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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-20 21:31
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I suppose unless they decide to drive us crazy and make it a single image preview like they did for 15.

    I was thinking of that name, but to be honest I don't really think it suits her that well nor do I think it makes much sense for her to have the name of someone from a legend that is far older than her.

    I didn't mean anything like that. Did you mean that bit with him laughing or something? In either case, I expect it to be confirmed that Lelouch does in fact love Kallen.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-20 21:13
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, either we will get a clue or perhaps something in the preview for the next episode.

    It is a very nice song and I agree that it seems a nice song to be used in something like an epilogue. The track title could certainly be misleading I suppose, but the title is a bit odd as it is. If the M is a hint to her name than it sounds more like a song played when she dies and that her name could actually be Morgan or something of the sort.

    In any case, I have become aware of some spoilers that are vague, but seem to confirm LXK as the pairing of this show, so it may not matter. All this talk in spoilers and the show about his true feelings for Kallen seems to confirm romance for her.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-20 20:57
    Dann of Thursday
    Thank you then.

    Well, I'm mainly concerned about a few things as you know, but we should at least get an idea of what the Requiem really is.

    And I noticed Narona's comment. Has Lullaby of M been played in this show yet? If not, then I think that it will likely play when C.C. dies and that the M may be a hint to her name.

    Anyway, I read some spoilers that are official and basically confirm LXK as canon, so that is wrapped up.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-20 20:47
    Dann of Thursday
    Do you mind if we leave all the other subjects until after 24?
  5. Narona
    2008-09-20 18:14
    If they drag things too much into 25, the epilogue will be short and not too satisfying. Like when I was talking with Dann about this, using a montage at the end to show the minor characters is fine, but I hope we get good closure for the main ones and for the story.

    Did you listen to the first R2 OST? I wonder when Lullaby of M will be played. It sounds like a song for an epilogue. And maybe it's a song about C.C..................... so maybe the M is the first initial of her name?

    If you put it that way...I think he'd only tell Suzaku to stop if there is clearly another option, or if Lelouch has some new reason to re-think the situation. If not, then he would accept it, even if it makes him sad later. Taking a big risk is a bad idea, yes, but the situation can change and if loss of life can be avoided, it's preferable.

    Yep, exactly.

    She came the closest one to Lelouch in that regard, I agree, but time and circumstances didn't favor her...this wasn't the show for her, really. That is also why it would seem a little excessive to keep killing off his potential romantic interests. Each successive death tends to cheapen what came before, if this is abused too much.

    Even if we are heading towards, say, a no pairing ending, that wouldn't be necessary.

    Yeah, that wouldn't be good to have another death of a possible LI.......... About shirley, I kinda like her even if I am a c.c. fan, that's why I am a bit sad about her story. And imo, if her purpose was to die like that, then she had to much development... That's why I can understand why the shirley fans are so angry.

    Jeremiah would be proud...
    Or now Sayoko, for that matter. They still have hope in Lelouch, after all...and are continuing to fight.


    BTW I still think that Lelouch is doing something good right now. We still don't know what it is......... but I still have faith in him.

    It was my main reason for registering as well...I used to lurk, but didn't participate until this series came along.

    The big question is, what will be do when code geass will be finished . Me I don't know but I guess I will not post much anymore.

    Of course, with a lot of nitpicks here and there (then again, you can criticize what you like, no?), but I agree. It could have been better, especially R2, but it's still memorable in its own way.

    Of course . Don't you see how much I complain about c.c.'s development in R2 :O This show is not perfect, but still, it's the best show I watched so far. I love it . Even if it is not perfect.
  6. Narona
    2008-09-20 15:31
    Or 25, if they give us a horrible cliffhanger. I understand that, but this series does like to throw in some twists along the way, and it looks like Lelouch himself will go to Damocles in something can happen there.

    We will see, but if they want to give us a good and long epilogue, I hope that Damocles will be destroyed in 24.

    You have a point, but not everything is absolute. He might not have mercy if it's necessary to be merciless, but if that happens I'd think he will feel quite sad, in either case...and if he has the opportunity to blow up Damocles without killing Nunnally, I don't think he would throw it away. If there is no other way, he will probably make the decision, but not without personal regrets.

    My point was that if Kallen gets in the way, I don't think that Lelouch will stop suzaku to even kill her if he has to. I could be wrong but they tried to argue that suzaku will try to kill kallen while lelouch will ask him to stop <_<. And I don't see lelouch doing that. yes, he would cry for this, but he will not take the risk to fail because of kallen or nunnaly.

    Anyway, I said it so many times... I could be wrong

    Agreed. I wouldn't like to see either of them "win" through death alone (Kallen's or C.C.'s), in part because of that same "consolation prize" factor you and Guilford mention. I would prefer if the situation is resolved without having to simply kill off the "loser" first, hopefully using other scenes, but we will see...

