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  1. justavisitor
    2009-01-08 17:41
    Hi, thanks for adding me as your friend

  2. Westlo
    2009-01-02 03:30
    I still don't see why you think Kaname is more prominent in the manga but whatever, catch up to 46 and let me know what you think, from what I've read the anime is rather different but it ends at the same place.
  3. Westlo
    2008-12-20 17:12
    ehh catch up to VK manga, chapter 46 actually had a pretty major event happen in the triangle... still confident... I think... but with Macross Frontier being a draw and Akane being lollerskates my predictions are going down the drain.
  4. Westlo
    2008-12-19 03:49
    Hey hey hey I don't ship that easily, I'm picky with my ships And really I've only watched 2 eps before dropping it, quoting myself from here

    Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka (2) - Gave this a chance and it just did nothing for me, dropped. 5/10

    See i picked it out to be a bad show a long time ago Yuuhi just did nothing for me and I think it's partly because I'm really started to get sick of her VA playing the same role (or a variation on one) nearly all the damn time.

    As for VK the current arc that the anime is about to finished ended in the manga about... 3 chapters back. Before the final chapter of that the author said something like this is only the halfway point and that the new bad guy will be someone we know well. Kaname fans quickly tried to pin this onto Zero which is really foolish considering the differences in how they have gone through the story and the resources each has.

    Unlike Akane....I need to watch better animes.

    Watch Casshern, he's seriously and surprisingly the biggest pimp of the season and perhaps year.... and episode 8 is so totally Macross.
  5. Westlo
    2008-12-19 02:55
    Haha my perfect record is gone thanks to Akane but I guess that happens when you only watch 2 episodes, see pics of "that" dress and follow blogs on a show... but even than lol. I actually like Minato a lot more than Yuuhi and this ending is still lollerskates.

    As for Xamdou I watched up to the the ep where he loses his memory, Akiyuki and Nakiami were never going to get going, was never meant to be, RahXephon was more of a triangle than this...

    As for VK let me know what you think after you catch up, let's just say Kaname fans make you Ranka fans look sane ^^ Oh and guilty will only finish the first half of the manga...with the second half having just started...
  6. Westlo
    2008-12-15 19:52
    Hmmm 13 episodes in and I really don't see anything happening with Nakiami, they have had several chances to shift it in that direction.. but it seems they don't want to do that. Looks like it's going to be Haru all the way which seems about right.. yes yes I know more blasphemy from Westlo XD

    Speaking of that I kinda wish they didn't spend so much time on Haru, Furuichi and the general/colonel or whatevers side. Really dragging compared to the Akiyuki, Nakiami, Isshu side. Also personally I think it's better for Nakiami's character that she's not trying to get involved in a romance.
  7. Westlo
    2008-12-13 17:23
    I actually haven't really had the inclination to ship for either of the two girls, at least so far. After 8 episodes it seems like Haru's the only possibility and going by your reply it stays that way. Raigyo made a pretty awesome entrance in episode 8, I like his Xam form and one of my fav vas Fujiwara Keiji plays him.

    As for White Album no idea if its good but I'm sure it will be better than something like Akane-Iro As for the guy being a typical harem lead.. aren't they all like that anyway? Guys like the lead from the korean manwha Unbalance X Unbalance are rare....

    You keeping up with the VK Manga btw? Which is like one of the rare ones we agree on... if so don't tell me you believe that nonsense those Kaname fans were saying about Zero being the second half bad guy, that makes no sense at all lol
  8. Westlo
    2008-12-13 07:21
    I watched upto 8 now and I don't think your ship is even prepared to leave the harbour at this stage.... anyway viewing the conversation between us I lol'd at this.

    Great, you're discrediting NT, Animedia, and Animage's credibility now?

    Since you just made that shaky polls comment when I was talking about Newtype, you gotta admit it's funny how people like us just twist things to suit their agenda in shipping.

    Get ready for White Album!
  9. Westlo
    2008-12-12 18:52
    So how's things looking for you in Xamdou? Only seen 5 eps but reading between the lines of a discussion I'm curious!
  10. Utsukushii Hono'o
    2008-12-07 13:32
    Utsukushii Hono'o
    Can you please reply to my question in the Ranka Lee fan club?

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