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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2018-02-18 00:32
    No big, understand perfectly in fact, just glad everything's going well on your end at least, and congrats So, are you still in Texas then I take it?

    Did that a few times, though those were often civil jobs being offered with all the damn exam and certification processes before they can even consider giving you a position thus far <_< Yeah, me too, looking into this paralegal certificate program while I wait to hear back word from the NYC job agency for any word on an offer after my civil exam for an environmental inspector job.

    Wouldn't be surprised, I started to play catch up with a lot at around the end of the year, between manga's, and webtoon series, only just started with animes again (finally watched the Your Name Movie, which was surprisingly good, and the first half of the 3rd season of Shokugeki along with the dub which feels like an abridged series with how much dialogue they took licenses with ). Had a chance to read through anymore of Shoukoku no Altair btw (medieval alternate setting with based in the equivalent of Turkey manga just a reminder) Also been playing my way through the Trails of Cold Steel games since 2 just came out (holding off until it's patched/bug fixed though), while eagerly waiting to chance to eventually try out an edited fan translation patch for the Crossbell games. Don't take it you've managed to get through Trails in the Sky yet though? Nah, I totally get it, it's a bit intense at times though I have some hope things will start to turn around somewhat like they have recently on the show. Nah, that'd be too boring and standard. If you know the R+L=J theory then I can tell you

    Yup, after this season, and the last half of it is set to pick back up with broadcasting this Monday. Eh, I saw Last Jedi, wasn't the best movie but think I liked the overrall direction they were going with honestly, made Kylo more interesting when I initially kind of hated his character so that's got me invested enough now to see how it all ends.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2018-01-12 13:53
    Weather's finally letting up these past for days so that's good. Same here. Hey, I'm happy for you, certainly better then what I'm getting so far which is few if any responses. I hope so. Yeaahhh, it's never a good idea to have a car just sit out there for long periods of time like that on the street during a trip or vacation no matter what neighborhood, it's basically an open invitation for someone to try something. Here's hoping, and that your insurance hopefully managed to kick in to help.

    Yeah, once I'm a bit further writing my story I'll probably start looking up agencies by at most the end of the month, the online application thing is just not working right now for me as I hear very little back. Let's just say I'm REALLY counting on that civil service exam I took last year to pulls through now <_<

    Pretty much the same on my end, got a few animes I want to finish though some are still ongoing or just beginning this season so I'm content to wait on them for now. Yeah, took 5 years but I finally managed it Ah, that is pretty far behind. Definitely suggest you get through book 3 as it encompasses seasons 3 and 4 so you'll make good progress on both fronts with that. How do you like A Song of Ice and Fire so far anyway, have any questions you'd like me to clarify? Err, the change happens in the far past during Robert's Rebellion, so it's almost a total AU fic from the books due to that one change I made. I can't say anything more without spoiling stuff for you though. I mean, just how much DO you know in terms of current events exactly? I'd hate for you to have been spoiled by some of the more crucial/intricate details

    Suppose you're right on Thrawn, there is not rush between the summer release and Rebels Season 4 not having finished yet. That might change. Also have to check out the Last Jedi on my end <_<
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2018-01-04 13:49
    Thanks, definitely put in the work for that one, including staying with family out in Long Island to practice. Oh hey that's great to hear, I wish you good luck on that. You've been doing better then me so far, hardly hear anything back most times so at least you've got that going. Now that I have my license I may have to start venturing out of NYC to find any kind of job at this rate, even though I'm not the most comfortable driver yet for obvious reasons. Sucks about the car but glad to hear it's not a total loss with the insurance, hope you told your friend off for not looking after it

    Yeah, I'm thinking I'll have to start going back to those options soon if nothing changes within the next month or so.

    Yeah, I've picked up a few steam games from the winter sale to while away the time too, plus my writing and reading other fanfics recently. Need to catch up on anime though, only thing I follow consistently right now is RWBY. (speaking of finally got Kara's signature on Monty's poster so I got everyone from the production staff at last ) Well I hope that includes the A Song of Ice and Fire and the Thrawn book as well at least, as there's a new Thrawn novel out this summer so best catch up soon if you haven't already. Book continuity mostly though I'll use the show to fill in gaps when needed along with weaving in easter eggs exclusive to the tv series as well. So again, how far along are you on either of those mediums? Cause I would like to get your thoughts on my work if possible

    Amen to that
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2017-12-30 21:58
    Hey Dann, sorry I've been absent so long. Mostly focused on job hunting and doing temp work for the holiday season. Got my license as well finally which was a relief. Also sorry to hear about your job, especially after they had you move all the way down to Texas, hope things are going well/better for you right now

    As things stand I'm mostly just standing around waiting for results or sending out resumes. Been so bored that I finally decided to try my hand at a Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice And Fire fanficiton. You ever care to read (provided you've caught up btw) please let me know. Hope to hear back from you soon. Hope the holidays have been treating and that that New Year treats us both better
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2017-08-30 13:01
    Okay, make that next weekend, sorry again, squaring my schedule in preparation for my driving test next week, should have free time in the weekend though when not practicing so will get to everything then
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2017-08-22 14:25
    Passed my Civil Examination yesterday, can finally take it easy for a little while. Will work on getting a full statement in this weekend at the very latest, sorry about the delay

    Also wasn't aware of the Final Fantasy XV had a PC release for next year, might pick it up myself (provided I can get a controller for it as well on the cheap). Will be asking for advice if I do
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2017-07-23 14:48
    Okay, forget the Justice League man, this is a movie that has me excited, will have a full response out later today hopefully but for now check this out!
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2017-07-16 21:44
    Well, SC has been at the same standing price as 3rd and 29.99, last sale when I bought it last year was at 35% but it's been out for two years, so here's hoping 3rd comes in at least 20% this winter for you I guess. Here's the fan translations main site if you're interested;
    An easier option would be to download someones completed save file for SC to begin with and select all the carryover stuff for NG+, here's one you can look at;
    Kay, keep me posted when you finish FC and when you start on SC I suppose, again no rush.

