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  1. Sheba
    2014-08-07 10:08
    No, just a couple tours in the sandbox. Your attempt to mock and insult however, is duly noted.
    Do you mean Irak?


    I’d like to see what their faces look like after a few mortar barrages and RPG/machine gun fire.
    I only shot with a hunting rifle as a kid. I know that I would likely be paralyzed by whatever shit get thrown at me, having a tendency to get startled by basic things such as my pet cat sneaking behind me. Oh, and I get distracted easily so I wouldn't last long.
  2. Sheba
    2014-08-07 08:24
    I just have grown increasingly annoyed at them saying how a soldier should be. Only accounts of people who fought in a war I have gotten were from my dad, who basically ran away when shit hit the fan during the Cambodian Civil War to save his ass, a WWI veteran who cried all the tears he had in his body when he talked about his friends who got turned into minced meat by an artillery shot and the fear he felt when he was ordered to get out of the trench, and a Holocaust survivor.
  3. Sheba
    2014-08-07 08:20
    I don't mean you. I mean the others.
  4. Sheba
    2014-08-06 20:11
    Oh my, the Aldnoah subforum is sure filled with hardened veterans who knew the horrors of wars from Gettysburg to Omaha Beach!
  5. Triple_R
    2013-05-29 23:12
    I liked your reply to my post on the XBone thread. However, that thread is getting a bit heated, and I myself feel my anger level raising higher than it usually does, so I'm going to try to take a break from it. But still, good reply.
  6. Triple_R
    2013-05-28 01:30
    Thanks for accepting the friendship request! Your posts on the XBox One thread have been great, your avatar makes it clear you have good taste in anime, and we have a lot of mutual AS friends.
  7. Lost Cause
    2013-03-21 21:38
    Lost Cause
    The reason the don't rename it "The Bash the U.S." thread is because it would be too close to the truth!
  8. Dr. Casey
    2013-02-24 19:12
    Dr. Casey
    A wild kyp appears! Thanks for the Friend Request.
  9. Lost Cause
    2013-02-24 18:14
    Lost Cause
    Oh she will return one day! But for now I want my other favorite character (and anime crush!) front and center!
    Take care MARINE! Linda
  10. Ledgem
    2013-02-24 16:39
    So after constantly clashing over guns, we find ourselves on the same side on the subject of immigration and who knows what else


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