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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-16 22:48
    New demo videos for the War Table are up here on IGN, very intriguing scenarios they put up along with what kind of upgrades you procure for your various agencies, it'll be fun to tinker around while also making specific upgrades to our fortresses. Cool, let me know what you think, I'll give you any historical context you need if you have questions on specific events/individuals that get mentioned, it can be quite confusing keeping track at times. Since they didn't we'll leave Tomb Raider for now. Which makes him perfect for the world of the Order, I can't wait to see what other cooky inventions show up, if they get his wall-phasing idea up I'll faint I mean this guy was Jules Verne on a cocktail rainbow of every enhancement drug out there times a 100 I'm also curious what other half-breeds will show up besides the Lycans, vampires are probably a given but after that I'm drawing some blanks, Centaurs maybe? Yeah, we got his cruelty and sadism in the Tower, his deceitful and manipulative nature in the Black Hand, and his wrath and martial presence in the Hammer, they should be fun boss fights in any event. His talent warrants it, that's the most authentic switch between a Texan accent in Joel to an English one in Tallion. And there's a new extended demo on IGN's youtube channel here, it really is extremely intricate and dynamic to go along with everything else. There's a very quick flash that has the Inquisitor walk up to a dragon with a blue light binding them, so I don't think the dragon intervention was coincidence at any event, this makes up for not having griffons if its true, at least for me No, but I'm not rulling it out since Flemmeth has changed designs before and they only just revealed the true form of a full female High Dragon with Inquisition and World of Thedas. Same was true for me in Mass Effect, even though until 3 female Shepard always seemed kind of off, well in any event it makes things simpler for me. Which makes it more like a movie I'm walking in really, though this game Evil Within does have me intrigued even if I am a bit of a chicken to really play it I might watch someone else on youtube give it a shot. Same, way too short but I'll be on the lookout in TGS if they elaborate more on it, so far they've done okay with the franchise. I can't either, which will make it one of those much anticipated dates in September while we still wait on end of the year releases. Should be fun regardless, I won't mind even if has something to do with the War Table and getting us more resources working together online. The look is fine, I'm just thinking the online aspect will make the story wooden and the combat seems too standard, here's looking forward to TGS maybe showcasing this other project then. Oh, and while we're on online games I have to say the new cinematic for WoW: Warlords of Draenor was really well done on Blizzards part, though they always seem to hit it out of the park when it comes to cinematic cut-scenes, I'm pumped to learn more about the story even of the expansion even if I'm not playing myself.

    Heh, Ms. Doubtfire was my families favorite, I might give his dramas a look despite how heavy they can get. But Jumanji, Hook, and all his other comedic movies are definitely first on my list
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-16 22:46
    Whatever suits you. I like the hammy-ness as they shout out their moves, everyone had such... forthright personalities Putting it on my list, but not before I re-watch Zoids Chaotic Century Yeah, it felt a bit abrupt at the end, I don't think they did enough to realize the series potential. That's be my cash cow if I had to choose which one to keep personally, and it doesn't really matter which company does it to me so long as they do it. I won't lie, it'll be weird to hear other voices for all of them, among the better dubs of any imported series. Oh, well if that's the case then by all means, I really like origin stories and if the younger voices can do their predecessors justice then I'll give them a shot. Speaking of origin stories I'm intrigued with the premise of a pre-teen Bruce Wayne in FOX's new live action series Gotham, any thoughts on the matter?

    Personally I'm thinking it'll be one of those self-serving feel good motives that turn out to be based solely on selfish greed for how the system works for them even if it doesn't for anyone else but that's just me, we'll see. Lord I hope Levi gets there soon, don't want to see a Hannibal reenactment with Reiss on Eren while he watches himself be devoured <_< I found that one of her more admirable traits even if it is excessive, it isn't like she doesn't recognize things other then Eren even if he is the priority, she tried to save lives, valued her comrades, and has been just as protective of Armin as well, plus she vouched for Levi when all the others doubted him.

