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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2019-01-03 18:31
    That's not my point Dann, I agree that can't be helped but again I see no reason on my end to distinguish the two formats and to not use the anime to fill gaps to essentially the same story in order to make overrall narrative sense rather then just for the convenience of the movies, especially when said movies leave such offscreen gaps out on purpose or have cut transitions of little consequence. It's entirely rationale though given the flaws we've both picked at with the Zero Requiem plan and the consequences we see play out in the Re;surrection movie already, and I think it totally in character for him to mull such a possibility ahead of time. Mostly cause he was distracted with big picture items or Nunnally but between Shirley, Kallen, and C.C. they all had plenty of moments of interest on his part which shows his potential for it. I never said Lelouch would pursue it actively, just that it's a possibility I would consider having just worked out that way. Again we'll have to see, I wasn't being serious about a huge romantic focus as I was just addressing your own point about if they did do any type of said romantic focus at all in this film. Okay good good, his name is in the title so I was fairly confident that was the case but nice to have confirmation

    Ah, sorry to hear that then, hopefully the upcoming years proves to be better in that regard but hang in there Dann Gah, I was hoping that wouldn't be the case but if they caught it maybe they can do something about it before it gets that far, what kind of medical do you have btw? I know the health care system is in a bit of limbo right now but even still surely your insurance can do something right? Ah cool, sounds like things will be interesting on that front for 2019 at least. It's just a feature for power ups and only the main character ever actually does it so far, so just consider it standard ecchi for the most part, and there aren't that many breast sucking series in general so I always considered it a novelty to have personally But for the most part think of it as just a more fantasy ecchi version of Gunka no Baltzer like a I said. Anyway, I'll PM it to you now if that's your take on it, let me know your thoughts

    This is just what the link to the interview I read said, that he was aiming for 20 to 30 volumes of total and when it was published last summer we were at just 10 volumes released. I know we both prefer to wait so the story develops but you just seem to have a lot of back log Dann, and maybe catching up to where you only have to worry about a weekly or monthly update chapter might be easier to manage was all I was suggesting. Looking forward to that, I just have to track down the My Hero Academia movie now, I'll also probably wait until I watch Season 4 before continuing on to the manga as well.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2019-01-03 18:29
    Which is fine and makes sense for that format but nevertheless is not a good story or narrative reason, you yourself pointed how inconsistent some of the cuts are like Kallen's romantic feelings and devotion to Zero. So I see no reason to even consider some of the other minor alterations as real changes aside from Shirley being alive due to Jeremiah's warning quite frankly cause doing so has no consequence. And as I've said if they wanted an AU they should have made an actual AU with a drastically different story instead of just telling the same one and even reusing most of the existing animation from the anime series to do so. Exactly, though in my view it's not 'another' version but simply an updated version instead. Indeed, though I felt the narrative flow and more extended backstory of the anime helped explain the BK's overreaction as well, and again I just feel better about Lelouch beating the snot out of them later for it but to each their own Likely not so let's put that to rest, this has just been my take ever since R2 ended and then they just kept piling on with the Code Geass spin-offs afterwards to keep the franchise going/relevant until then, but again that's just me. I mean just given the adhoc nature of restarting the series from almost scratch in R2 speaks to more then timeslot to me but also they didn't have a concrete plan for a season 2 in place period, and I just remember that being part of the ongoing blog review and forum debates when R2 was just getting started.

    Hmm? If we're just talking the characters who've appeared in the Resurrection trailers it seems like the majority are back, starting with the first preview involving all the Black Knights, most of the chinese federation characters minus Xing Ke, and the student council minus Shirley but we'll see I suppose. I'm just saying that whole insect feature had a complete backstory for its failed offshoot sixth generation development in the Akito OVA's so it's not something you can casually disregard is all. Could be both, the sand gets in a way but I'm sure we'll see it in action soon enough to find out since I think one of the antagonists (Green jacket vest man who wears a similar visor to Shario) pilots it. Still want nice happy series I see Dann, well I think a feels anime like Violet Evergarden might also do you some good so do keep it in mind to watch, at least before the movie comes out