    Yep. And I still think that if shirley was still alive she would have become lelouch's LI

    I see. I admire that, hopes are less specific, but I haven't given up on optimism either. If all hope is left behind, nothing is left.

    Hope was the only thing left in the Pandora Box. If you lose all hope, then it's the End. I will continue to fight /O2

    I'm also beginning to feel a bit nostalgic, since this is one of my favorite series, even though it's not the best...but I'm still very new to streaming, this one (24) will only be my second one. I suppose we will see a ton of people trying to catch the last two episodes, hopefully the stream doesn't collapse.

    Me, it's my favorite series. I feel a bit nostalgic. My only purpose to be here is because of code geass. Anyway, I don't have any regrets. I had some fun here since I registered.

    Code Geass was a fantastic story.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-20 09:27
    Dann of Thursday
    Either could work I suppose, but it could depend on the mood of it all. I'll keep an eye on it if C.C. doesn't die and they don't make it quite clear that LXK is canon. And a fake death is possible, but that would be if they didn't give enough signs to show it was fake and not real. Given Cornelia though...

    The defeat is coming. Pretty much everyone realizes this except for the most stubborn people here. I am aware of the theory and it was honestly something that came to mind when I saw Charles grab Lelouch's throat with that hand and the idea that it doesn't truly activate till death is possible as well. I'd have to wonder about C.C. then since it seems the contract is still valid, though maybe she might be okay being immortal if she wasn't alone.

    Yes, basically. You generally seem more open to various other endings than most people, which is something I wish I was capable of. I don't know how much LxC fits with the story or not. I hear there are many LxC fans, but I wonder sometimes if it isn't exaggerated.

    I'm not a Kallen hater myself just to be clear. I just don't like her with Lelouch personally. Other than that she is fine for the most part though I wish she would be just a bit more independent. I realize now that there isn't any sort of C.C. club. I find the LxK club funny for some reason I am not sure of, though it may be the whole title of it all. I am pretty sure how most of it is going to go down. You don't need to mention it.

    I'm still somewhat confused on Charles' plan since they seemed to describe it, but at the same time leave it just as vague as ever. The plan is very important, but I think it may make people sad depending on its nature.

    Well, I'm glad to know that. I can be depressing, but I am way past thinking an ending like that would ever happen. I think we will see a few deaths at least. None at all is simply too happy.

    Ougi is safe I think, but I donít know about Tamaki.

    Well, I would be rather surprised if he revealed a lot and I am partially fearful that something bad will be revealed to me.

    Yes, I suppose that would be the case, though I would fully expect a long scene with her and Lelouch if that was the way things went.

    Scherise. There is a similarity there that I expect to be used. And it might not happen exactly like that, but I think it is a given that C.C. will be dead and gone by the end of all this.

    I have limits unfortunately. If I come here and find my worse fears confirmed by observing the reactions of those like you and Narona, then I am done.

    Maybe he will at some point. I expect that he will give an interview at some point.
  8. Narona
    2008-09-20 07:57
    I don't think he will change his path or final objective either, but it depends on what happens before...if he has to meet Nunnally face to face, or blow up Damocles with her inside for example, he'll at least have to make other decisions, which are more specific.

    Right now he's just firm on fighting Schneizel even if Nunnally is on Damocles, but we have to see what are the real results of this...and if the Zero Requiem starts in 25, we still don't know if that's just the beginning of the real plan (then the episode will show us the other steps) or of its final outcome (and we'll see what came later, once the new world "begins" to exist).

    At the end of turn 23, we can see C.C. and Suzaku saying that now they just have to destroy the Damocles. So Lelouch knows that. Maybe something will happen in 24, but the starting plan is to destroy the damocles no matter what.

    I had a discussion about that in the kallen thread yesterday. I said that in lelouch's heart, Nunnaly is above kallen and since he seems to not have any mercy toward her, I don't see him having any mercy toward Kallen.

    I also said that during the battle in 23, lelouch never did mention kallen. She might have die because of the Mt Fuji strategy, but lelouch is imo resigned to do what he has to do to destroy the damocles. So he doesn't think about saving kallen and nunnaly.

    I let you guess the opinion of some kallen fans

    Curiously, my personal bets are like 50% nobody, 30% CxL and 20% KxL...strange, no? But my priority, above all, is to see C.C. and Lelouch (plus also Kallen too, I must say) alive, even if it's a difficult wish.

    It's not that I want it.... But there might be a sacrifice scene, where C.C. shields Lelouch from harm. That might not really kill her, mind you.