    I doubt it with something that small, I was thinking more like from a control room or as a maintenance crew, but we'll see what role they play going forward. Yeah, the leads have basically dried up at this point even if they have a clearer idea of Roman's means if not his actual goals, nice seeing a new character btw, I'm glad RT can sneak in surprises beyond what they've previewed like that, will keep us all on our toes going forward. For now I'm inclined toward no having another Boss, Cinder seems too forceful at this point for me to picture her submitting to anyone else, at least at this juncture. and for JNPR to get some spotlight, they are the co-stars with RWBY after all. A really awesome fight and a good place to leave off of, just hope he's okay even as help is no doubt on the way It does seem a little too fast on that score, I personally wouldn't mind if they extended these guys into next season, the Red Lotus seems big enough to warrant it but we'll see. I know, but I wonder if we'll get indications in Korra if they don't do a reveal in the comics, suppose we'll see. Fun seeing Iroh again, and Zuko's reaction to hearing about him, I also awed a bit when he was returning to protect his daughter. Yeah, I heard the same thing back even during episode 5, personally don't see it as the Red Lotus could have done a lot more if Suyin was in on it to begin with, Korra was in the middle of her city, I can't see why she wouldn't have capitalized on it then and there, but we'll see. Nice to see Mako and Bolin got their family out, oh and FINALLY some dang indications that the relationship between Mako and Korra are still simmering somewhere, I hope Book 4 is a coming of age story for Mako personally where he finally feels like he can be decisive and make a stand beside Korra, but more then anything he needs a power boost if/when Bolin finally gets metalbending, c'mon Blue Fire
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-14 13:45
    This one got a bit ahead of me in length

    Given what we've seen thus far I don't think it's too far off especially considering the length of the previous two games and how much more linear their stories were in comparison without the War Table. No, I feel the same way, but it'd something to whittle the time away, moving on from sports though. By and large the series does follow the spirit of the books even now, but they definitely start to veer off in certain directions starting in Season 2, which is why I once again urge you to read the books at least by the first season. I still wished they'd shown something NEW from Rise of the Tomb Raider though. Same, he deserved better, at the very least we can give him greater recognition then he has in medium's like video-games, heck I think he's a perfect fit for the eccentric worlds of video-games Huh, goo to know, I'll file those away for the future, hopefully 2015's release is going to be as strong as the remaining ones of 2014. Yeah, the gaming news sites filled me on that tidbit, well it makes things more interesting and elevates the Captains importance as enemies. Yeah, the three of them are supposed to represent different aspects of Sauron, getting to know him and them in turn. They've got a good cast, Troy, Nolan, and Steve, the trifecta of the video-game community these days. It'll definitely go in among my sleeper successes and probably my favorite of the upcoming 2D's. No idea, could be someone new entirely, I'm sure we'll get clarity going forward but I doubt it since most Bioware canon has Alistair as King and that guy looks too thin. Yeah, still don't know if the Dragon was him or not, but if it is he must be some kind of Super Old God or something along those lines, more importantly going off artworks I can't wait to see if we get to tame our own dragon I certainly won't have a problem, I always liked the default male Human Noble and Hawke over any personal design I've seen. Resident Evil's different for me cause I've put it into the Zombie/Post-Apocalypse theme and action genre, which is important for me cause what I hate about horror is the inability to fight back. Good luck with that, Overkill's new Walking dead has more appeal to me on that score. Well I'll certainly be looking forward to that, even if FFXV (not counting on Last Guardian at ALL) doesn't show up. That'd be interesting but I can't figure how they'd make it work with the setting and combat system, ME yes but DA not so much, I think it lends itself to co-op more then anything. Speaking of Bioware their new game Shadowrealm looks a bit too generic compared to their other works to interest me, especially since it's online, I'm hopeful their other new game they haven't announced will be a bit more intriguing and in depth.

    Edit: Oh, hey Dann, I forgot to ask but you have anything you might want to say with Robert Williams passing? Man, I loved his work, I'm going to be melancholy for awhile watching Aladdin from now on.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-14 13:43
    It's fine, you just need to relax and stop jumping at shadows before they actually show up. See, nothing to worry about, and as I said nothing I've seen from the series indicates it's going down that dark a route. Oh, well I'll follow his call on that then, never really liked that ending myself personally so all's well that ends well.