    You're acting again as if it would be a total remake instead of just updating the existing storyline, I mean this isn't the Legend of Galactic Heroes New Thesis Dann, they even use a lot of the same Gundam 80's artistic design for Origins after all Yeah I went through it as well, will like that anime version of the Origin OVAs but I am NOT looking forward to Hathaway's Flash... <_<

    I don't blame you as a lot of the mentions were from brief cameo-esque scenes which the first season of Code Geass especially loved. but this is where obsessive rewatchings helps, cause I've managed to catch and stitch all such intricate web weaving The words failed experiment seems pretty explicit to me plus there were flashbacks of exactly that with Rolo being hooked up to all kinds of machines and the like which just reinforced that artifical message to me. Geass powers don't seem to have any hard rules to me, I mean I'm not even bringing up all the weird stuff from Akito... <_< Again I'm just pointing out how it all comes together, especially Shario's suit design which I'm pretty sure has tubes sticking out of the back into the machine like with the Siegfried's nervous system setup when we see him piloting which only a Code related person could ever use... Of course we don't have a lot to go on but I think we can at least agree there's a lot of Geass shenanigans going on with this movie and our antagonist country in particular. I don't know why you wouldn't at least concede the possibility Dann, I mean Lelouch almost ALWAYS had contingencies and plans, it's what he's always done in this franchise Well I imagine him coming back is really only a possibility, not a gurantee which was reinforced by Marianne's own comments I believe, which is why I think it's considered an 'in case of emergency break class' kind of situation and why he would feel regretful. That being said I feel that both the movie trailers and the movie ending for C.C. reinforce the notion of such a contingency on his part, one because C.C. said in the trailer she still had a promise that I made, not Lelouch made, and the second being that at the end of the third movie she was actively weighing options of either waiting for Lelouch, or of just roaming through time. The words I promised and waiting to me suggest collaboration on her part and not active initiative, but we'll see I suppose.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2018-12-26 00:00
    I feel it does work because the only excuse Tanaguchi ever gives for anything about his changes is that he had no time like with the anime and needed to condense things to reach the same endgoal in this different format, and again because I think the AU argument between the movies and anime are BS, to where anything not explicitly changed like Shirley's death is discounted for me Well that's my point Dann, just that again Lelouch is able to extract a lot from seemingly minor lines and vague comments in order to pull off many of his elaborate schemes, Geassing the collective unconscious from a few lines by his father's exposition being just the most blatant and related since Marianne was also there. Except they both made those sacrifices to die for the sake of the world, so if it's still for the sake of the world which the situation in Re;surrection shows it would be, then I think it equally likely both would be willing to live for the world as much as they would have died for it. He likely could only do it for himself I feel because it would have to be via Geass related means which Euphie never had herself. Meh, Lelouch creating such complicated plans is par for the norm in this series Dann, which is why I think it works fine. Well she was always in on things cause she was the only normal on the Student Council who had an inkling/idea of what was going on with Lelouch thanks to the encounter with Jeremiah,which elevated her slightly above ignorant Milly and Rivalz so perhaps they just wanted to resolve that aspect I think while skipping over her whole death arc. You might be able to make that argument except for the fact that Lelouch kept reeling in (intentionally and unintentionally) and building his harem throughout the series with the girls he was actually interested or invested in both before and after said gag episode. Forget the 108 and focus on the main 3 (C.C., Kallen, Shirley) + 2 (Milley and Kaguya) with a past reference to even him and Euphemia before Suzaku entered the picture (and them being related I guess ). It's gotta be at least an emotional reunion for his Love Interests if and when he does come back I feel Dann And he might come back sooner in the movie then you might think, the more I rewatch the trailers. The head blonde lady says how amusing that 'you fellows have died once again.' making me think she's talking to both Lelouch and Suzaku given the plural form since both had died literally and on paper at the end of R2/the movies thus making them fit that line the best.

