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  1. XFire
    2015-10-23 20:26
    That's actually the person I expected them to use. But nope, they decided her killing Tifa would make for better publicity.
  2. mangatron
    2015-08-02 23:24
    My avatar is from Jitsu wa Watashi wa, the lead female

    honestly surprised you havent used any Monster Musume gifs.
    I'm surprised myself I love Ms. Smith, but she's mostly static and not animated, and many of the scenes with the monster girls take up the whole screen and it's kind of hard to use for an avatar or sig
  3. Xefi
    2015-07-01 22:23
    she's an original character. I found her picture here: Lu Hao Liang

    enjoy! I think she's pretty sexy & cool looking.
  4. yeahitschris
    2015-07-01 00:08
    Haha it's flying birds!
  5. james0246
    2015-06-16 12:09
    I've noticed you've mentioned a certain...not necessarily disdain, but definitely a ribbing of 'political correctness' in various threads over the years. So when I saw the phrase "pc mod", I thought you were actually talking about me (I'm a mod acting too 'pc'). It was probably an overreaction on my part (and it turned out to be a misunderstanding of context), but I wanted to clarify the point, thus my response.
  6. james0246
    2015-06-16 07:34
    Lol, I misunderstood a phrase you used, Irenicus corrected me, I explained my reasoning (for my misunderstanding). End of story. Relax, no one is "picking on you."
  7. Tornado The Dragon
    2015-04-10 01:25
    Tornado The Dragon
    I'll say. One is for the femial audience the other for the male audience. haha Square Enix. Brilliant.
  8. Xefi
    2015-04-09 13:31
    she is Chimera from Monster Girl Encyclopdia. you can search for her on Danbooru.
    I can't give link since i'm at work and that site has naked

    if you can't find it still, i'll give you the link later.

    here is the link: Chimera
  9. Tornado The Dragon
    2015-03-26 18:11
    Tornado The Dragon
    They're similar. Lightning's is more gothic/batman esque. While Cloud's is more of a rounded one. Then again Claire is just a female Cloud. So meh.
  10. Eragon
    2015-01-14 21:59
    And you felt the need to inform me about your dislike for it why exactly ? Look, I get you don't like women or lesbians (as characters, don't know about people) - your posts on this forum are pretty clear about that - but, this is ridiculous!

    Regardless of what you think, the show is owned by Nick. Showing any kind of affection between Asami and Korra before the finale would resulted in the show getting axed immediately. They already pulled it from air for showing a character death, Bryke were not going to risk getting the show cancelled as well. Sure it would have been good if their relationship had more development but, it wasn't gonna happen on a kids show, sadly. They dropped enough hints throughout season 3 and 4. But, people like you will just brush that off as them being "friends" like always so, I ain't gonna waste my breath. Bryke wanted that ending so they wrote it.

    They aren't even lesbians, they are bisexual. And contrary to what you think representation like that gives young non-heterosexual people reassurance that they are normal like everyone else. Regardless of whether Bryke did it for viewers or controversy (lol, what controversy ? They are getting nothing but praise for their decision) they still did something that is meaningful and that made a lot of people happy.

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