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  1. rio
    2010-04-07 06:13
    HI sorry for being late to reply to you. I have been away from computer thesedays..;

    I've heard that unfortunate news of Tohoushinki..
    Maybe you know.. that they will have a rest ..
    That's a very big news here.. many girls are talking about it

    Very sad. But it doesn't mean they broke up
    So we just have to wait for them
  2. rio
    2010-02-10 05:26
    Oh really? It's too bad for you about the computer..

    Things around me haven't changed so much
    I have watched few animes, but I have animes I like;
    'Full Metal Alchemist brother hood ' and 'Darker than Black'
    and, yeah, as I recommended to you before, I like 'Hanasakeru Seishounen'
    still Hanasakeru Seishounen is very closed to the end. Next Sunday, the last episode is shown so I am looking forward.
  3. rio
    2010-01-13 20:30
    Wao, New years is your birthday ?!
    Happy Birthday to ya
    Have a good year which gives you good fortune.
  4. rio
    2010-01-03 23:12
    Happy New Year Carmolita
  5. rio
    2009-12-18 01:18
    OH, Boa isn't popular so much In Japan, she is very popular so I thought she would be famous in the US too..

    OH TM Revolution did have concerts in America ?
    It's good. Visual Kei is popular still?
    I have been a fan of Dir en grey since I was 14 years old I never thought the group will become so big in the world People around me treated me as a strange person who likes such a Visual kei band before they became famous overseas But I was not ashamed of being the fan because I repected Dir's music so so much

    I have been watching 'Tokyo Dogs' lately Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro (May's butler) act in the drama The drama is very fun and exciting
  6. rio
    2009-12-14 07:20
    Haha, I didn't know you like K-pop's girls band too

    I don't know that group , but it is surprising that a K-pop group is on popular American dance show

    They would become popular in America Don't you think?
  7. miroku2192
    2009-12-07 19:58
    HAahaha so i missed the best parts afterward eh? guess i'll pick it up again :X, sounds like it could be really good.

    Did you start watching Ga-Rei Zero yet?
  8. miroku2192
    2009-12-06 21:17
    Ohhh so Blassreiter gets better eh :O? I got to the part where the guy (who i thought was the main character) who is really good on the bike dies and then i was like "WHAT!? How could you kill off the main dude, what the helllll!?!?" and stopped watching lol. I was a bit curious as to what that other main dude (The guy with black hair i think?? and that little fairy) would do/if we would learn more about him -> he seemed pretty cool.

    So you think it starts to pick up after where I dropped it? I was just rather confused that he died...because I thought he was the MC, but i guess it's just mini stories or something haha.
  9. White Manju Bun
    2009-12-04 11:11
    White Manju Bun
    No problem, always good to share his hotness.
  10. LKK
    2009-12-04 09:49
    I just read it this morning and answered. Basically what I said why don't you write the story? It sounds like you have foundation all worked out.

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