    Really, not even a trip to your family in Illinois or vice versa at some point? I went out with my own family for a small dinner at a great udon place tonight myself for instance and will likely join a bigger family gathering to count down the New Year later Kay, let me know when some free time comes up for you and I'll send them over, hopefully you can push at least some of the ones I've recommended to the top of that backlog so I can get your thoughts and opinions of them to chat about No really you should definitely read it for yourself and see how different Shinju just feels in general Dann, I definitely think it'll help get you out of any previous funk Seikon might have left

    As of August we're only about halfway or even a third through Neverland at ten published volumes though so we've still got a bit left to go through Dann, don't wait too long alright? Yeah basically, it's the reverse for me in that I finished the Academia anime and still need to catch up on the manga now
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2018-12-25 23:30
    I'm doubtful they will but we'll see. And before that they wanted to still kill her off you told me Dann, but couldn't make it work so they shoehorned her in, so that doesn't sound like an AU to me. An AU is when you make a massive directional shift from the previous story, anymore then FFVII remake is supposed to be some kind of AU from its original or how Advent Children and its Final Cut versions don't somehow count as a sequel for both the Remake and original. To me this is more of a recanon, like how Gundam Origins retells essentially the same story but shifted certain aspects and events around to fit better or expand upon certain things and thus all the UC sequel series still apply. You mean those Black Rebellion OVA's I take it, well that was really all just a summary and they tried to fit everything into one episode so the mess was expected I was honestly fine either way with that change, I thought most of the BK were angry enough with Lelouch to jump the gun themselves personally and why I was more able to root for Lelouch's Britannia against them when they fought Again yes, that is to me ass covering because there was always going to be pressure for this sequel and they quite frankly opened the door for it with how they originally ended the anime given the lingering questions and controversy afterwards, and they wanted to have their cake and eat it too without pissing off people on either side of the fanbase which is why I call it asscovering cause again they regurgitated the same damn story which makes my point in my view. Can't wait to see how it happens then I feel rather strongly that I remember the debate after R1 had ended and I joined this forum leading up to R2, about how they originally planned to end at R1 and had to scrap everything to come up with a story for R2 as well, but again that's just what I'm recalling so who knows but I'm fairly certain there was explicit mention as well about a more definitive finale version for episode 25 had R2 not been greenlit.

    Well there you are, I'm sure if Funimation really wants to go the dubbing route they'll manage to do it, I mean they dubbed Akito all the way by 2017 as I recall, but if they don't we'll just make do. Akito btw proves my point about offscreen stuff still being canon I feel, cause I noticed one of the knightmares in the Ressurection trailers uses the insect form of the Alexander You watched Violet Evergarden btw, Netflix even dubbed that special OVA as well. A really great series that I'm looking forward to seeing more of hopefully

    No, cause Origin DID have Zeon and a ton of pre-series backstory to boot along with those rumors about the original series remake as well, though until it is reanimated it isn't quite canon Dann. The enemies are just too much of a letdown for me Dann, I'm sorry, space pirates and Jupiter mind control slaves are just not people I'm going to take seriously after the Char, Zeon, and the One Year War in general, they have to rise up and meet that standard that was set. But yeah if we never see someone who can match Zeon in the UC then I'd also rather we just focus on AU's as well, hopefully some new project is in the works in that regard as well given IBO seemed to do pretty well I felt.