    Yeah, I never got into Turn A, the Gundam stashe didn't do it for me. Man, I need to add G to my growing list of old anime's to watch now. Eh, I only never got a chance to watch Witch Hunter Robin, already got and have gotten over Escaflowne DVD wise, the "of the stars" series I actually have in a light novel, it was okay btw but not something I wanted to get too invested into. Well Bandai is still around Dann... A new dub cast, I generally thought the old dub cast was amongst the better english adaptations I'd ever heard, and to this day I pray that Kuze (favorite character btw) and Kusanagi have found one another in cyberspace.

    I imagine not, but they didn't seem to consider that the priority even after Wall Maria was breached going off Historia's flashback. Just have to wait to see next moth how it plays out. Undoubtedly, I speculate that the current government in fact LIKES the status quo as it allows them to maintain power, having Eren would be perfect in having the threat of the Titans to justify their power along with keeping them at bay at the same time. I really am just curious as to Levi's past and his own connection to Mikasa, it would be nice if her only remaining relative wasn't some serial murderer but also humanities strongest soldier. Never counting Erwin out, we'll see next month hopefully.

    I don't doubt that but I sense more technical ability then anything else personally, ah well since they were in the opening I expect formal introductions to them all soon enough. I don't expect to see that anytime soon given the current focus on Team RWBY itself but hopefully the Vytal Festival gives him an opportunity to show off his new training. Specially the whole 7-10 season target Monty's got, given that I expect a good portion of the Villain's plans to be revealed this season I'm very curious to see where the plot takes us Volume 2. I'm sure even Jaune with his thick-head can do SOMETHING to alleviate Pyrrha's concern, the opening suggests he will anyway like she did for him in Volume 1. The nation is still a little too new for that I imagine, but I won't be surprised at more air-bending villain's in general going forward, more lethal air-bending would still be pretty cool though. Or maybe he'll tell her something to poke her curiosity and hope that when she does explore more of Laghima's work that'll draw her in, but we'll see. Probably become instinctive at that point, speaking of I wonder where she is these days, going forward though I just really want to see Blue Fire again and Mako to step things up in Book 4, it'd be a cool addition like Bolin's attempt at metal-bending as we've discussed. I'm not too worried, she's been a fan favorite now for awhile.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-13 13:02
    I've no indication that's on the way Dann, just relax for the time being. I do understand the pace argument, I'm doing the same thing, so whatever you're comfortable with. Even then those episodes weren't all that dark, and he had to sign off on the overall theme I imagine, so I wouldn't write him off in creating a relatively okay ending. Gah, a break, okay we'll pick things up next week when we see where the story goes from here. Really? From what I've heard despite the bleaker atmosphere the ultimate result in Kenshin was the same as the manga, or am I misinformed? Good point, and I hope they adopt it but no sense in rehashing that now at least until next year.

    Waiting and seeing then. Yeah, the ending left a bad taste in my mouth though so I've moved on, I haven't liked a serious AU for the most part since Wing honestly. G Gundam doesn't fall under that category obviously. Outlaw star too? Oh, I got to go back and try to figure out all the cool retro-animes I used to watch now, any other series we should be recalling you think?

    Well I don't know about that, a lot of what the government's done seems to act in contrary to the best means of dealing with the Titans and we still don't know the motivation why, but you are correct I get the impression that government wants to keep power/order in spite of the danger from the Titans more then anything. If they manage to secure Eren and Historia I could see Levi using that to buy time in rescuing the remainder of the Survey Corp, but we'll see how it plays out. Well, to be fair Levi also shares that last name, so it isn't something that'll disappear even if they take out Kenny for instance, plus character development will always add something to the overall plot. Oh, that would be too much of a disservice to Erwin, if he dies I expect him to go down swinging no matter what.

    I hope they continue with the conversation, but it would make sense to tease that for later, we'll see tomorrow though. I know, I'm just curious how she adds to his group along with the male next to her, but it should be fun to find out. I think so too, though I do hope it lends itself to SOME offensive skills given how under-powered he still is to the others. It's something to look forward to in the future, maybe we'll actually travel and see Atlas along with the other Kingdoms at some point. Can't wait for that dance to be honest, everyone looked so spiffy. I don't either, I just worry about the consequences. Let's hope for the best on that front. Or it could be something they think might provoke Korra into seriously considering joining their side which lends well to her talking to Tenzin in order to figure that out. Well I know based on flashbacks that Azula didn't start out with Blue Flame, I do think it has to do with temperament and control, and if anyone's come close to that so far it would be Mako in my book, plus I think it would be really cool to see again Well, she's already proved she's good as the technical expert so I won't rule it out.

