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  1. murikibishii
    2012-03-11 11:28
    Great job creating the new Claymore site, too bad I can't rep you again right now! I didn't feel like joining MH right now but maybe I'll join your site. You said you've finished importing but I think you missed "Claymore Manga - Japanese Version" that was moved to Manga&LN and 4 threads from the subforum. The 3 anime rewatch and retirement threads are pretty useless, but I think it would be good to include "Claymore - Requests for new threads" for historical reasons and as a lesson on how not to treat board members.
  2. haegar
    2011-11-07 14:59
    sry no rep for ya atm - but gotta say the swordazor was helluffa nice one - btw even if it was a pretty shitty chapter you should be happy, rite? seems we're slowly moving back towards the blob now
  3. haegar
    2011-10-06 18:00
    well, tbh I didn't think you were that guy, it's just that after you broke the friendship I wondered if it was just one of your usual break all contacts cycles or if it was cause I had asked you about that comic for troll not knowinf you maybe were the troll. which seems you are not. though I guess you agree with him about the clare return, desu ne? er... btw... why was it again you always empty your friendslist? ..rite, dead status... er... so, how does that work please? whatsit do? isit fun? I don't get it
  4. haegar
    2011-10-06 16:48
    so since no answer that wasn't funny apparently what I left here last time? and you threw me out of your friends list, again... Well, now you have me wondering if nixl was right and you were self-replicating into little return clare trolls ^^
  5. haegar
    2011-10-05 06:18
    hey btw I have an idea for some claymore unrelated comic for that newest troll we got in the chapter thread... :
    1) a room with people in it
    2) the doors opens and a dog walks in
    3) the dog right away pisses into every corner and on the floor in numerous places
    4) people turn around to glare at the dog and scold it...
    5) the dog goes all innocent and sez "hey; I didn't piss up your legs, did I? Why make such a fuss?"
    6) no drawing, just text: but it still reeks ...
  6. Taylor_Maclaurin
    2011-10-05 03:06
    I've got an idea for your another comic. How about Hysteria throwing up on Miria and Miria saying "it's an honour coming from you"? According to Weil's translation, Miria's strategy makes her sick and she said it outright and Miria considers that as a compliment.
  7. SpiritOfGray
    2011-09-17 18:55
    "Miria giving her love to a tree" Was awesome. Great work.
  8. rs claymore
    2011-09-01 19:55
    rs claymore
    o ok thx for telling me
  9. haegar
    2011-08-08 12:22
    well I certainly could need some more
    although I was hopping to get some time in for amv editing again after having done some gimp stuff last week... oh well, we'll see...
  10. haegar
    2011-07-03 18:30
    if there's anything a humble friend can do to lighten your mood lemme know, rite


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