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  1. starlol
    2015-02-07 21:24
    Cause I didn't really get the chance to....
  2. starlol
    2015-02-07 04:56
    Hello. I presume u the same person on OH? Didn't really talk with you on there too but find it interesting to see u here.
  3. Lucarion
    2014-09-30 04:24
    Me too. As for transhumanism, well, have you ever thought about the idea that men might actually turn into gods are we gain better mastery over the world around us? In a world like Mahouka, where magic exists, that might be even more true and will probably happen a lot faster.

    As men become more and more powerful, their priorities and how they perceive the world also begins to change. A man with power is incomparable to a man without. Power changes one's very nature. Can you imagine this happening in a larger and unprecedented scale? I feel like this is one possible direction the Mahoukaverse might take. I mean look at Tatsuya and Miyuki? I have a feeling they might the first of a new class of people. They absurd degree of power is part of the what warped their mentality into the way it is now. (All of this fits with the series' themes on power and "irregularity".)

    A further look into the Perry Rhodan series might also help us predict future developments and discern the author's intentions. ^_^
  4. Lucarion
    2014-09-27 08:20
    There's really only one that I can:

    Your circumstances don't matter. Regardless of what you were born into, and how the world tries to conspire against you---all that matters is what you do with what you have, and how you react to the circumstances set against you. Who cares if people look down on you, and think you're useless--face them all with courage and determination.

    Who knows? YOU might be the one to change or set the world aflame. The power is in YOUR hands.
  5. Lucarion
    2014-09-26 03:13
    Not really...I'm kinda still banking on seeing more Xiang Yu parallels, but right now, nothing seems to be popping up. I did however see something...strange. And kinda funny.

    Remmeber Cardinal George? I just found out the first two kanji of his name were the same kanji used in the Japanese name of Lakshimi, Vishnu's wife.

    Now this is either just a big coincidence (probably is) or it could mean that Masaki is indeed the character based on Vishnu, and just as Parvati was turned into an imouto in Miyuki, Lakshimi was gender-flipped to become Vishnu's best bro rather than his wife.

    So MasakiXGeorge OTP.

    (Please, don't quote me on this. I'm still not sure XD)
  6. Lucarion
    2014-04-19 17:43
    I'm glad you liked it. ^_^

    Here's my blog. ^_^Word in advance, the Shiva list is a little outdated, since I found about 20 more similarities and parallels between Tatsuya and Shiva, and about 10-15 more between Miyuki and Shakti(Parvati).

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