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  1. lonewolf777
    2008-12-22 02:24
    Yeah. But beneath that pride she's really sweet and vulnerable. That was evident whenever she tried to get close to Kenji, like when she asked him out for Oysters, not to mention when she found him beat up at the finale. More exposure to that on Kenji's part could change that, though....... which is what I'm hoping for.
  2. lonewolf777
    2008-12-22 00:22
    Yeah. And because they didn't properly confess, I can't accept that as being it. His confronting Eri about her feelings when he found out about it was an implication, but I wonder how he'd react if Yakumo made a real confession and he actually understood. It would give him some time to think, I think, and give him some perspective on who really cared about him.
  3. lonewolf777
    2008-12-21 15:34
    Me too. But then, don't we all...

    I don't know, I don't really see how he could end it without a real confession from either Yakumo OR Eri. Yakumo's half-confession and Eri's denial....... just seemed like it wasn't done yet. If he at least tied those up, it might have been an ok ending.
  4. lonewolf777
    2008-12-21 15:05
    Yeah, definitely.

    And yes, the ending DEFINITELY screws it up (so depressing :'()

    About SRZ, well it appears that way according to the spoilers of chapter 5, but we'll have to wait till chapter 6 of SRZ is out to be sure because that chapter might, like the other SRZ chapters, be a 1-hit wonder and the story could change to something stupid shortly thereafter.... but I do hope you're right. (Chapter 5 sounded really enticing o.O.... out of nowhere. Maybe KJ is finally bowing to the fans?)
  5. RadiantBeam
    2008-12-21 14:18
    Oh, man... XD;;

  6. lonewolf777
    2008-12-21 02:47
    Yes, I agree about the ending..... when I saw it, I thought to myself 'he can't seriously be thinking about ending it like THAT??!... he just screwed the three overwhelmingly most popular characters, thereby screwing everyone who made them overwhelmingly popular.' Ack, I don't know, I'm fine with Tenma going off with Karasuma, but it's so disappointing that Kenji ended up the way he did (depressed) as a result, not to mention Eri and Yakumo being alone. T__T;

    Btw, School Rumble is a totally uncharacteristic anime for someone like me to watch; the one thing about it that initially got me interested (and the reason I got and still am hooked) was the similarity between Kenji and myself. Ha ha.
  7. lonewolf777
    2008-12-21 02:42
    Hey. Nice to meet you. I'm a man of many names, but around these parts, I'm called 'lone wolf' (obviously ). Anyway, my School Rumble obsession craze is at the highest it's been at for a long time, so I want someone to talk to about it XD

    So how are you?
  8. Solafighter
    2008-12-02 11:44
    Mmmh.. Well i dont know, whats wrong with the panties on R+V.

    They are neither pervert or "nude", they are sexy.
  9. Solafighter
  10. HayashiTakara
    2008-11-24 20:57
    Hey bro, go vote when you have the chance

    Trying to get more people to participate in the votes (b '_')b

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