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  1. Kanon
    2023-06-04 06:58
    May was just rain, rain, and more rain here. Which we definitely needed as it hadn't rained in months, but I'd like it to stop now.
  2. stray
    2023-05-29 22:16
    Finals are set, Florida vs Vegas Knights in NHL and Heat vs Nuggets in the NBA. Definitely pulling for Vegas but in the NBA I'm just hoping for an entertaining series. I'm not sure Miami can do much against Jokic and Murray after letting the Celtics hang around until game 7 but we'll see I suppose. Herro is healthy but he's rusty so we'll see if he gets major play time.
  3. Kanon
    2023-05-27 12:07
    Oh no, that's Gollum apparently.
  4. Kanon
    2023-05-26 17:02
    Good. No need to force yourself to watch anime.
  5. stray
    2023-05-25 08:42
    If isekai trash is your thing I'm really enjoying Iseleve (the Cheat Skill one) and Raeliana as well though its got a manhwa flavor since its originally Korean. Kamikatsu is a fairly entertaining shitpost full of A list seiyuu. I'm still (hate)watching Heavenly Delusion for now but mostly to kill time on Saturday mornings. It has really impressive production value but the world building feels incoherent and the cast hasn't done much for me.

    More than anything ltely I've been looking for decent LN/WN to read. I actually powered through all 13 volumes of Iseleve though I tend to drop most of them before finishing the first volume. If nothing else they're abundant... a gopd many but not many good.
  6. stray
    2023-05-24 18:00
    I don't remember liking Genshiken but Yamada is more about casual riajuu gamers playing western-ish games, and Yamada himself is an FPS pro. There's basically no references to otaku culture though a surprisingly high amount of sexy PC components. If its not your thing though its not your thing, Tunnel to Summer didn't really click for me either. As far as the movie I think HiDive has it and it should be on there eventually. I just recently watched the Penguindrum movies on there after waiting a long while. Speaking of HiDive are you watching Oshi no Ko at all?

    Miami still needs to take care of business because Celtics fans won't shut up about the 2004 Red Sox or whatever if they get another win. Reverse sweep still hasn't happened in basketball, though there have been a few in the NHL. I'd probably root for the Heat in a Denver-Miami matchup but Jokic and Murray might be impossible to stop.
  7. Kanon
    2023-05-24 16:44
    Hard to kill doesn't equal immortal. This is a battle manga, he'll be outmatched at some point. And his wife is very much alive and the entire reason he decides to go on a suicide mission to earn a pardon.
  8. stray
    2023-05-24 13:20
    I liked Tomo-chan but mostly because of the side characters; Carol in particular is a treasure. Glad you liked it but it was probably just a 7 for me -- Tomo and Jun themselves didn't really resonate with me. How far did you actually get with Dangers in my Heart? It takes a little while to pick up steam but its a master class in how to do a slow burn. I would only really compare Yamada 999 with Netjuu loosely; if anything its closer to The Guild. Yamada isn't an otaku and Akane is definitely not a hikkikomori, and most of the series is about offline meetups. Yamada and BokuYaba anime are my Saturday sugar rush, though I'm also current with both mangas.

    Speaking of sugar I don't think I've seen anybody refer to WataYuri as diabetes -- I like it but the cast starts out sort of unlikable and overall its really sort of dramatic. I really like Atsumi Tanezaki in general but got really bored of Magus Bride halfway through S1. Hmm... I'm close to dropping it but A Galaxy Next Door might be your thing. I'm watching Insomniacs as well but its just sort of okay. Skip and Loafer is okay but its not romance. What else... Otaku Elf has been pretty entertaining, and has a banger OP.

    So far all of the NHL and NBA conference finals have been pretty lopsided. Not really pulling for anybody but the hater in me is satisfied seeing the Lakers and Celtics lose so there's that. I'm still fond of the Golden Knights but we'll see.
  9. Kanon
    2023-05-24 12:19
    Wait, what? The MC of Jigokuraku isn't immortal, and there's no revenge angle. Did you watch the right show? But that one's definitely for you anyway.
  10. Kanon
    2023-05-22 16:58
    Well, plenty of good stuff this season. You should be able to find something. Or not.

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