    About the pairings, read that please, that message from guilford:

    About the shipping war... I stay with my opinion that there most likely won't be a "winner" and even if C.C dies Lelouch wouldn't end up with Kallen (also I'm not exactly sure if that's what REAL Kallen-fans should want, since if they don't make it clear what Lelouch feels towards C.C AND Kallen, the latter might look like the consolidation-prize... If a thing like that really happens I guess we'll be able to see who really is a Kallen fan - and is disappointed with her winning like that- and who just wanted her to end up with him ignoring her character)

    It reminds me when Hiromi wins in True Tears, that was so crap that I didn't enjoy the pairing, even if I was a Hiromi fan. I hope that if Kallen wins as the consolation prize, the kallen fans will show that they are not some fanatics

    The whole thing, maybe...since I'm not a hardcore CxL shipper, but think it's a good idea which makes sense for this show, and I'm talking about these things...with a bit more optimism. Not just when talking to Dann, but with you too.

    I am not like Dann. I may say that I am 99% sure that KxL will win, but that 1% makes me hope and I continue to defend my pairing when I can (without saying stupid things only by bias). When it's not 100% over, a person has to hope. I don't really like when the people lack of Fighting Spirit

    Only a little bit hurt I hope...but have a good night.

    Btw, I don't know if you watch streams, but I'll try to sleep a little more today to save myself for tomorrow's long wait...then again, it's probably different, depending on the time in your area.

    Nothing serious. I fell asleep, and i bumped my chest on my laptop (I use my laptop when I am in my bed.). So nothing serious but it hurt.

    I will stay up all the night I think. I want to enjoy the last two episodes and what will happen on AS XD (only two episodes left, I'm sad). And I watch the stream every week
  9. Ring
    2008-09-19 23:08
    True, that is cruel.

    Maybe even though he said that, there's still a piece of his former self left... hopefully. Yeah, this is the last KMF battle between the two best aces in Code Geass, so hopefully it makes all other ones look like child's play, or perhaps is expecting too much.


    That's something that's possible. Orange's mech is also in space after the Lancelot and Guren are shown. Could that be a sign of the Damocles beginning to leave Earth and into space? Will we see the Lancelot and Guren fighting in space imitating a Gundam battle?

    That would be funny if he talks trash only to be blown away in a second similar to what happened with the situation involving Luciano.

    Perhaps she could meet up with him if she finishes up her objective depending on what it is and the circumstances. Well, only a day to find out now.

    Yep, but at least there's only one day left now. If they give us a cliffhanger though, then it's another week of dealing with the same type of tension. You mean taking a certain of number episodes off and then watching them in succession? I find that works if you don't read spoilers (so you don't anticipate too much), but once you finish watching up to the current one, you're back in the same cycle again.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-19 22:24
    Dann of Thursday
    I'd go with the second of R2's openings then, not that I dislike O2 at all though. I may not even watch 25 depending on what happens in 24.

    I doubt they care to be honest, but I think it is better to focus on one and actually come up with a good plot than jump around in a show that doesn't even have a focus on romance. It's called denial and sadly, too many people won't accept defeat. I would say the interpretation that he cares for her as a dear friend fits more with what we have seen, but I doubt that will be how it ends. And it either has to be one of them being immortal or one of them dead or both cases.

    Perhaps, but your point about how all of Kallen's development was moved to R2 which also happened to be where all of the romance plot was moved seems enough of an indicator that they always intended LXK and were likely just trying to get as many of the scenes with C.C. and Shirley out of the way as possible. I have seen them and I don't need to see them again. They changed their minds and probably realized that LXK fit better for everyone and everything from the themes of the show to what the fans want.

    You're an anomaly among Kallen fans then. I don't think it is kind to her though to have the person she cares about most end up with some other girl and have her there to watch it all happen. So she will have to die since I'm sure that helps Kallen even more. Kallen won't die. She can't die. Stop worrying about it.

    There is always Geass and once we enter that realm anything can happen, even if it doesn't make any damn sense at all.

    Wow and people say I come up with depressing scenarios. I seriously doubt Taniguchi is that cruel of a guy to give Lelouch and everyone else an ending like that. You'd think the massive amount of casualties from both named and nameless characters would be enough at this point.

    I won't be wrong. There is a certain point where the death flags get way too strong. There is Ougi though, who has survived every possible death flag you could imagine in both seasons of this show.

    Maybe, but perhaps he was hinting to it without meaning to.

    It's rather easy to do and can all be taken care of in 24 with the scene with them and then concluded in the epilogue to some degree. They'll at least make it clear he would have been with her though I am sure. I expect all minor characters to be stuck in a montage and I don't mind it either.

    They aren't exactly that different if you strip it down to it's barest outline. They are actually quite similar when you think of it that way. Lelouch might not be in a position to stop C.C., could be too late, or might not even be aware of what would happen. I guess that is true.

    I expect to come here and find the bad news I have been expecting to hear since episode 15, but just got delayed.

    I guess. They might very well go the TTGL route as annoying as that would be. Maybe Taniguchi will say something after it is all over or something like that. I doubt she even remembers C.C. though there was some magazine thing that said she did, but I don't know if it was canon. It was likely forgotten.

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