    I hope Rukkh is just a Red Herring though and they follow through on the Unknown Region hints from the Thrawn and other Star Wars novels, having Thrawn himself take the lead on that... did you have a chance to read/listen to the novel yourself btw? And cool figures, wonder if they'll be at New York too, managed to get my passes for that this year

    Speaking of stuff I want to see more of at New York Comic-con, the dream is finally here Dann

    Yeah, I did some research on that after Season 2 for AoT get only 12 episodes and learned about how lean the anime industry really is right now despite the records success (answer, greedy production companies cutting out the studio artists) but I figured if they were going the Altair route they'd have to get up to the Stratocracy Civil War as that marked the real turning point and when the series' started acting on all it's build up, along with having the big battles everyone will want from Altair. You mean Mahmut right? Altair ie "the flying eagle" is just the title paying homage to Mahmut's title as the Golden Eagle :lol: Anyway that's pretty far actually, hope you continue and see witness the great counterattacks that follow in the next chapters, things get quite exciting then

    Well I'm fine with anything as long as they manage to complete the series like they promised. Yeah, I think so too but we'll just have to see with Isayama, I'm hoping he's underestimated his ability to wrap up the story again and extends to at least the actual end of next year, since as you say there's a lot to digest and get through with everything having opened up now. The coup definitely, though I worry if they'll be able to fit the Reiss stuff in without at least 20ish episodes even though it'd be awkward to stop at just the coup and leave everyone on that cliffhanger for another year... Doubtful, don't think Eren could manage that without regnerating it back anyway :lol:

    Yeah, between Shokugeki, Mahoutsukai, and the upcoming Loum Arc OVA's for Gundam Fall is shaping up quite nicely
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2017-07-08 14:19
    Thanks, appreciate it and I hope so as well. Yeah, announcement of PC Cold Steel came out of nowhere at the end of June, hope you'll at least pick up that one as I expect future sales won't really vary for awhile beyond the 10%-15% off it'll get like the 3rd did in its debut week, being a newer release and all. Oh, I thought you would have caught the summer sale that ended July 5th, but I suppose the winter sale will work as well since you haven't gotten though the previous Sky games yet. Yes the PC stuff is doing fine but there's issues with licensing and being able to port the Crossbell games over to PC, etc so we'll have to see, for now the stalled fan translation projects have gotten back on track apparently we're looking at early to mid next year at the very latest for both releases, hopefully anyway. Unfortunate but glad you'll make them a priority, though you might be underestimating the length/amount of time it'll take, I've learned quite extensively that the size of these games is no joke though I made it a point to do the whole talk to every NPC etc. How far are you currently in with the Sky games in any event?

    Well that's why I enjoyed the Thrawn novel because it opened up a possibility for Thrawn beyond the fall of the Empire if the Rebels production crew hopefully takes it (nervous they brought Rukh back though...)

    Yeah, first episode was yesterday, just covers the events of the first chapter mostly but it looks visually good so far at least. I think I read one comment section that says the Altair anime season will take up two cycles at least anyway so I conservatively say in the 20ish episode range based on that length of time. Plus promotional material pretty much confirms they'll be covering events all the way up to chapter 35 at least I believe, so it seems they're investing a lot into it but we'll see if there's enough support to carry over into the latter half of the manga currently. Speaking of what chapter are you currently on in Altair?

    I sure HOPE they learned that lesson and managed to work out the kinks in the process for AoT, plus comments from the studio suggests they'll animate the whole story, given Isayama has indicated we're in the last story arcs of the manga and look set to finish the series sometime late next year. It certainly fleshes out his side of things and creates some interesting dynamics on the Marley side, makes me curious as to how it all plays out once we return to Eren and co., hope the people of Paradis manage to pull off the miracle win regardless.

    Oh and in other good news Shokugeki season 3 is coming out this fall, along with the official anime of Mahoutsukai No Yome. Hope they both get decent episode count/lengths though I won't hold my breathe for Shokugeki after how rushed Ni no Sara was last year, though with the indication they'll keep putting out more seasons to finish the series here's hoping they pace it alright this time...
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2017-07-04 21:47
    Hey Dann, sorry for my own delay these past few months. Just been depressed is all I guess, still trying to find something to do with my life. Gotta try to turn things around. Hope things are going well for you at any rate. And yeah heard about Cold Steel, coming out this month and in fact and really looking forward to it. Still trying to finish Sky the 3rd before hand. And I heard about these fan translation projects for Trails to Zero and even possible Trails to Azure as well possibly coming out by the end of the year or next. The president of Falcom also expressed an interest in bringing the games over to America, so while nothings guaranteed I'm hopeful we'll finally be able to enjoy the full Trails experience firsthand someday. Anyway, have you managed to finish the Sky games yet at least? Wanted to talk to you more about those games if you had.

    Thanks for the Thrawn link btw, been enjoying the new backstory novel from Zahn as well which leaves me hopefully Thrawn might still be able to make it out of Season 4 of Rebels alive hopefully.

    The Altair manga I once told you about is getting an anime release this week, hope you've had a chance to read up more on it at this point. And cool news about Season 3 coming out in only a year, I missed not seeing Levi in action in this last arc and look forward to him getting back in the saddle soon.

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