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  1. Excalibur08
    2016-08-07 11:42
    During the old debate about whether or not Miho was justified in saving her teammates, you stepped in and defended Sumeragi when that he contended that Miho's actions were not justified. In and of itself, that is not the crux of the issue, but rather, it was your insinuations, that are problematic.

    Stop getting emotional. It irritates me and I don't like feeling any emotion of any kind. Calm, cold, rational analysis shows that this young girl may not have made the right decision. People's opinions of an ancillary character (Shiho) based on their personal interpretations of that one instance have people acting uncivilized to actual human beings. Think about that, opinions about a show have got people acting poorly, and irrationally, towards other real persons.
    The only two people who were getting emotional in that thread were you and Sumeragi. A calm, objective and rational analysis shows that this young girl in fact, made a decision consistent were her character as a capable commander. The circumstances simply were presented as such to give Miho a reason to transfer to Ooarai and start the events of Girls und Panzer. Further to this, people's opinions of an ancillary character were not uncivilized, it was only because Sumeragi stepped in and blatantly insulted everyone who disagreed with him, where things escalated. It was most certainly not opinions of the show that caused people to become riled up.

    Keep in mind that the people you are discussing (remember, discussion, not debate) are likely (maybe!) for all intents and purposes fully grown adults with jobs, education and perhaps leadership roles in various organizations. Let's not presume anyone is stupid here or is missing something obvious.
    Most of the people participating in the thread were indeed adults with an occupation. Those individuals clearly stated their positions, and obtained the evidence to defend their arguments. No one is presumed anything about the discussion's other participants. Ironically, by adding this statement into the mix, you affirm that Sumeragi's arguments are completely outmatched: there would be no need to remind people to stick only to attacking an idea if Sumeragi had indeed been using civilized, reasoned discussion. That clearly was not the case: during the whole of that particular discussion, it was only Sumeragi who resorted to insulting the other participants. For that, he received more evidence contrary to his position, leading him to resort to this gem:

    "I actually am in such a position, and loved for it. Sorry if reality is not as soft as some people think it to be, which is indeed true childishness. My occupation merges ruthlessness with situation awareness, and I've always been one to pick up the burden. That's why the those working for me follow my lead."
    Take a good look: that is true childishness. I suppose reality is too tough for our precious "onee-sama" to handle, then. Because the strength of his arguments has proven completely inadequate, Sumeragi resorts to fabricating credentials in attempt to bolster the worth of his arguments. All of this comes across as being immensely hilarious in retrospect; I joined AS much later and came across this argument only recently. Having seen Girls und Panzer, I was never much of a Shiho fan until the movie, where she has shown considerable honour and integrity, becoming someone who is presented as a respectable person and parent. Had Sumeragi actually maintained some civility and politeness, he would be still around to learn that his perspectives on Shiho weren't so far off. Instead, his chronic lies about his station and occupation, coupled with an incomplete, half-baked and biased knowledge of history, resulted in his (well-deserved) permanent absence from discussions about Girls und Panzer the movie. Just in case you weren't aware, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Sumeragi is the infamous Kang Seung Jae, and moreover, was only pretending to be female for internet points. Sumeragi also continuously pushed the narrative that he was a Korean-Japanese woman living in Vancouver who:

    • Was a very intelligent, overachieving student that graduated from both Tokyo and Yonsei Universities
    • Worked in a fortune 500 company owned by “her” parents
    • Possessed net worth surpassing 10 million dollars
    • Was a distant relative of the present Emperor of Japan

    I know that a lot of people here were taken in by that ploy, treating Sumeragi as some "onee-sama" to be defended at all costs, when in fact, it was a grown man masquerading as an anime girl. Why we played host to such lunacy here, agreeing with Sumeragi about his barbaric and outdated worldviews is beyond me.
  2. RRW
    2014-09-17 12:49
    *bite neko ear*

    how have you been?
  3. Sumeragi
    2014-01-14 23:49
    How do you like my new avatar?
  4. bietchie11
    2013-12-04 20:24
    Hey Willix, could you tell me where do you get all the cute cat animation? Please?
  5. RRW
    2013-10-31 13:04
    Random pic of the Halloween
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  6. DorkingtonPugsly
    2013-10-30 16:09
    The one in my avatar, from valvrave.
  7. DorkingtonPugsly
    2013-10-30 12:34
    Wow really?! You have that much saved? Nice! That just sounds like a lot of money... You must really work at a good place and work hard too, jeez. I'll never have that kind of money hehe...

    The good thing was that my waifu akira got her bluray vol.6 cover! I've been hoping and praying for her to be vol.6 since like spring. And it happened~ Along with the yahoo japan auctions I won of her signed trading card and card sleeves, those are the only three pieces of merch with her on them.
  8. DorkingtonPugsly
    2013-10-28 10:34
    Woah dude that's a lot to be worried/thinking about... I wouldn't be able to handle it, especially with my mental health problems. Can't do work. You're a hard working man though, you deserve a lucky break in your career! Though I am currently happier than ever. Due to a certain thing that happened today.
  9. DorkingtonPugsly
    2013-10-27 12:41
    No I get it. It's a feeling all ambitious people have. Is it like you want a higher position in your job, or you want a bigger salary, or you just feel like those things aren't really fulfilling your life to the extent you want them to?
    I don't have that. Basically all I do is make music and art, and aside from internet stuff and all the music and art's all I really care about. Though I'm also seeing if I can open a florist and just do that. Since it's not guaranteed that I would be able to support myself with just my stuff. I like flowers, and I like florists, and stores, and stuff... So yeah, that's my low key plan for life. ^~^
  10. DorkingtonPugsly
    2013-10-27 02:44
    Yeah I guess. Well hope your job thing goes well, I guess you could say I'm at a similar stage in my school career. It's senior year and all.

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