    Jeremiah's canceller abilities are actually more code related, back in Season One Bartley and the others tried to grow C.C's cells in him to replace his brain damage and simulate her regeneration abilities which was why Jeremiah and later V.V could use their nervous system to power the Siegfried, and his canceller was mechanically installed (his canceller eye is clearly robotic just fyi) Also Rolo is explicitly mentioned as being a failed experimentation by V.V. himself as I recall during the assault on the directorate. And I'm just saying Shario is wearing a very intricate jump suit that reminds me of Jeremiah's Siegfried plus carrying that visor around with him during his data analysis of Suzaku and determining the nature of the live Geass on him. Plus that one old guy in the latest trailer talking to the blonde lady covered his eye in a Geass like manner I felt. I'm just saying, however these Geass powers came about, it seems to permeate throughout this country. Lelouch can have all the faith he wants but he's also a person who always tries to prepare for the worst which is completely in character for him and why I say it's a contingency plan Dann. And all Lelouch asked C.C. was what she would do while he dies in general, not about when or how she needs to break his 'in case of emergency glass' And do you recall what would make her smile Dann, why that being him coming back to her as was their last exchange with one another onscreen
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2018-12-16 21:53
    We actually have Lelouch's side of the conversation with Rivalz in R2 though and if I put the two together it basically matches up perfect to the one with Shirley quite frankly, so again given how insignificant that relationship and Shirley's role was in the films I'm gonna disregard any greater meaning behind it since Rivalz did have the conversation as well. Meh, it's my headcannon Dann, I like Mao too much to let him go and I don't buy the 'difference' between the anime and the films remember? Lelouch has done a lot with obscure knowledge and mentions remember, like when he Geassed the entire world based on one remark from Charles How is this muddling up the sacrifice from a pragmatic standpoint Dann, they're still doing this for the sake of the world and as their atonement, why is it okay for just Suzaku to live on to shore it up alone while pretending to be dead and not Lelouch? And I say Shirley served her defunct purpose and is gonna get pushed to the side, with a good chance of never showing up, but we'll see True. And pfffttt Dann, Charles differed from who he was a great deal if you look back on his flashbacks and see the timid and scared kid he was with V.V. being the one to take the lead. Also meh on the date thing, V.V. mentions Charles never really changed much until Marianne showed up so I imagine he was as indifferent to all his other wives until Marianne in turn. Err, the struggle of his various love interests and Lelouch unintentionally building his harem has always been a part of the franchise I felt, Kaguya even signed off on it . Again don't see it since in my scenario he's going Zero full time and no one but C.C. and maybe Kallen could cope with that kind of involvement but we'll see. That could work though I expect Lelouch to look more globally with Suzaku minding Britannia with Nunally, since Lelouch of all people REALLY can not afford the public limelight.


    I'm working through the holidays as well Dann, but even I'm planning to take a break at some point to celebrate. True, though I usually look for something more dramatic but with a lot of fluff potential and invigorating story which is why I really enjoy Kono Oto Tomare Though I did get really into It's Hard to Love an Otaku, both the anime and manga, for similar humor reasons as well Well I feel the same about the Kono Oto anime too but we might as well give both a chance before rushing to judgement. I added Kono Oto alongside the Altair mentions before, but it's okay if it slipped your mind Dann. Do hope you add Shinju no Nectar to your list as well, it's a little shorter then the other two since it came out only two years ago so hopefully it's easier for you to catch up on quicker? I find it a funnier and less depressing version then Seikon no Qwaser actually, like how I WANTED Seikon to often be in fact rather then all its complex and weird relationship dynamics. Anyway, I'll send you the links after January in any event.

    Yeah, I'm excited for that too. The anime trailers I've seen for Neverland look good actually so if you're interested I don't think it'd be a bad idea to start there and give it a look so you can get introduced a bit to the series as a whole, to save some time. Highly recommending that you do since I want to move on to some new 'mainstream' series for us to discuss, ie Neverland and Hero Acadamia at some point
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2018-12-16 21:42
    In which case, and since the main story trudged on without Shirley anyway, it made little to no difference. And I don't see it as so much trouble since she was prior to her death the thing that tied Lelouch to his school life in general up to that point anyway, and they just kept/utilized that aspect. Except again, they're recap movies telling the essentially the same story, not a retelling or creating some alternative version of it, so again to me that's just ass covering trying to distinguish the two in order to create an excuse for a sequel to essentially the same thing. And I haven't seen/don't know of such differing circumstances that allow for Lelouch to come back in the movies but not in the anime at this point Dann, I actually just brought up that line from Marianne in R2 that says she might have been able to come back already to disprove that. I'm fairly certain I remember that they weren't even initially planning for an R2 when it was first announced and had a whole other finale for Season 1 lined up before scrapping it for the eventual cliffhanger episode.

