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  1. Netto Azure
    2012-09-19 13:42
    Netto Azure
    Finished the main story for Dragon Quest IV. Debating whether to finish the Bonus Dungeon or start DQVI instead xD
  2. Kaihan
    2012-09-19 11:11
    Internet already?
    So much for 1-4 weeks with no internet.
  3. EroKing
    2012-09-19 10:36
    Random Haganai pics of the day
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  4. Kirito
    2012-09-19 08:50
    Hey dude, just letting you know how I'm doing if that's okay with you.

    I'm just near the end of Tales of Graces. The story, twists, and the game was everything I could ever ask for. The most interesting part for far have been learning about Sophie's origins, really trippy stuff.

    The avi's were amazing dude. I won't bother you for a new one anytime soon so rest assured.

    Have you played FFXIII-2 yet? Me too, despite Versus not being canceled anymore they're still letting an atrocity like the XIII series live. They were going to cancel Versus for XIII-3, get the hell out of here SE, seriously.
  5. Netto Azure
    2012-09-19 05:45
    Netto Azure
    Well haven't played as much. Was stuck to regular RPGs for years.

    Apparently the article says xD
  6. Silvance
    2012-09-18 22:36
    Spoiler for response
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  7. Netto Azure
    2012-09-18 20:14
    Netto Azure
    Oohhh lucky.

    Rotfl taste like chicken
  8. Silvance
    2012-09-18 12:11
    Not just the kid, but also Kirito and Asuna. Their married life is so fascinating to watch. I like seeing a relationship progress through out instead of just a mere confession at the end. haha.

    By the way, I ended up doing something embarrassing yesterday in class. Since I spent 90% of my time to prepare for the exam, I couldn't review for Radiological Physics so I was really anxious and nervous since I didn't remember the stuff from the previous lecture. My instructor for that class is actually the Program Director, and he's the type who calls on people to explain things that we have covered before. So, I was frantically flipping my notes to look for the page that I needed for that session just in case he calls me. I couldn't find it so I became even more worried, and when he called me to answer the question, I loudly screamed, "Whaaaa?!" like a little girl.
    lol. Everyone heard me, and laughed. The professor was chuckling and asked me if I was okay. I said, "yes, I think so", and followed by saying "I'm sorry, I can't remember." He then just proceeded and ask someone else instead. The other person couldn't answer properly. Then the next one didn't know either. lol. Man, I was red like a tomato according to my classmates. haha. It was fine since everyone laughed due to the amusing scene and it wasn't like they were looking down on me. It seems my unusual scream broke the tension since many of us were nervous as well about being called to make a detailed explanation to the class. haha. I gotta study to make up for it.

    Oh, I forgot those stuffs already. Good luck. Sure, I'll look forward to them.

    Hmmm. Third one. I wanted to do Meiya (No pun intended), but since you don't have a Sumika sig yet, I'll go with that one instead. :3
  9. FlavoryFantasy
    2012-09-18 09:33
    You took the best Futayo avatar for yourself I see.
  10. EroKing
    2012-09-18 09:23
    Random pic of the day
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