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Yami Sonozaki Yami Sonozaki is offline

Shion's follower xD

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  1. TrueElements
    2009-10-08 13:14
    Hey you claimed that Lelouch sig I know, but I was wondering if my name could be edited on to a separate version of it if you dont mind. It wont be used here of course.
  2. Ryuugu-chan
    2009-08-12 14:09
    Umineko is cute,I like it. Not as much as Higurashi,but I like it.

    Sorry,I can't recall where the full version is,I know it's somewhere on this forum. Why don't you try looking through the Higurashi movie section?
    ..Is Mion holding a marker,I never noticed that..
  3. Lio
    2009-08-09 19:00
    Yep that's her. I like her character design.
    On another note, I bet Umineko 6 made you love Eva even more huh.
  4. Ryuugu-chan
    2009-08-09 17:35
    Yes. Yes he is.
    The lollipop of awesomeness.
  5. Lio
    2009-07-30 15:17
    Firing a gun against their heads... well that's kind of meaningful in its own way, lol. I guess P3 focuses more on the big storyline. I loved the social links in P4 too, that was a really big part of the game. Yumi <3
    But yep, P4's my favorite PS2 game too. Probably my favorite game of all time now. I love it so much. I replayed the final dungeon yesterday. God that scene where all your social link characters come back to encourage you. It's so touching. The whole game was so touching and meaningful. I'll have to give P3 a go sometime. I kind of like that big city urban vibe some of the songs give off.
    Anyway, it's REALLY HOT here. I need to get out of the house!
  6. Lio
    2009-07-28 13:04
    God yeah, those songs are amazing. Why these kinds of songs are hidden in games and not out in the mainstream is beyond me.
    100 hours o_o. It took me 60 hours and... I blitzed through it in I think 2 or 3 weeks.
    Yeah, from what I've heard P3 storyline's more deep and heavy, dealing with mortality and stuff. I guess people like that kind of thing more. I dunno about you, but personally I love the whole casual and down to earth tone in P4. That's what did it for me.
    By the way, accepted your friend request~
  7. Lio
    2009-07-26 16:52
    The music in P3 sounds alot more electronic and modern, which makes sense because of the big city setting, heh. But there's just something magical about Heaven, Reaching out to the truth and the other vocal songs... even if the singer butchers the English, lol. And the mellow social link songs are great too.
    All this Persona talk's making me want to try out P3, except I'm not sure if it's gonna be anytime soon. I want to take a break from gaming, and P4 was waaay more addicting than it needed to be. I'll stick to going through the social link characters on youtube for now. I wonder if P3 will be just as memorable...
  8. Lio
    2009-07-23 23:23
    Now that I've got the final exam out of the way...

    Yeah I've heard good things about P3. I thought the story is alot darker, compared to P4's light-hearted story and suggestive dialogue, lol. But I'll have to try it sometime.
    The thing is I've been listening to the soundtrack. Not sure how that'll affect the experience. The P4 music meant alot more after playing it.
    Oh, and I already know a pretty big end spoiler. Arghgh :x
  9. Lio
    2009-07-19 20:14
    Yep and Tanaka commodities, and that club music during the school trip!

    I'll get to it sometime. For now I'm just enjoying the soundtrack and reminiscing about the story.
  10. Lio
    2009-07-18 14:18
    Yep did the true ending, it was goood. Especially that scene during the final battle - that was so touching.

    Haven't touched a single game since. P4 pretty much ruined gaming for me, lol. It's so memorable too. Maybe I'll get to P3 someday. Or the next one in the series. I heard it's gonna be on a next gen console.

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