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  1. Sol Falling
    2008-06-29 06:02
    Sol Falling
    Ahh, I don't tend to dive into the spoiler thread. It's a combination of avoiding unsubstantiated expectations and that other thing you mentioned there, just how vocal many of the fans are about their preferences for the future of the show. I partake in several unpopular viewpoints (e.g. being a Suzaku supporter, being a Shirley shipper and supporter), but I only do this because I am certain that the show's creators intend to treat these characters with respect, and will use them to bring something positive to the story. What with the fandom's general dismissal of these characters for being in the way of whatever fantasies they have for the show (whether that be the all and out destruction of 'pure-evil' Britannia by 'pure-justice' Lelouch, or the corresponding inevitability of a romance with Kallen or C.C.), however, the mob-mentality is just too much for me.

    :P You're a brave man to be jumping in there.
  2. Sol Falling
    2008-06-26 02:28
    Sol Falling
    Indeed, that's what fanfiction's for. I've gone through's stunning collection of an entire seven stories and I've found two which are really good, so much so that I'd call them great writing even aside from being ShirleyxLelouch. I think that's pretty impressive given the small selection, so I can't say I'm complaining (though I'm guessing you'd have read them already by now).

    What makes it all the more impressive is how Lelouch is canonically (and in fandom as well) the subject of many typical school/fangirl crushes. That Shirley distanced herself from that until she saw some real goodness and potential says to me that she's got extraordinarily good taste.

    I'm totally with you on the regaining memories and being useful thing. Like I've said in the romance thread, given the way Sunrise has been playing up her 'meaningful' scenes with Lelouch I'm sure something is coming round the corner.
  3. Sol Falling
    2008-06-26 01:12
    Sol Falling
    Heheh, it is pretty cruel to keep giving us underdogs hope when we know the odds are so stacked against us. I dunno, I could probably live with an open ending, but with all the Kallen and C.C. fans and the way the show has been playing with us from the very beginning it'd just be amazing if Shirley won.

    mm, I'd forgotten for a moment about Shirley's conversation with Suzaku. You're right, that was always something that gave a huge boost to ShirleyxLulu in my eyes, that there was actually some depth and thought to why she liked him and it wasn't just a silly schoolgirl crush.

    I agree precisely on the letter thing. There hasn't been anything about that this season, but I'm honestly shocked they just dropped it entirely so I'm thinking maybe she might find it again and bring that whole thing back up.
  4. Sol Falling
    2008-06-26 00:42
    Sol Falling
    Heh, so you mean to say that you had already decided on Shirley before we reached her arc? I admit I didn't start leaning any particular way until episode 12, and then episode 14 clinched it for me, all while dashing my hopes at the same time. Then the fact that she retained just a little bit of plot relevance raised them up again.

    I agree that the reemergence of her feelings in R2 suggests something, but I was still disappointed with how they discarded all her development. Episode 12 is a bit worrisome for me as well, but the way I see it it could also lead to all our wildest dreams coming true. Shirley needs to have some major screentime for anything to happen, so if she makes it through this, then I'll go all in and say she has a shot at the endgame.
  5. Sol Falling
    2008-06-25 22:58
    Sol Falling
    Hmm, glad to hear that. I agree that Suzaku's selling out of Lelouch constitutes a serious collapse of Suzaku's obligations as a friend, but ultimately I feel that Lelouch is the one who has most severely failed his loved ones.

    :P I tend to go for the underdog in some fandoms too, but then again there are a couple where I'm pretty much mainstream. I think in Shirley's case it's mainly because I'm hit pretty hard by Code Geass's scenarios of 'what could have been' (Shirley's mindwipe, Euphie's massecre), so I end up wishing really hard that Lelouch could regain some of what he's lost.
  6. Sol Falling
    2008-06-25 20:18
    Sol Falling
    :P Heh, I haven't really bothered with these friending functions on animesuki. I'll be glad to celebrate LuluxShirley with you, but I'm a pretty big Suzaku fan as well so (going from your posts in the Suzaku thread) our opinions might not mesh as well as I first thought.

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