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  1. Bennia Lover
    2018-02-13 19:04
    Bennia Lover
    Hey I want to ask you to translate the summaries for DxD Volume 25 and SLASHDOG 2 if you will please:


    ロスヴァイセは渡さないっ! イッセー、ついに神との決戦!

    ロスヴァイセが、北欧神・ヴィーザルから求婚された!? 彼女を懸けた戦いを挑まれたけど、神や最強ヴァルキリー相手で、絶望的な戦力差。負けるわけに はいかない! 最強に近付くため、俺を鍛えるのは……!?



    自らが持つ力を磨くため、鳶雄たちは堕天使の学校「ネフィリム」に通うことになった。彼らの元に現れた教師 バラキエルの血縁者・姫島朱雀。ラヴィニアが追う「オズ」の魔女たちの陰。黒狗の刃が新たな戦 場を駆ける!
  2. DragonOsman
    2018-02-12 07:07
    I just want to know if Ddraig really said that.

    And I also can't fully trust the Chinese translation either.
  3. DragonOsman
    2018-02-11 20:36

    I need to ask your help on confirming something if you don't mind. Would you please look at Japanese RAWs of Volume 24? I need confirmation on the accuracy of the summary we got of the Ise vs. Thanatos fight. Mainly at the part where Ddraig apparently said that Ophis might be trying to turn Ise into a Dragon God and that she might be trying to make both of the current generation Two Heavenly Dragons into Dragon God-level beings. I need to know the exact wording and proper translation, and whether or not the summaries we got had any mistake in them.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. B214
    2018-02-08 00:10
    Okay. Thanks for the confirmation. The thread has been going about how there's other joker and a 3rd one call extra joker.
  5. B214
    2018-02-07 19:35
    N0m just want some confirmation. Was it mention that there is two more jokers aside from Dulio. One is other joker another is extra joker.
  6. Bennia Lover
    2018-01-25 20:55
    Bennia Lover
    So his full name isn't Cao Cao is what I'm understanding. Thank you.
  7. Bennia Lover
    2018-01-25 20:10
    Bennia Lover
    Hey so I wanted to ask you to clear up some confusion about Cao Cao. Is his first name not his real name so Cao is his surname but not his forename as well, or is his full name 'Cao Cao' not his real name? It'd be much appreciated.
  8. xrick
    2018-01-15 04:34
    Hi there. Is it possible for us to trade PMs?
  9. Bennia Lover
    2018-01-11 22:47
    Bennia Lover
    I see Japanese is even complicated when it comes to translation haha
  10. Bennia Lover
    2018-01-11 21:25
    Bennia Lover
    Ah I see but I would have thought the full English word would be used like for example with Keru from Dragon Ball Super, her name in English is 'Kale' since keru is Japanese for 'Kale'. So I'd thought it might be the same with 'seru' is all.

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