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  1. Sprite_Coke
    2010-06-20 19:15
    Hey I was just browsing and I saw this post by you and I remembered we're friends lol.
    I actually play it too. I'll add you next time I'm on.
  2. Narona
    2009-12-09 17:58
    Oh, i've heard of that, i though of reading it but then I picked up Veritas and decided against reading it as well, maybe I should start reading it, Is it good?
    It's good. It's better than veritas actually.

    I know it sounds pretty cool, I just hope they don't mess it up, though it is made by Tanguchi so it shouldn't be bad.
    Ultimately it's just an anime. Some people get too serious over it. Being too serious can actually destroy an experience. The person only see the bad sides and spends time criticizing.
  3. Narona
    2009-12-09 04:12
    Where's your new avatar from?

    The new Code Geass Manga looks funny, we got C.C a Suzaku look-alike and a guy who's a cross between Lelouch and Xing-Ke, and for some reason they have mechanical arms when its set in the Edo period =X
    That why so far it sounds fabulous
  4. Cosmic Eagle
    2009-11-06 01:44
    Cosmic Eagle
    Hello there. I'm wondering if you are involved with the Fortune Arterial translation project? Is it still active?
  5. Jeffry2009
    2009-09-14 23:01
    Hello how r u? Forgive about last time that I've had some anger & over-emotional issues with some of my favourite shows especially gundam 00!

    BTW i'm currently watchin hayate 2nd like you I mean i've also collected some of their Drama CDs & Chara CDs from this show.
  6. Justin Kim
    2009-07-30 06:55
    Justin Kim
    Ahh, I thought the face looked similar.
  7. Justin Kim
    2009-07-29 09:45
    Justin Kim
    May I know where your avatar is from by any chance? I am really curiousO_O.
  8. Narona
    2009-05-08 22:17
    I will xD

    Yes, I was on vacation, looooooong vacation !
  9. Narona
    2009-05-08 13:48
    Thank you (I'm late to reply, I know)

    No, I was away and I didn't watch any anime for a month or so ^^
  10. Narona
    2009-03-25 21:06
    Don't get me wrong. I dislike their pov, but I don't have the right to say that my choices are the good ones or better What does really count in life? Many things, but among them, I think that it's important to be happy and to stay true to oneself. If they are happy with their life and stay true to themself. If what they're doing doesn't break the Laws, I don't have the right to say anything. It's the same for me, they don't have any right to criticize me since I am very happy with my choices and life so far (actually I only badly point fingers with criticism when they criticize me without any reason or when they force their opinions on me)

    Why do you think that two minds/souls can't merge?

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