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  1. miroku2192
    2009-12-03 01:16
    Haha be sure to tell me what you thought of ga-rei zero !

    As for blassreiter, i've seen a few episodes...until the (hmm have you seen this? I don't want to spoil you) Unless this is full of like mini stories or something...i was a bit confused so i dropped the series. Think i should pick it up again or something? It was pretty cool (the first few episodes), and that guy on the bike with the little fairy thing or w/e was pretty awesome/ good reminder, i might try to continue it someday.
  2. rio
    2009-12-02 23:04
    Yes as you say, America has to depend on China now China is having big power now and going to have the 2nd largest economy next year instead of Japan >.<
    And in a result, China will have the largest economy in several years (!)
    i am really curious, why China became so big quickly thesedays. i am not into economy, so that's a mystery.
    And yep US seems to like to report Middle East's things esp
    i sometimes watch American news sites

    i wouldn't go shopping for this years Xmas since i don't have enough money
    How about you carmolita?
    Our enomomy is still too bad. Worse and worse Yen's worth is becoming higher , so our enonomy keeps to be worse
    Non non, i am not going to move so far That's a neighbor prefecture where i was grown up till 14 years old^-^ so i am happy to live there again.
    i have watched Ghost hunt Yep that's really interesting.b
    Yeah, i have watched Mei chan's butler too^~^v
    The butler guy is really cool. He is very popular in Japan now.
  3. LKK
    2009-12-02 22:39
    I still don't think that second time was a romantic indication. I think it was more likely that Naru was less annoyed at Mai. Remember, during the first time, Naru was pretty annoyed that Mai had broken his camera and was griping about helping him out. He wasn't in the best of moods that day.
  4. LKK
    2009-12-02 13:07
    I'll send you a PM with some answers.
  5. miroku2192
    2009-12-01 15:42
    Hehe didn't know the novels were translated into english, anyway i bought the DVDs and movie for fushigi for my sister as a was good .

    Saiunkoku...i'll give it a look, and i'll tell my sis about it too, she lovedddd fushigi yuugi.

    By the way, you know what you should watch if you haven't already? Ga-Rei's short (12 episodes), but is a pretty touching story...really liked the feel of it.
  6. miroku2192
    2009-12-01 12:58
    Ohh never watched saiunkoku (monogatari?) though.

    You have all the novels? You can read japanese :O? So have you ever seen fushigi yuugi :O?
  7. miroku2192
    2009-11-30 02:01
    Mine was pretty fun . Didn't do much shopping (physically), but did some online shopping - bought a new set of earphones for myself, got an ipod for my sister and mother, and a stereo system for my yeah i guess i did shop haha.

    12 kingdoms eh, was it actually any good? I didnt really enjoy the animation...and after 2 episodes i almost wanted to rip the main girl's head off...she was so...ugh weak! (But i guess you can say that's a lot more "human-like" than most animes are willing to portray, so i guess that's a plus). Does it get a lot better? Just a little bit turned off by the drawings...looks reallly old (and yeah i know it is old though haha). I heard it gets cut off though in the middle? The production team stopped it for some is it still worth watching?

    Have you ever seen Fushigi Yuugi? That's the reason i tried 12 kingdoms..sounded similar. Fushigi Yuugi was reallllllly good (at least from what i remember wayyy back). Was such an awesome funny story :P. And all the girls really liked the guys in the anime haha.

    As for ghost hunt, i've watched it before when it came out...idk if i ever finished the series was pretty interesting/cool, but i forgot like everything!
  8. LKK
    2009-11-28 11:31
    I will send you a PM about Ghost Hunt 10. I don't want to post spoilers in a public visitor area. About how closely GH anime follows GH manga, I'd say pretty closely. The only things the anime left out were some minor characters. And more importantly, some conversational information dumps. The conversational info dumps are important for post-anime events which is why the anime didn't need them. But you do need to know this information to understand some of what will happen in volumes 10 and later.
  9. miroku2192
    2009-11-27 16:06
    Hey carmolita, long time no talk. How was your thanksgiving?

    Anyway, just a quick question! That avatar of yours, is that from "The Twelve Kingdoms" anime?
  10. rio
    2009-11-19 01:40
    Oh US doesn't care the asian trip much . I understand Obama doesn't expect and care Japan and his interest is only China by the days of his trip in the each country But i thought Americans are more interested in the relationship with China.

    My days are not so bad, but not so good ^^;
    I will move to other prefecture, so i have to prepare for that and try to find a job in that new place.
    I heard that Touhoushinki has the rumor that they spilit They and their company's people have a trouble it seems. Very bad rumor . But they denied it

    Yes AS needs Asian drama forum section since there are many fans in the Asian drama club
    Do you watch any Japanese drama?

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