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  1. Nixl
    2012-03-19 10:43
    Sorry for the late reply, had a funeral to attend to.

    I know Gooral, Ryus, Shieky and a couple others are on Manga Helpers now. I am also pretty much done with AS in general.

    So long as you have a good guild it is all good. I am splitting my time between my Warlock on Frostmane and Mage/alts on Bleeding Hollow (former main server). Have you seen the Mists of Pandaria changes released today(19th)?
  2. Nixl
    2012-02-28 23:00
    You are right, but since playing Vanilla I do not think there has been a single class that has been so universally derided as hunters for its players. Part of that comes from the age old phrase "ooo hunter weapon." I still see that today in my dungeon groups. That video "Meet the Hunter" is a fantastic summary of all hunter jokes.

    Well, I am glad you are enjoying the game. I hope you do not mind me asking, but what server did you ended up on? When I left so many servers had reputations, but I think all that has changed or at least shifted. I hope you did not get stuck on one of the dead light servers, although not like it matters with dungeon and raid finders.
  3. Nixl
    2012-02-28 11:53
    I remember getting loremaster was a pain before everything got centralized. Had a friend agonize over 1 hidden quest. I know I had fun getting my loremaster as well as my netherdrake. I definitely will probably work towards the 150 mount achieve eventually.

    I subbed a few days ago (week by now?) and I got a shammy to 65, but poor groups keep bogging me down. Dungeon finder made leveling a walk in the park for healers, but some groups are mind boggling bad. Have you learned what is meant by "huntard" yet? I think it is a right of passage by now.
  4. Nixl
    2012-02-11 20:35
    I hope you do not mind, I saw on Shiek's wall that you are playing WoW. As a former addict, I have to ask what do you think of the game at the moment, especially the state of warlocks? Are you going to play Mists of Pandaria?

    t-t-that's n-not to say I am going to rebound, but I totally am.
  5. Shiek927
    2012-02-11 00:43
    Sounds cool; should make commuting easier
  6. Shiek927
    2012-02-08 20:03
    House-hunting? Are you moving? I think I remember you saying once that you lived in Canada

    Heh, world of warcraft....never got into that, but my brother/mother did like crazy at one point; I can see why so many people have so much fun with it.

    Hmm, I suppose...nice to see you still come around every once and awhile; no, you haven't been forgotten
  7. Shiek927
    2012-02-03 01:54
    I was happy to see you again How often bring you up every now and then

    What's going on with you these days?
  8. Ryus
    2012-01-29 23:18
    Just wondering if you're ok... hope you're doing well.
  9. Shiek927
    2011-09-03 08:28
    Nice to see you around again
  10. DragoZERO
    2011-06-16 09:06
    Hey. How's it going with Claymore Data Book 2?

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