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  1. Asleep
    2008-09-23 17:17
    Why so negative? Link to the lyrics?
  2. Kusaja
    2008-09-23 16:56
    I'll reply to the previous message in a while....but as for Kallen's character song, that depends on what you mean.

    Those lyrics are open to interpretation, and the most common one seems to be that Kallen will live on and follow Lelouch's ideals, one way or another, but that they may not be together. Whether that would make them a canon pairing is a little bit open to debate, and even then it doesn't have to conflict with C.C. x Lelouch. But's just a character song, not a script meant to be taken literally.

    Btw, speaking of music, the second OST for R2 is out, and it's nice even if it still doesn't have every track.
  3. Asleep
    2008-09-23 16:33
    I know that Was there any new information about it though?
  4. Asleep
    2008-09-23 16:25
    What does it mean? How do you know? What did I miss?
  5. Theron
    2008-09-23 09:42
    Also all this Code exchange can be totally different in the World of C. In reality nun was forced to almost kill C.C, but maybe in the World of C it can be done much easier and harmlessly. I haven't seen any new wounds on V.V after his Code was taken and there was no indication that Charles would've hurt C.C when he tried to take her Code. As the World of C is some kind of space that is linked to Geass it could potentially have different set of rules that the reality.

    As for the C.C.-Lelouch scene in 24 I had the opposite feeling. It's like it was made definite that they are gonna meet again before Zero Requiem. At least I thought that way. And I also doubt that there is anything other that death that could separate those two. Even if either one of them gets their memory wiped out again they will not be apart. It's exactly like it was when C.C lost her memory and Lelouch was not sure if he will be able to restore it, he still was prepared to take care of her in the future.

    So yeah, only death. Even though I really would hate if either one of them actually died. Yada...
  6. Theron
    2008-09-23 08:26
    I think it actually did work. I rewatched recently R2 from the start and I remember that in 15 there was this sequence where Geass command flyes into someone’s eyes and there some animation of something changing. Can't really describe it, but I guess you understand what I meant. So in 15 there was this animation and afterwards Charles shoot himself so it's quite safe to presume that Lelouches Geass worked.

    There is the time C.C. got her Codeas well. It was in 15 and it was exactly the time when she got that scar on her chest. Do you remember that scene, where that nun is lying in her blood and C.C. sitting next to her covered in blood? In the scene prior to that she was clean and there was no scar. She couldn't have gotten it afterwards because of her Code so how else she could have gotten it other than getting stabbed by that nun?

    My guess is that for someone to receive a Code and to give it as well it requires for both of them to be fatally wounded. Than the Code goes to whoever still has a very strong Geass - it works like a magnet. And after that one of them dies and one becomes immortal.
  7. Theron
    2008-09-23 07:56
    I feel like C.C. was rather not ready to admit her feelings to someone other than herself and Lelouch. Remember how conflicted she was through out the series about her feelings? There always was this pride and that coldblooded mask that she put on a long time ago. It just isn't like her to openly admit her love before sorting things with Lelouch.
  8. Narona
    2008-09-23 06:59
    see. I would actually like to see an epilogue that skips ahead in time just a bit so we can see things like that. I rather hope the baby takes more after its mother in terms of looks than the father though.

    Rofl. It's an anime, so the baby/kid will obviously be good looking.

    That was why I was getting nothing when searching for it. Hmm, it would be ironic if that was her name and would make Lelouch's comments in the preview have a double meaning since they could be reworded to say that it has all led him to her. Still, I suppose it is rather unlikely.

    I still hope to hear her name in the Turn 25

    Alright. What sort of show is it? Not depressing I hope?

    No, not depressing at all. It's a fabulous show. It makes me laugh a lot.
  9. Narona
    2008-09-23 06:49
    Sorry to bother again, but do you have a working link to that nicer cover image? The link Koshimizu put up doesn't seem to work.

    Hi Narona. I'm curious, would you ever change your avatar if say there was a scene in 25 involving Viletta and her baby (with Ougi too I hope)? Odd question I know.

    Yep, maybe.

    And I heard the idea that "Arethia" from Lelouch's "Apate Arethia" plan (clever name actually) could potentially be C.C.'s name. It fits the 4 syllables and is also capable of being pronounced oddly. Might be nothing though.

    na, it's not, it's a mispelling by the sub groups. It's Alethia, and it's someone/something from the greek mythology which means "Truth".

    Sorry for bothering you.

    Baka Instead of saying stupid sthings, go watch World Destruction and join the Toppi fanclub
  10. Guilford
    2008-09-23 05:51
    That was the name for the "mission" Sayoko, Lloyd and Cecile started once Lelouch left them (The whole free the hostages and pretend to be on their side)

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