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  1. Servo
    2021-11-06 23:44
    Pleasure's all mine
  2. Servo
    2021-11-06 12:57
    Forums says its ur birthday, so happy birthday. wishing u a very blessed new year of ur life , may nothing but happiness finds ur way
  3. Liddo-kun
    2021-10-31 19:59
    reply from Mai. ^^


    oh btw, I hope things are fine in your area.

    corona virus is still a thing in country. Some restrictions are still in place. ><
  4. Liddo-kun
    2021-10-28 05:42
    hi, it's been awhile. Forgot to say this... due to the pandemic, we had no large cosplay events for almost 2 years.. so the cosplay thread sort of died..

    however, have talked to my friend Mai a few weeks ago. She's still active.. although she just shoots at home now. If you like to see, here are some pics she shared to me.

    if you have a comment, please just write it on the thread. She sometimes checks out the cosplay thread here. thanks.
  5. Liddo-kun
    2021-06-13 10:19
    sorry for late reply. As I only now found you had replied.

    when we do profile chat, please post on my profile - so the forum would give notification, and I would know someone replied. And I would reply back on your profile. :>


    well, it was my aggressiveness at wanting to play the game. lol
    and also due to lack of budget... only cost me 8k to get a unit from the shabby store, as compared to if tried getting a pre - built unit at the mall... the cheapest there is 14k. Managed to save 6k pesos. ><
  6. FlareKnight
    2021-06-07 12:23
    Wow! That was one heck of a journey. Glad it worked out by the end. Although I'd probably have been stressed out a bit over those few days waiting and hoping it would work out.

    At least you managed to get through it. I'm not great at getting aggressive with stores, but would hope I could match your effort to getting what you needed done.
  7. Liddo-kun
    2021-06-06 03:11
    had to jump through some hoops getting my new cpu + video card.

    day 1: went to the store, but the drivers for the video card won't load. waited an hour as they tried to fix the issue, but I had to leave as there's other things needed to be done that day.

    day 2: went back to the store. They told me the video card was broken, and they replaced with another one. All seems fine, but when I pressed the cd drive it won't open. They told me some excuses like, why do I need a cd drive as it would "drain power"? Wtf, insisted I needed a cd drive, because I use it to test japanese music cd's. Waited an hour as they tried to fix the problem, but again, had to leave as I have work.

    day 3: with the cd and video card working, it's all sunshine! took the unit home. Then to my horror, the keyboard and mouse from my old pc won't work. It seems the ps2 ports of the new unit are non-functional.

    day 4: went back to the store, carrying the heavy cpu. A bit mad now.. they told me ps2 ports should be working. Brought my mouse... they said my mouse could be broken and some pins look "bent"... we tested.. it does not work on the unit that they gave me, but it works fine on 3 other computers on their store! wtf.... it turns out, there's just something that needs to be ticked in the BIOS for the ps2 ports to work on my unit, and they forgot to do that.

    was given a free USB mouse as an apology.


    I wonder what you would have done in those situations? ><
  8. Liddo-kun
    2021-05-30 07:50
    oh, I see. Thanks for the reply anyway.

    actually the game I wanted to play is Otomedius, it's a 10 year old game from Xbox. So I feel there's a chance that GTX-460 can handle it, since they're from the same era.

  9. Liddo-kun
    2021-05-25 09:27
    hi, can ask a question?

    near my house.. there is a computer store that sells unused but old computer parts and video cards for cheap. Went there yesterday.. the salesgirl presented me with an i3 2nd gen with GTX 460 video card, thanked her and politely said I will return after a few days. After some googling on info, discovered those cpu and video card were almost 10 years ago. But the price is so cheap, only 6,800 pesos for the cpu, and the video card will be given to me free. Compared to buying newer models at the mall where the cheapest I saw is 14,000 pesos - cannot afford.

    my questions to you is.. if you had experience with i3 2nd gen nad GTX 460 video card.. do these still have enough power to run most 3d games we have today? thanks for opinion. My money is low after buying anime items, so I hope to get a cheap cpu and video card.
  10. Liddo-kun
    2021-01-02 05:10

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