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  1. Klashikari
    2018-05-26 14:09
    You were right to think it would derail the thread too much. If anything, my opinion shouldn't even be relevant in the grand scheme of things. Because of this I believe it is still off topic and I deleted your post. That being said I believe I should answer in kind.

    Originally Posted by HunterSeeker View Post
    This post originally comes from Episode 6 discussion but I guess I'll put it here without derailing the thread much.

    I understand the frustration, and as I said the character models are a bit off and there're others problems about IV, but it's worth noting how the anime production industry changed throughout these years so it's unfair to use what we watched before as our new expectation level. (To be frank, I think anime audiences from the west doesn't know much about what actually happen in Japan)
    First, the scripts are written by Gatoh himself, so any sterilizations/changes should count upon him.
    Second, anime productions in these years are so highly pressurized and rushed that it's common to not meeting the airing schedule. (Which is becoming an increasing trend these years) Half or full-year shows are decreasing in number, most of them are just seasonal animes------and while we have many more shows to choose from, their production quality are generally declining.
    Third and connecting with above, with only seasonal curs available to most anime (and without much investment like other long-running IPs, especially when mecha animes aren't a popular brand these years) the producers have to save as much costs as possible. Lacking details, BGM, off-model characters and others may be the consequences.

    We all expect we'll get the best for the series we like, but it's reality which bar us from expecting much from IV. For the record, I'll simply appreciate they bring us IV eventually and try to bear what we got from what they produce. At least they aren't ruining the plot and they're really trying their best.
    I think you misunderstood my point: I explicitely mentioned FMP and TSR as I knew full well IV cannot be the same as the former, merely just because the staff is not the same. As such, I didn't expect the same kind of direction whatsoever.

    That being said, you are making a grave mistake: script and direction/storyboard aren't the same at all. You can have 1 unique script for 2 series and have a drastically different outcome depending how the director decide to use the script.
    That's also why I mentioned IV was a "weird" example of adaptation: unlike many LN/Manga/Video game adaptations, IV is quite faithful to the LN. The problem, however, is the lack of flair when it comes to the direction, which was quite noticeable to me in episode 6.
    As far as I'm concerned, the changes or the cuts don't bother me -at all-. I never complained that Kaname decided to assist Sousuke for Kyoko's rescue. Likewise, I never complained that Kaname's confession was displaced at all.

    Also, please note I did say episode 6 was the worst in term of keyframes, but that was certainly not my main problem with this episode. I never once said it is "worse than FMP or TSR" in term of visuals because the production context isn't the same. I know full well the issue in term of production, hence why I even responded to dasvnik interrogation regarding the recap episode.
    It was definitely the way how dry it was when it comes to prison scene and the hotel scene.

    Frankly, I think it would be best to be honest when it comes to fair opinion regarding a show. I personally think the argument that "better a show like this than no show at all" doesn't magically make the show exempt of criticism.
    I never implied "I'd rather have not that anime at all" either. I just expressed my disappointment, and I think it was fair enough without any kind of silly comments such as expecting anything of the same style or caliber as TSR.
  2. kanon78
    2010-08-06 00:22
    Thank you for your summaries&info in the FMP-novel thread. It's very much appreciated!
  3. sr7olsniper
    2009-03-20 01:45
    Hey, ive been reaing the FMP novels and i cant wait for Chapter 5 translated by Shutazen. Ive also been seing that you are a mayor person writing summaries. I was wondering if u could tell me the link of Approaching Nick of TIme summary? I would greatly appreciate it

  4. Full Metal Coast
    2009-03-03 01:28
    Full Metal Coast
    Hey HuntSeeker just wanted to say thanks heaps for posting your updates, spoilers and summaries your a top bloke for volunteering your time to do this for all the fans of FMP on anumesuki. once again thanks heaps
  5. spirit3d
    2009-01-25 12:10
    Hey ya. Been a lurker for a while, but just wanted to say thank you very much for the updates and summaries on FMP's novels. It's tough to find people around who are willing to take time for this sort of thing
  6. debbielj
    2008-10-01 18:31
    thanks for the summaries
  7. LOLZ123
    2008-08-16 22:52
    hey can i get the summary of mmd01 i cant seem to find it
    if u have time can u show me the posts with the spoilers for the whoole MMD

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