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Observer/Bookman wannabe

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  1. SaintessHeart
    2014-11-14 23:05
    Hey bro, long time. You coming to AFA?
  2. SaintessHeart
    2011-01-25 06:10
    I was from 08-10. It is like a welcome into hell....can't believe I have to go back again this year.
  3. SaintessHeart
    2011-01-25 05:45
    Lol! You are lucky with your rifle.

    I think you served earlier than me. I got the super-hand-me-down one which was probably abused by her previous owner. The M16S1 I held in boot camp survived for 38 years until the dust-cover turned green from the mold, so why does the SAR-21 I was issued after was a high-maintenance, stress-susceptible, overweight bitch that had to visit the armourer 3 times in a month?
  4. zato_1one
    2009-09-28 00:57
    Well, I respect your opinion. I also think that the current arc is weird but I enjoy the ride and want to see the conclusion before making any judgment. Plus, I love the monster design.

    Just so you know, I actually read R+V. Although I don't like it that much and don't follow it closely. But I've read it before it became anime. Even before I read Claymore too.
  5. zato_1one
    2009-09-28 00:28
    Why don't you write your opinion in Claymore sub-forum? I think people there are reasonable enough. They're nothing like some fanboys who bash people who don't praise the series.
  6. Cipher
    2009-08-27 07:31
    What show is Watanuki from? I'm interested in his character. Thanks for the compliment btw. To be honest, mine is artificial and is more "learned" as oppose to natural---most of my friends call me selfish and its probably true. That compliment really meant a lot to me. thanks.
  7. Narona
    2009-06-04 17:40
    My beef with Pokemon is that their games just screams "hard work + lots of cash". Catch them all? It's hard work!

    The pokémon RPGs are very good, and not easy when you want to "catch 'em all" xD

    Nintendo overuses the Licence, but the games are still so good (y)

    Gonna write my little rant about Pétain this week end
  8. Narona
    2009-05-21 18:52
    Sooooooooooorry. I would love to already be a mother, but I still haven't met the future father yet.

    I am sorry to hear this. I hope it will never become "game-breaking". I heard that being a cab driver (in france) is not an easy work. So I guess it's the same in your country?
  9. Narona
    2009-05-21 18:24

    Bad wording is bad. "If I was a mother" !

    My family has been through a few knocks, but we get better with each knock.

    There will still be some (little) fights between people from the same family.
  10. Narona
    2009-05-21 16:45
    @Narona: We Chinese can be superstitious at times.

    Did you say that because of that line : "My parents are lucky to have me because I absorb the worst of their bad lucks." ?

    When I replied to that I was just thinking that if i was a parent, I would not feel "lucky" if I had the feeling that my son gets most of the bad luck of my family ^^

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