech. Hopefully he'll find an avenue for him to be successful as a person as well as a good contributor to his people. I could definitely see them doing comic sequels like what was done with the original series and perhaps they'll even use it to fill in any blanks during the time skip that aren't addressed in the show. It'll probably be an uphill struggle and I imagine we'll see her get back into her level of ability with bending before we take the next step. I'm very curious about where that research will go. I'm thinking weapon applications as well as energy applications. I'm curious as to whether this is strictly the trees or if we'll eventually see spirits being used for this sort of thing. Could serve as a comparison to how the Fire Nation's progress back in the day was damaging nature and further drive home the need for balance. She's much more grumpy than before, though she's definitely trying to help in her own way to get Korra's head back into things.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-17 18:39
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey looks like they'll be doing an open beta on the Keep on October 29th!
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-15 18:16
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm curious though if these are just DVD releases or Blu-ray ones as I can't recall if either series had some sort of Blu-ray remaster release. That could also factor into G getting a release I think since that seems to be what helps some of these series get re-released like Cowboy Bebop. Not bad at all and you weren't kidding about Char's Zaku looking pretty good. I'd imagine they'll gloss over some of it, but hopefully not too much. Perhaps that bit with Char as the Red Comet is a flash forward or the movie begins with him and then goes back to show how he got there.

    I know, just trying to find a middle ground possibly. Same with me for the most part, but I honestly rather like all the potentials girls and storylines. One of the strengths of the series is that each one of the routes has something to it that it does better than the other two. It does make me wish for some sort of unified route at times, but I suppose that did sort of happen with hollow/axeteria. I suppose it would depend on their reasoning for doing things the way they did in the first place, though the most obvious answer is that the Fate route already had a previous series devoted to it. It might also depend on what they have on their plate as well since UBW is set to follow the format Fate/Zero did with having the first half followed by a break for a season with the second half then coming in Spring 2015. Then you have the Heaven's Feel adaptation in pre-production which from what I've heard is likely to be more than one film. I also find myself wondering if they'll do some sort of adaptation of hollow/axateria since while that one is much more silly it also has parts to its plot that resolve some questions about why some things happened in the other series.

    Unfortunately that does seem to be the case. Though I did decide to take a gander at Aniplex's site and it seems some of the more extreme prices were for imports which does make a bit of sense I guess. Neat, I'll look for it then.

    Perhaps, though based on what I saw the first season ended on a rather odd note. Yeah, still sort of unclear on that point but I'll see as time goes I guess. I don't have too many at the moment myself aside from UBW and Parasyte though a few looked interesting.

    I'll try to email a list to you with details tonight. Still fiddling around with it to see what I can do and what I can't based on other choices.

    Liked the section focused on designs and thought it was interesting that Kuvira's design has some intentional similarities to Korra, which could serve to highlight potential similarities if they choose to highlight them.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-15 17:26
    Dann of Thursday
    Best to hope for at this point. Yes, I noticed that since I did his mission before the first story one with the Outcasts and was thus a bit confused. Still pretty early on so can't comment on the rest, but it's pretty fun despite still needing to really unlock other parts. I like that all the upgrades are actually quite useful, but also don't make you into some god or at least not yet. It also has a lot of encouragement not to get your self killed by any of the orcs lest they get all smug about it. We'll see in any case and I think there's enough on the plate that waiting won't be a problem. Pretty much and it's nice to hear it had a showing at the Con so that it might do better. Still a bit concerned about the localization since what's been shown is a bit spotty. Yes, they'll get plenty of use after I'm done with it which is reason enough to keep it. Oh, that was a horrible cliffhanger to end it all on especially since it doesn't seem like another game is coming anytime in the near future.

    Pretty much yeah, which also invests you even more since you find yourself wanting to see it be worth it. It's a good thing to do here and hopefully Eren for instance can see all this since he's had a habit of viewing things in black and white in the past. I think we'll get some explanation next time as well, though how much comes from Reiss and how much Eren may get from the memories he seems to have gotten from his father I am curious to see. It gives us a chance to perhaps see both perspectives as to what was going on and get closer to the whole truth since I'm not sure I trust Reiss to be completely truthful. Does seem to answer that as well as making not having her killed a good move on his part, which sounds sort of horrible I guess. That seems a good possibility, though there are so many. One thing I'm not exactly clear on is that female titan we see who based on appearances I think might be Reiss's wife. I definitely agree that the Wall Maria being broken into is what spurned him to take the actions he did, though I do wonder exactly what the Reiss family was doing down there in the aftermath. That logic makes sense for sure, though what Grisha's reasoning for handing this off to his young son of all people is what I have trouble getting. Maybe a means of protecting him? I find myself rather hoping this doesn't go straight into fighting when the confrontation as I'd like to see some discussion about all of this. I don't know, she seems like she might be willing to buy into it if the reasoning was good not to mention her father showing affection like he seems to be doing. I guess we'll see where they go with her. We've definitely got a lot of dialogue and flashbacks ahead of us with probably even more once Levi and the others show up.

    Yep, until then and hopefully we get a good showing.

    Indeed he has. I think that's exactly what caused so many problems in the last generation as well so I hope this serves as an experience to have them stop with all that. That may depend on how successful development using Unreal Engine goes I suppose. It definitely has its fans and I seem to recall it being a big seller so it boggles the mind they've never gotten around to some sort of next entry in it. I think it'd work best with new characters with cameos by the others perhaps, but it seems natural to add features like co-op in this day and age. It was weird what they did with the timeskip and where that took Wright.

    Yeah, I'd really did a good remake of that one, but have to express the same kind of uncertainty of how that could come out well. Right, it's a good way to gauge continued interest in a particular property to make it worth it to make more. I think it'll be funny since a lot of people seem to forget how oddball VII could be at times. I think Advent Children is responsible for some of that at least.

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