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  1. Mittwoch
    2010-10-17 12:25
    Oh, hello there ^^. Thank you, Urei. The same thing I can say about you ^^, lovely gallery you've got :3.
  2. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-10-15 12:12
    Natsuki Hyuga
    H-Hey, I was having full tests for the week! And the week after... And the week after... Meep. ;A; I would be pretty much absent for one full month after next week >_< Must reach the mark hnnnnnngh ;;

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Urecchi, be honest to your desire in wanting to see Sheryl's bunny bondage outfits AHEM, I mean the mecha battles and Sheryl's concert visuals! :V

    I have noted about the 'side dishes' (read as side pairings ) before :3 As far as I can see, you are incredibly in platonic love liking Setsuna's characteristics the most from probably all male characters possible~ But yeah, in Setsuna's case, I can see why his lack of intention to pursue romance actually brings forth a lot of his characteristic. Most of other people assume he is more one-dimensional because of this trait though Sometimes, I wonder what is with the dislike to Setsuna in S1... :<

    Fufu, so we can agree on the assumption that his happiness is based in how he can achieve his goal~ But still, it's okay to pity his situation, right, as much as he is prolly happy by the end of Trailblazer? I just don't know but living much longer, fighting all alone and without contact with any people he know is just heartbreaking. D:

    Ooh~ Pretty nice song. Fitting for movie ending song than most J-pops for some reason. =D I don't really like the tune though in honesty :> /haven't listened to the lyrics perfectly though XD

    ... I HAVE TO ADMIT THAT 3/7 NAMES ARE ALIEN TO ME~~ Who is Lamhirh, Yuki Fukazawa, and WHICH Shiki, m'dear? I know at least 7 Shiki from anime+game industry~~ As you can see, I have a fetish on 'Shiki' name. Blame sugars. ;; But yeah, your ponytail-love is pretty evident in number two for me :F /Nat does not know the goodness of ponytails >->

    ... WHo is Lamia Loveless though ;'D And lack of description for Ditta confuses mooooooooi~~ Don't tell me *gasp* is it the Vandread's Ditta? :O

    Also PS is rebelling on me LOL I CAN'T UN-CAPS TEXTS ;A; /just make some not good sig as the result ;~;
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-10-15 01:34
    Natsuki Hyuga
    RECAP OF NAT'S SUGARY HYPERNESS: Have you seen the movie Urei? It's such eye-candy treat~~ *A* The animations are pure awesomeness, Sheryl concert=RELEASE SHERYL'S CONCERTS DVDS PLEASE-worthy.

    Romance (and ship warring Honestly stalking thread and LOL-ing at some fans are... Interesting. ) can be a very heartfelt part of a story... It's just when the fans took it as srz business, it all went down to drain. So I can understand why you are very relieved by 00's swerve of focus to something else, and decentralize the romance part to 'side dishes'. :3 And you do seem to enjoy the philosophy in G00 so much from what I can see :3

    But I still can't think of him being able to be happy if he is all alone, no one to be able to have contact and sharing his feeling and stuffs like that. It's kind of like this assumption that humans couldn't be real happy without relationing to someone else you know Then again it's Setsuna. Who knows what he considers to be happy moments for him. Heck, I can even say him sacrificing his humanity for people is his happiest moment! ~_~

    Noes, the Youtube link has been erased D:

    Senjougahara-sama would have nothing to stand against the pirrouetting mecha, dearie. Episode 2 was a total blast by the way. =D

    Also looking at the improvised signature~ Very nice, I personally love, LOVE it :3 I think that it can be improved further if you try to play with the background contrast levelling. Like, putting . But then again, I love the current version-it's nostalgic feel for me :3
  4. GuiBleh
    2010-10-12 11:48
    Thank you
  5. raile
    2010-10-12 10:49
    *PINCH AND RUN* >8D Nyahahaha!
  6. Suomi
    2010-10-10 22:43
    by the way I did appreciate your C&C...I tried it...
  7. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-10-10 07:49
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Seen the movie already by now? /haven't see it due to bittorent PHAILURE orz The Sheryl CM was awesome though~

    At least microscopic feet are not as bad as... *gags* *spills blood* *died* Cough... The... Content of my imagination consist of muscly men in 'tight' clothing. Errr. /snaps and dies

    Oh, you tempted me to see Gundam 00, with that last bits in the paragraph But in seriousness, yeah, so far all the Gundam series has been plagued by romance that, while I am a romance lover, the ship-war sometime is ridiculous. And that characters can become idiots due to the shipping/romance part. That said, Setsuna is really a breath of fresh air for being a Gundam protagonist that is serious in his way of doing things (*cough not ZZ cough*) without thinking too much at all about romance. Except if it's Gundam, no?

    Admittedly, I am liking Setsuna/Marina for the visual appeal Not in the shippy taste, but "awww, aren't they looks like they suit each other? :3" type, as much as I care not about Marina

    Still, he will be living on much longer than the people he know. (IDK if the others are dead or not in Trailblazers, but...) Honestly, living much longer watching your friends/comrades/people you have grown attached to died one by one, leaving you alone while you still get decades to live on is not a good thing normally :c

    SEE, JUST IMAGINE THE FEMALE AS A TUNA. OR STH. AND THE BISHONEN SPARKLES ARE SOME RAINBOWS. IT BECAME 3000x FABULOUS TO ME BY THEN, AND CODE GEASS IS ALL BUT FORGOTTEN IN THE BACKGROUND! And hey, mecha having hips is innovation~ Don't be such a silly ... Hmmm... What do they call it...? Feminist? D:

    Oh and saw your entry for SOTM, and loving it by far than the others. The thing is I personally think it needs a bit more colour, it's too subdued at the moment D: (Subdued colour like sepia's scheme is good for autumn, contrary to bright orange colours-which what the others think of expressing autumn as of now- imo, but in your case it's too much subdued.) That and maybe 's just me, but lightness is too high that the dark colour somehow hurt my eyes. And the white, short lines in the top and below part of the sig seems to get erased by accident? D:
  8. The Chaos
    2010-10-10 04:23
    The Chaos
    well I agree all of them are unique I like them except Chopper some moment I hate him XD

    so that was the haki ..since I've seen it twice in Boa island and maybe when he was saving Ace ..It been while since I read One Piece so I forgot it

    mine from the crew Nami , Luffy and Zoro ..others Buggy () and Ace
  9. The Chaos
    2010-10-10 03:57
    The Chaos
    I never understand the haki or how to use it ..maybe If I saw the Arc in anime I'll get it

    so who is your favorite character ??
  10. The Chaos
    2010-10-09 08:45
    The Chaos
    watching over 400 ep take weeks
    didn't you see the last chapters ?? you will like it

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