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  1. Nervous Venus
    2008-10-09 16:34
    Nervous Venus
    Oh, gawd, nicky - don't even mention anime D; Last recent anime I saw was about 2 epi's of Vampire Knight (1st season), so you can imagine how terrible I am at keeping uptodate. I did sneak a few peaks at the ending epi's out of curiosity ;x I'm afraid to watch VK Guilty for several reasons:

    1. I don't like Kaname
    2. I like Zero X Yuuki,
    and 3. I'm following the manga. Anime still worth following?

    Also, I'm not much of a fan of anime adapted from light novels (with the exception of FMP!), so I automatically ruled out Clannad, Kanon, Air, ef etc. It's just not my cup of tea. I will try them if your comment, " I think ef tale of melodies will be my favourite, the art is too good," was a nudge for me to go and see it? Who knows, you know? I'm open to a certain degree, and I might enjoy it.

    working hard?

    Sometimes hardly working, LOL. But always pretty busy. I was sick for a while, but managed to finish translations for ch. 44 of BGI for jshojo, so if you're still following scanlations, fuwari tells me they should be available soon.

    I am doing my art homework for college and since I am using chalk pastels I covered in chalk dust!

    Good thing chalk washes off easily. I remember having to do "pop art" w/ acrylic paint and having trouble getting it off my uniform shirt. Are you majoring in art?

    Also thanks for the compliments on my look. I don't really know how to respond to comments like that, lol. Thanks for the compliments on my album pics also. I forgot what I put in there, actually. >_>;;;

    About being photogenic or not, don't let that discourage you from posting photos Trust me, out of 300 photos, maybe 5 come out looking good, and those are the ones that I post: I'm not photogenic either. But don't force yourself to post if you're uncomfortable.
  2. Nickymanga
    2008-08-27 13:24
    Thank you very much!
  3. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-27 10:54
    Nervous Venus
    Do you have a bittorent client like utorrent? You could just go here
  4. Nickymanga
    2008-08-27 04:01
    I just woke up where I am and saw your message!

    Yes please! If you don't mind, links would be helpful thank you.
  5. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-26 18:47
    Nervous Venus
    LOL, you replied in your own notes, so I didn't catch the message until I came into your notes just a moment ago.

    Hope you start learning sometime. I'm studying "kanji" now myself. I heard Pimsleur helps w/ the reading/speaking aspect. I'm learning Thai through Pimsleur, and it's going really well. Want links?
  6. Nickymanga
    2008-08-26 13:47
    oh sorry I dont reply striaght away! I just doing some many things at once- reading manga, writing about manga & and anime, having a few snacks, checking forum and checking for any new anime that I can watch today.

    I wish I could I busy with work but I'm currently unemployed but I guess the fact that I'm doing something counts!

    I wish I could tranlate stuff, I have decided to start learning japanese though.
  7. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-26 13:08
    Nervous Venus
    I thought maybe the name thing was done on purpose but yet used as an unintentional way of showing that Yano maybe got a second chance.

    Actually, you have a point there. Why give them such similar names in the first place?? Interesting thought.

    As for your other question, the reason why I'm busy is because I work fulltime. I'm at work now, too >_>;;;

    I do translate for Dragon Voice now Working on Kano Hito Ya Tsuki, by Ikuemi Ryo.
  8. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-26 10:47
    Nervous Venus
    Do you think there is an underline connection with Nanami and Yanos ex-girlfriend Nana have similliar names?

    I don't know. I don't know if you remember, but there was that one scene at the beach, where Yano and Nanami broke up for the first time? She had asked him if he could say anything to Nana right now, what would it be? And Yano says that he would forgive her for everything as long as she would come back and he started weeping. After Nanami leaves, Yano says "Nanami", then "Nana" (still Nanami) and then he says Nana again (but the manga spells it out as Nana's name) and then he goes silent.

    Maybe there is something in the name? I've never caught that before.
  9. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-25 12:28
    Nervous Venus
    LOL Thanks for coming!! I just meant to discuss the manga though. I think that person I was debating hasn't really read V12 yet and came to his conclusions through wikipedia-like summaries that don't detail whole conversations.

    I have hope for Nanami x Yano. I don't know if they'll end up together, but I'm at least 99.9 % sure they'll meet again....
    the other 1 % is doubtful.

    I feel sorry for Yuki and all, but it seems like Yano's repeating what he did in junior high: He's using her again. ;/ Plus Yuri hasn't resolved her own issues. She's also lost some of sympathy (not because of lying to Take to keep Nanami away but) because she can't see past her jealousy and insecurities and realize that Nana actually liked her and praised her for having the brains, while admitting that she was an idiot herself.
  10. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-21 13:38
    Nervous Venus
    I feel lonely debating with heavenorhell7 and yononaka, lol. Nobody to help back me up. (throwing hints at Nicky). ;/

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