    Meh, it just says to me they're not a priority for Funimation especially since they're releasing the sequel film before any of them. And wait what about Steve Blum? He voices the damn clones for the various Star Wars cartoons, and there's even a new season of Clone Wars coming, there's no way he's out of the VA business (Troy's still in video games with The Last of Us 2 as well). And you can just get Matt Mercer for Schnizel if you really need to... Anyway, I might not like Netflix because of DareDevil's cancellation but at least I can look forward to the Violet Evergarden film for 2020 with none of these hassles.

    That I think would be enough to justify turning fans off for either of them I think Dann. Plus the whole mind control angle was kind of stupid sounding for an enemy. And yes manga's are nice but they don't really count either given how flexible Sunrise can be with their animations nor will we see something like that in mass to sell the states on if they couldn't even get an animation for Japan. Anymore then I think Char's secret love child with a random staff officer in that Haman Axis manga would be confirmed, or how I love the Johnny Ridden gundam manga but most people are gonna ask 'who?' because of how obscure his source material is.

    That's like saying Jeremiah doesn't have Geass related powers just cause he's half machine and artificial Dann, or that Rolo isn't because his Geass was fake. It's pretty clear Geass related matters have permeated throughout Jirikstan in general and that special suit of white blonde bears a lot of resemblance to the neural system of Jeremiah's Sigfried btw so I'm gonna say it's pretty likely Not to mention their leader the blonde lady started asking where the collective unconscious was... I'm not saying Lelouch predicted some Geass nation would rise up and challenge his peace, but from a strategic standpoint the flaw in his plan was obvious to even us where ANY outside power could threaten to tip the balance of his peace and the lesson he taught could be forgotten overtime, so I'm having a hard time thinking he didn't see that either. I didn't say it was definite but his interrogators have him unmasked and the blonde guy even shouts his name so it doesn't take a genius to unravel the lie of the Zero Requiem from there, especially since they do seem to be geass related antagonists. Who, Suzaku or Lelouch? C.C says she still has a promise she made, so if it's Suzaku yeah keep him in the dark but the only promise we know of now is her's with Lelouch so I'm skeptical he isn't involved in his own resurrection.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2018-12-14 14:22
    Sorry for the double post on this one, will cut it down again hopefully after this.

    Figured as much, hope you get a bit of a break now that the holidays are nearly upon us and get a chance to binge I'm really interested in Kaguya actually and have it saved to read at some point. Hmm? If you're talking about Altair: Record of Battles or Kono Oto Tomare I thought I told you about both series awhile ago? Oh oh, and I've been really into this new series by the author of Seikon no Qwaser called Shinju no Nectar, it's like an incoporation of Seikon with Gunka no Baltzar so I think you'd really enjoy it if you got the chance. You want me to PM you links for all three of these series I've recommended?

    EDIT: Oh, and I finally started reading through The Promised Neverland series which is also getting its own anime. Really addicting one, I like how it balances youthful hope and optimism with gritty and dark realism as well
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2018-12-14 14:20
    Well that's the thing, Shirley's whole purpose was to be the face of the tragic consequences of ones actions, take that away and you take away the meaning of her existence, thus when they couldn't do the Mao Arc in the movies she becomes unnecessary. They were stuck with Shirley in my view, not that they had any plans to really incorporate her. And I would agree with you if they had really reinvented and retold the story from the anime, but they didn't, and now they had to come up with an excuse to walk back their previous comments a decade ago in order to make a sequel happen, like say when they had to scramble making R2 after Season 1's success just blew away their expectations.

    It seems a bit unlikely they could get the entire dub cast after 10 years here in the states, but we'll see what funimation decides I guess, I feel like it'll only be subs however given the quick turnaround for a theater showing in the states and maybe a dub version for the DVD release but again we'll see.