    Most of these games look lengthy enough to warrant that I imagine. I prefer basketball on that score because it's a fast pace but also incredibly methodical, football to a lesser extent as well. If you do go with Game of Thrones stop immediately after the First Season and read the book, you lose a lot of context if you don't read about it and the characters inner thoughts and the First Season deviates the least of the shows so it's a good place to start off from book wise as well. No need to worry about that for the most part, the themes may carry over but you'll be fine following it plot wise. Well here's hoping, I wouldn't want to deprive Sony of the franchise now after they already release the first game as is. Same, he doesn't get enough credit in real history in my opinion and I find it cool to see him take a more prominent role, plus he'll have a stable job in this reality compared to when Edison was making his life hell. Bloodborne and Quantum Break have left me intrigued, we'll see how good the overarching story and concept is though. Nah, that was Sauron, you can tell by him holding that mystic hammer, it looks like a flashback from what he forged the One Ring, and the Nazgul have been confirmed as not having returned at this point which is why the Black Captains are in charge of Sauron's forces for now, they have some interesting back-stories themselves btw, oh and Nolan North is voicing the Black Hand himself. Also I'm surprised by how dynamic Ori is gameplay wise along with being gorgeous to look at. You're right about the Bioware stuff, I squeed when I saw the latest trailer and confirmation we'll be seeing some returning characters though I'm curious as to how they'll include them appearance wise via the Keep, my guess is they'll use default appearances depending on the race/gender we chose. Eh, was never a big fan of horror, thriller and post-apocalypse yes but never outright supernatural or serial killer horror.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-12 15:18
    The premise doesn't seem THAT bad so far in terms of depression, I'm sure it'll get dark at some points but I think you're getting overly worried at this point, remember that Gen also did Susei no Gargantia just a year of two ago and that was pretty light-hearted compared to his usual standards. I can't tell with the latest chapter though on whether they're just going right back into the competition though, I really was hoping we might take a one of two chapter break to get word on some of the other characters, which is where a filler in an anime would come in handy right about now I think, we'll see next chapter. Well, to be fair I'm pretty sure said adaptation was much truer to the original manga story if I recall correctly, so you can't blame the OVA's for following through on that score but I digress, by and large it might have been better for the anime to end on the note it did given the circumstances. That would only be 12-13 episodes MAX though I think, it might not be a bad thing if they go that route given how slow the pace for the manga still is.

    Ehh, I'll wait and see on this one, the designs just don't let me take it as a serious military drama yet. Oh, that's fair, but I'm mostly just talking about these recent iterations, they're neither serious or grounded enough it often feels like for me to invest in like U.C is all I'm saying. Ohhh, Cowboy Bebop in Blu-ray, if I can ever get a player I'd love to see that.

    In imperfect summaries though, but moving on. Likely don't want it to go that far, still have the Titans to deal with after this, but even a passive resistance to hide behind would be tremendous at this point. Doesn't look like they'll get there anytime soon, I imagine they'll slip by easily enough, the kicker will come when they begin attacking the more serious bases where Kenny and Co will be waiting, which btw is very interesting to see Mikasa hear Kenny's last name, wonder if Levi will reveal what the relation is soon. Maybe, we'll see how Erwin handles it next chapter but I'd never count Erwin out under any circumstance.

    With Penny's reveal I'm sure we'll get more info about Ironwood and his motives in due time, for now I wonder if we'll be switching to Blake and/or Yang next episode. Don't really think so, that operator Weiss talked to apparently showed up in the opening next to Ironwood and Penny I'm told. It probably won't be a big enough deal, I'm sure they know enough on how to manage their powers to avoid that situation often, well except Jaune but we'll see what he does with all that Aura of his. Don't imagine we'll get into her family until another Volume, Monty wants to do between 7-10 I'm told. I certainly hope so, Pyrrha be looking fine in that one Me neither, but I can't say I feel bad for her even if I did winch, still the implications are troubling. Dang, I didn't even think about them, hopefully being in the Lower Ring will spare them from the direction of the Mob, and maybe Mako and Bolin can get them out of there. Maybe, but regardless I hope it's now enough of a stalemate to warrant Korra not diving head first into this and instead head to Tenzin for guidance on how to deal with this mess. Those would help, and you're correct on Azula being the only one but with P'Li bringing back Combustion bending back I figure it'd be a good opportunity for Mako to upgrade with an old throwback. Maybe Varrick's experiments with magnets will assist Asami in that department

