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  1. Triple_R
    2013-09-23 16:39
    There's something I wanted to ask you. Way back in 2011, I made a Madoka World Order music video to sort of celebrate Madoka's domination of J-SaiMoe 2011. I recall you liking that AMV a lot. I don't suppose you downloaded it did you? Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the video.
  2. ronin myael
    2012-10-19 10:15
    ronin myael
    don't bother arguing with kona, it's hopeless! you can't reason with that guy. he thinks he knows everything about wano country even though we barely know anything about it since oda hasn't really given us anything concrete. maybe he fancies himself a samurai from wano. lol
  3. serenade_beta
    2012-07-24 13:08
    , it almost impossible to to find a song you won't enjoy. The AKB Thread has some links posted on their stage music or older lessor known singles.

    BTW, can you read or Chinese or watching Japanese raw?
    Haha, that reminds me of that Kids React show on Youtube, when one kid said that if you had a lot (of members), viewers are bound to find one they like.

    I watch Japanese RAWs. To a degree, I can do Chinese too.

    As for the links you posted, I might take a look at them when I have free time.
    (Lol, Tudou. I was introduced to that site by one of my sister's friends when I was in China last year. Don't really use it though.)
  4. serenade_beta
    2012-07-23 14:27
    RDF2050 posted a link here in the AKB thread:

    It's a fan translated TV special that aired at the beginning of the year after they won Japane's top music award, the Japan Record Award.

    Obvious it had some dramatization, but it depict most of the external challenges the group faced and gone through so give it a shot if you are interested it's only about an hour and half.

    As for internal and individual struggles, that's something you do after dive into this endless hole.
    Finished watching them (not much to do anyways), but it wasn't bad. Too much dramatization and showing girls on TV cry, but documentaries are always interesting to watch (to a degree, depending on the topic). I'd prefer an hour of Akimoto talking about his ideas over the AKB's private life stories though.
  5. MisaoFan
    2012-03-24 12:59
    Even though Classified still isn't interested in Qwaser, could you give him a long and proper argument (pros and cons) that makes him to watch (but not by force, just a suggestion) ?
  6. MisaoFan
    2012-03-24 05:41
    Classified Info said that he cannot watch Seikon no Qwaser after episode 1 because he was bothered by the breast feeding idea and consider the action scenes as unreal. I just want you to help Classified to bear inconsistencies in Qwaser, and then explains the elements used in this series while he is watching arc by arc, right ?
  7. Undertaker
    2012-03-19 04:55
    Maybe, but I still think is was a snipe on his part considering his facts was wrong and he didn't clear it up. Especially if you couple it with his previous sarcastic post here.

    But, On other hand I do recognize that most of time Marcus H usually makes his argument even if sometimes I don't agree with it.

    But in that case, he did made two ambiguous posts and did not respond. Maybe he does hate Yoshino so much that he didn't bother to check the thread again, then in that case there is no point arguing/defending his position and it really up to the next objector to justify their case. In case, "running away like coward" is probably the wrong word to use.

    But that is just my venting words, and there is always special cases. After all, even being in this forum for this long, there is still no way I can remember everyone's comments and their tendencies.

    And again, those words are more directed at people that follow suit posting without any new argument and then posts question like why are you defending them and then just disappeared or insulting you with "possible answer with the dumbest possible reasons" comment.

    The problem really is that next wave who shows up again only drop one-liners with no clarification and and repeats everything again and that really annoys me.
  8. totoum
    2012-03-19 04:01
    Which is fine, and its the same as "does the opinion of the few really equals quality?"
    Well that's another timeless debate I won't get into

    But I understand what you're saying.I have been following the thread as you can see here and here

    But really taking the 2nd example Marcus H doesn't strike me as the type to "cowardly run away"
  9. totoum
    2012-03-19 03:04
    When the commercial argument was presented, suddenly people in those group just disappears.
    Well I can't speak for others but the reason I never reply to that is that I feel the "does commercial success equal quality?" question is one timeless debate that will always occur so I'm afraid that if I replied to a post about commercial success I'd risk derailing the thread completely.
  10. totoum
    2012-03-15 16:20
    I'm tend to be more of a stats person where sales and polls/popularity means more to me than personal opinion
    I don't think people in that crowd try to deny that Yoshino or Yuuki have been succesful in the "comercial" sense of the word,it's just that they think they havn't been "successful" in appealing to them,and when it comes to that polls and sale numbers are irrelevant.That's probably why you got the extreme "this is the dumbest possible answer with the dumbest possible reasons" neg rep

    While I can feel your pain I really don't think neg reps are that big of a deal,I don't take them personaly,for all I know someone was just having a bad day and needed to vent off on someone and it happened to be me , also:

    Last time I checked this is still a free country and just as people like him has freedom of speech to diss people, so do I.
    Getting neg repped is still different from having your message deleted or getting an infraction for posting it,I don't feel it touches your freedom of speech.

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