    What? I'm pretty sure most of the actual fans hate or are critical of the UC when it doesn't involve Zeon, at least here in the states from what I've seen and I feel like all the recent productions of the UC from Japan reinforce the notion that they're just not popular or at least as popular.

    The way he was able to analyze Suzaku's Geass data to me is a pretty good indication. Well that's why we're gonna go to the movie, to find out their goals Dann You mean that pink area that incorporated Iran and Iraq? Yeah that might be it I suppose, though I was thinking based on Jirkuztan's name they'd be more in Central Asia but eh. Oh c'mon Dann, you don't know that this isn't part of Lelouch's plan to begin with in case something went wrong and if these Jirkuztan's have already acted then peace is already broken. And I don't buy that, it's said while he's piloting his Knightmare against the Jirkuztan attack and by this point they know everything about him and Lelouch's lie so he could easily be talking to them. C'mon, it's Lelouch, he always accounts for every scenario and I'm sure he saw the flaws in his plan as well which is why I always held out that he was alive or going to come back at least

    Actually I went back to rewatch R2 and Lelouch had this exact same phonecall with Rivalz. Btw the movies incorporated Ohgi punching Diethardt out which was never onscreen in the anime I believe but we saw evidence of it still in R2, so yea reverse offscreen theory support for Mao happening on my end . I also caught a line by Marianne saying Charles had preserved her body, because it was apparently possible for her to comeback someday as long as it was intact so that might be where Lelouch got this idea from... Well I never disputed that either just that it's more of a sidenote thing to just incoporate Shirley at all, since Jeremiah could have easily done it by himself. Well again I just noted in R2 he called Rivalz instead and had him give his goodbye message to Milley/the rest of the Ashford cast so I don't see it as anything special with Shirley in that case and something he was going to do regardless of who was on the other end back at the school. Bah, it's under the same company and umbrella story so I feel good Akito is a precursor for the direction of Re;surrection Lelouch rejected A LOT of things about his father yet he ended up emulating him in almost every way, so I wouldn't call it being out of character but being true to his own nature And c'mon, even if he doesn't intend to he IS flirting with the ladies since they keep falling for him Nah, I don't think Lelouch would ever settle down like that and drag Shirley further into this for one thing anymore then he did Kallen, C.C's really the only one fit to remain at his side through his long struggle I can see Suzaku just sticking with Nunnally and Britannia as her/Lelouch's Knight again while Lelouch goes vigilante style as Zero to patrol the world in general

    It's definitely not at the end of the film, he was ridding that rail at an orange farm which to me screams Suzaku was there to help Jeremiah (who looked like he was getting zapped alongside Anya in that promo) and if you're speculation about Jeremiah taking Lelouch's body is true then it makes sense to incoporate that. Again, you should be getting those plans together and making changes in the drawing board room, not when you've already fully colored and animated the scene in my book, and it would be a big chunk they did animate only to cut out if Suzaku is at Jeremiah's orange farm in that scene.

    Except how it didn't change anything within the main story you mean <_<
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2018-12-13 19:28
    I just can't manage it with my clumsy fingers unfortunately. I can't even do it now until my crown molding finishes anyway. She was basically a cameo in the actual movies, again I think that's just to help setup things for C.C later on, not because Shirley herself will play an important role afterwards. Exactly, again you're either a fan or you're not if you're watching this movie by this point. Pfft, this is why I'm ignoring this whole 'difference' aka covering their ass they have between the two mediums, because it really doesn't make a difference. Well when I mean Code Geass I basically mean Lelouch cause again, he IS this franchise basically

    Cool Cool, though I expect Resurrection will be more like somwhere around May or June in the States probably.