    See, it'll work out at least until the New Year. Hockey's a little too frantic for me to follow but moving on. Maybe you need something more compelling and dynamic, I really do think the Game of Thrones show/books would be something you could get into. It does actually, and when the show does get serious it works surprisingly well. Yeah, I checked it out, Microsoft must have shelled out serious cash, bit of a bummer, but at least Sony's exclusive with the Order is shaping up now that they're bringing Tesla in, should be fun enough for everyone. Also the latest from Shadow of Mordor showed off some surprisingly dynamic enemies with the Black Captains, I'm really getting pumped. Nice new Ori demo, there were no big reveals but I appreciate the tidbits and cool trailers they have shown so far at Gamescon.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-09 13:09
    No rush, the series finished awhile ago. Well, in the interest of cool new series I've recently stumbled upon a mecha called Aldnoah.Zero, check it out when you can. It's always cool seeing the best push things to the limit in an open competition. At least Kenshin did finish and honestly given the ending I preferred it in a separate OVA, specially since they let the violence rain through in that one. Sometimes, and as I said I think Shokugeki has the light-hearted and casual atmosphere to absorb fillers with relative ease if it happens. Still, I do hope Attack on Titan gets out of its current break by next year

    Ugh, don't remind me about Akito. Hopefully Origins follows the Unicorn model animation wise at the very least, nothing else we can really hope for since they've decided on the movie route. Eureka Seven's artist is in charge of the new series? That'll be different...I'll give it a shot to get used to it but only one, what's the premise btw? And I don't mind either, I'm just noting that all SERIOUS AU's have generally fallen short of matching U.C for whatever reason, and I'd like Sunrise to not be so scared to try and get it right, I mean yes Build Fighter is a lot of fun, but the heart and soul of gundam was mecha warfare at its finest and I'd like to get back to that at some point...

    That'd help, but I expect to see that in Japan first before showing up here. I don't doubt that, but depending on Hange's efforts the effectiveness can be mitigated, especially as the regime uses a heavier hand and shows their true face to the public. At the very least they've secured Trost as support base for the time being, nice to see Hange acknowledge the death of her team members btw, you almost forget they were originally her squad before being assigned to support Levi. Erwin will pull something out in any event, he would have foreseen this possibility from the beginning the moment he decided to rebel, I can't imagine he'd just walk into their arms without some kind of plan, at least to save his subordinates.

    I always thought it would be stolen, Ironwood seems a little too... blunt forced for that kind of subterfuge and I'm trusting his relationship with Ozpin, means he's got good intentions even if his methods are questionable. Going by previews alone I'm under the impression she's probably a proto-type, thus no siblings persay, we'll see how things go next week. Indeed, but it's good to give her some weakness where she can't sustain it for very long, it would get a little OP if that wasn't the case with her and everyone's semblance actually. We knew those issues were there last season, interesting she has a sister though, I'm assuming she's the oldest since I believe she was referred to as an heiress by Blake. The boy's pretty thick, but I think he'll get the hint... eventually. Well, her face this episode was a sight to behold, I'll give you that, and Zaheer's just stone-cold for the most part. I wonder what will happen to the Earth Kingdom now that she's gone, after that kind of oppression I've got images of the Russian and French Revolutions rolling through my mind now, and it's going to get that ugly, believe me. Now's likely as good a time as any for that visit, the message that Zaheer has Mako and Bolin deliver may prompt Korra into doing so now that both groups are back to square one. His forms a bit too stiff at the moment, he could use some dancing dragon, or better yet master blue fire, he has the temperament I think I'm mostly saying this because he and Bolin seem thoroughly outclassed against the more serious enemies it seems, speaking of it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer on Bolin finally metal-bending just yet <_<

    A few tidbits came out across the gaming magazines, mostly rehashing what we knew though. I know, but I can at least HOPE they do, and if there was as good a way as any it would be through the Keep. Guess I'll hold off expecting anything until then.