    I Still, STILL have hope that with the recent moves by Sunrise they're willing to decanonize and rewrite certain things from the UC timeline (Looking at Origin as an example).... So PLEASE get rid of Victory and F91 Sunrise, I'm begging you

    Well that white blonde guy in the wheel chair HAS to have Geass related powers as well I feel, and this entire nation of Jirkustan seems very connected to Geass in general, given the words of their leaders. I have no confirmation of this but the subs have had some weird summaries where it seems like Jikustan also withstood previous Britannian invasions in their translations as well, if that ups their threat level for you. I very much doubt that's the case, it seems more like they're trying to track C.C down and find their way into the World of C which is why they captured Suzaku and Nunnally in the first place, C.C's not gonna be the one to break Lelouch's peace I feel. Again though, this movie just showcased the flaw with that finale I feel, that others could simply ignore or forget the lesson Lelouch died for and ruin his peace after he was gone and he has to know that, so he NEEDS a contingency I always felt. Well sounds good, let's see the reception for the movie and where they take it from there then.

    Hmm, seems like I misread the translation then, I thought he called to ask her a favor. Also rewatched the C.C scene, I think it was just to come clean about everything as you said but it was meant to soften the blow of his own death later on because it looked like she was leaving the country with her travel bag. I could also justify his phone call to just Shirley as Jeremiah telling him she was aware of everything unlike his other friends rather then any serious romantic attachment, and he needed that connection with his old life for a brief moment before saying goodbye to it by cutting it off and taking the plunge. Again, just something for Shirley to do I guess being that cheerleader as always. Pfft, If freaking Akito gets a happy ending with his romantic partner I feel good about that coming about here with at least C.C and Kallen getting featured, and a maybe on Shirley. Uh, I think you forget who Lelouch's father was Dann, and even these interview links you gave had Lelouch kind of flirting about outside of that whole siscon obsession of his (which I felt got canceled out once he put the Zero Requiem above even her). Not if C.C is still around to accompany him But it makes more sense in terms of Lelouch's need for atonement if that happens, making Suzaku do it all was always unfair of him too.

    And it may be, but he has had separate pilot outfits to his actual uniforms outside of piloting before Maybe some tweaks can be done but if you're gonna reach the point of fully animating those scenes then you're very reluctant to let them go after all that time and labor I feel. Didn't they try that with the Renya manga? Even the past gets kind of tainted given C.C's immortality, so yeah full AU probably the best if you branch out at all

    Basically covering their ass to justify keeping Shirley around at all I think, this isn't that different from their anime relationship status honestly. Gonna stick to my guns and say it's not gonna matter here anymore then it did then. Thanks for the links though.

    They usually do it seems so probably, maybe? We'll see I guess. Anything else you're following btw? RWBY's new volume is out and I've gotten really into Goblin Slayer recently. Plus any chance you checked out Altair, preferably the manga? I really do think you'll enjoy that politics and military aspects of that one plus the world building Dann. Kono Oto also has an anime coming out next year I'm looking forward to as well.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2018-12-12 15:00
    Aka covering their asses like I said, they wanted to appear to remain with their 'integrety' previously but the allure and demand from the fanbase for this franchise was just too great so they covered their ass to rewrite the story. I can clearly see that and since again things are so damn negligible I'm gonna freaking ignore their BS excuses and just treat it as the true sequel it really is but they just won't admit. Same with these previous interviews where they kept asserting Lelouch is a true virgin, but now he's dating Shirley here? Who gives a crap about what they've said or done before honestly given how they always have to walk it back now? I'll only believe what I see they actually commit to animation at this point. And like I've said before I don't see any reason to distinguish the two stories since they essentially tell the same story, it feels pointless and again like they're covering their asses because they're walking back on what they've said before. Meh to it in that case, especially so close to the release in theaters in NA, I don't see any advantage and if Funimation doesn't I think it just indicates a lot of the changes really are negligible and won't be a factor in Re;surrection, including Shirley. We'll see soon enough though

    That's pretty far in still regardless. I tracked that down actually since I didn't know about it before, their date was in a drama CD in fact and I'm glad I saw it. Hopefully there's more to come as the main story progresses, thanks for letting me know!

    No worries man, I almost did the same thing with your initial post before that one and had to cut a few characters just to make that portion fit. I think we've gone over enough of the same talking points that we can condense them back down in the next round though

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