    Well, other then Destiny and Dragon Age nothing else looks too attractive this year. I'd only dabble with Destiny while focusing exclusively on Shadow, and personally I'm only going to watch video when Inquisition comes out cause I KNOW a box set is coming for Dragon Age. I was like that for awhile, till I started getting into Basketball back during linsanity, it was always my favorite sport of the main ones in the U.S and I treat them like a strategy game now which always appealed to me. Pardon me If I root for Lebron over the Chicago Bulls until they win a championship, Cleveland kind of needs it more. No problem, it's something to be enjoyed casually I think, to lighten up your day when you have a chance to catch your breath, we don't need to go full Brony now and design pony Avatar's Like I said, no pressure, it's something to be enjoyed leisurely and that includes all the characters, though I think you'll enjoy the overall plot more when things pick up in the beginning of Season 2
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-08 21:02
    Korra and Attack on Titan were released today Dann, did you get a chance to check them out? Let me know so I don't get into spoiler territory in my next reply.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-06 23:40
    Cool, let me know how you like it. Oh, any recommendations for me on a series you liked? Heh, I remember when I was just a kid, I had no interest in cooking until one day my family stumbled on the original Iron Chef, and we were glued ever since. Which are always great premises, plus it's nice to have a more mature/confidence protagonist leading the way like Souma. Oh I agree which is my point about creating sufficient depth, long animes have a tendency to go through arcs and chapters rather quickly, which ends up with some ridiculous fillers, still Shokugeki seems like one of those series that can withstand it and actually prosper with fillers given the rapid pace between competitions, but for most other series I'd rather have little break in between arcs, much as Attack on Titan's delay is rather trying there comes a point where they just stretch too much.

    That's what I suspect too, it might be the transitions to 3D models, not to say Unicorn wasn't worth it but it'd explain a lot I imagine. I'm with you, it'd be so much simpler if they just stick to what worked with a regular scheduled series. Part of me just wonders if they're trying too hard creating separate AU's, they've turned down some really intriguing stories in exchange with what feels like a bunch of kiddy shows.

    Eh, we'll see how it all works out in due time, hopefully they add it in a preview at some point. I'm sure officially they'll squash it but it'll transition into rumors that has the populace all antsy, more likely this'll give enough popular support to smooth the transition over to Historia or even pressure to install her provided everything works out. I'm not worried about him, it's not like Erwin is meeting the person who actually makes the decisions, heck the fake king might even be convinced to help given how dejected he looked in that last image we saw him. Yeah, here's to answers in the next chapter though in the meantime I also hope this chapter had enough action with the HQ take-down to keep some of the more impatient fans sated.

    I wonder where in the middle of that Ironwood will make his unveil of his new mechs from back in the trailer, and when Penny will pop up again. Oh well, we'll talk about it after tomorrows episode. Hopefully the tie-in aspects manage to establish some consistency when we wrap things up for next season, we'll see. Oh I don't doubt that, when two enemies are fighting that's generally the perfect time for our heroes to turn the tables an emerge the ultimate winner, should be fun regardless and I can't wait to see them stick it to Ho-Teng and the Dai Li. I also wonder what/how the Air Nomads will get involved, perhaps if they escape Korra will venture to the Northern Air Temple to find out more about Laghima from Tenzin. In any event it's a little early to be talking about a new comic series, the Rift Part 3 is out on November so we'll see how that ends before coming to any conclusions about the next one. I'm already hopeful about one thing in the future of the series, Fire Nation time and maybe Mako making some character/ability growths like Bolin has in the Earth Kingdom. Speaking of I really hope he metal-bends by the end of Book 3 btw.

    Sweet, I'll take a look then. I'm curious to see how each of the outposts differ from one another as well depending on what field we have them focus on, like if the Intelligence outposts will have ninja's training instead Well, I'm sure we'll get some hints depending on what they ask us during the Keep, I for one would squee if they gave us the option to get Tegan married like in that one epilogue to the sister of that boy we rescued, it'd be one of those nice little touches to add. We can only hope at this point, going forward though and based on those novels I will be looking forward to exploring/interacting with those characters we've read about, it'll be interesting to see how they're taking all these news changes in Thedas since we last read up on them. Some more INFO would be appreciated though on Bioware's part right about now <_<

    And may it spark further innovations like it going forward, Tolkein or otherwise. Cool, let me know if you catch anything interesting or new, some of them are pretty long and I may have missed things here or there. And put in some good replay value as you mentioned earlier, ah I can't wait now Ah well, at least football season is coming up soon along with basketball season at the end of October to keep me occupied, did I ever ask if you followed any professional sports Dann? Being from Illinois I imagine it would have been as difficult these last few years as it has been for New Yorkers like myself sports wise Cool, are you enjoying it so far, and any opinions on specific characters/instances you might have liked? Spikes surprisingly been my favorite of the series with Twilight, Luna, Rarity, Celestia and Applejack in that order.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-06 13:01
    It's pretty fun, you should watch the anime at some point or another. I'm actually more surprised it's taken that long, being an avid food-network watcher and after seeing so many cooking competition shows I know how diverse the field can be. Got my hand on a copy, the translations are okay for the most part, too early to tell but it looks pretty good so far, I'll be waiting until we get another volume or two to look at before I commit just yet though. I think Shokugeki has the potential to be among those type of long anime series, depending on the reception of course. Production and time as well no doubt, it's not something you organize on the fly and like I said sufficient depth of manga material to draw upon I imagine, when we get to 100 chapters I'll be starting to ask questions on that front in any event. Can't wait for the spoilers.

    I certainly think so if Unicorn is anything to judge by, might be budget/time constraints with other projects, I'm not sure, but Sunrise would be better served putting out more OVA adaptations for some of their other spin-off series from U.C still going forward. Ecole du Ciel could certainly use a manga, and as I said before 0081 has all the makings, plus the animation and VA's in place to justify one as well.

    On a VERY limited scale though if I recall, in comparison to the giant towering body of the serpent we saw in the trailers. Oh, new spoilers out for Attack on Titan, things are getting more intriguing and it looks like the conspiracy is getting its legs knocked out from under it surprisingly from Reeve's son of all people. But boy do I wish they'd tell us what was going on with Historia and Eren right about now <_<

    Well, those are all problems for another time once Book 3 is closed, moving on. Yeah, we've got most of the characters done now, I'm curious what most of their personalities and weapons/fighting styles are like, lord knows we haven't seen much from anyone on that front besides RWBY and JNPR for the most part. Okay, I'll give you that, but these shortened seasons probably had a lot to do with that I imagine, it was still a pretty epic battle for the most part plus I felt Unalaq and Korra served as sufficient avatars, pun intended, for the differences on their views in any event, but the real debate will likely be coming between Korra and the Red Lotus more then anyone I imagine. We'll see in the next few episodes, for now as I said I'm looking forward to seeing our two enemy factions in the Red Lotus and the Earth Queen clashing this week, is it bad I'm rooting for the Red Lotus in this instance? I think it'd make sense for the next series once this book has been wrapped up, they've been pretty good on trying to tie in each novel to their respective series for the most part.

    Baldur's gate had stuff like that? I've got to look more into that series now. In any event I'm very much looking forward to that aspect as well, plus the fortresses themselves are real living environments with buildings, shops and NPCS, along with your standard 'war table' as they're calling it. I think a decade is sufficient time to see what has or hasn't changed by this point, though I'm more interested in seeing how the political situation and how the people have changed for the most part. True, but I hope it isn't casualties of people we've barely gotten to see or even know in the games, people who haven't read the books won't understand the significance as well as those who have, we'll see how it goes I might be exaggerating until we get more details. I'm not arguing against that, it only makes sense respectively and I'm all for taking on that challenge if it enriches the gameplay and I can walk away satisfied that I did everything I could.

    No doubt and I respect that, but especially with a work like Tolkien's now that he's gone, it makes all the sense in the world to also try to enrich and add to the legacy of what he inspired, and quite frankly Shadow of Mordor will probably be the first game to really do that which I'm glad for. They've got quite a few more, and pretty lengthy ones if you just make sure to search for 20+ minute long videos whenever you get the chance, some fascinating gameplay and reveals there. Well, sometimes you've got to take a direct approach, like confronting a specifically hard to get at warlord, the Nemeses system by and large offers a variety of ways on how to approach the problem in any event. Speaking of new potential besides this and Destiny were there any other new releases we should be paying attention to this year? Oh and any chance you've managed to watch some MLP recently?

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