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  1. raile
    2009-09-08 02:17
  2. raile
    2009-08-27 01:13
    LOL. XD
    I did not expect that. I'll start playing after I finish some school work.
  3. Urei
    2009-04-30 14:26
    Well, I liked the original series so that's why I'm having problems with this version. I still prefer the original. Same goes for that failure of manga
  4. Urei
    2009-04-30 12:35
    Well, I wasn't following any particular material so I was actually surprised when he died ^^' Well, it was not a surprise once I saw the very start of the episode and the climate it presented. The pace was very badly balanced but, well, you can call it artistic impression. The whole series was like that. The characters, well, very few were developed. The rest was nothing more then a background, unfortunately.

    As for Evangelion, well I grew up on it But I don't like to talk about it. Didn't even watch the rebuild 1st movie. Can't find any motivation.
  5. Urei
    2009-04-30 04:19
    I found Gurren boring after episode 16. You can say that I did nothing but hope for a better development between episodes 11 and 16. The appearance of Nia destroyed the series for me. Maybe I'm a bit unfair but, I really expected something out of that series. Instead they went with something so stereotypical that it hurt. And the issue with the preview for the future from episode 1. If they decided to go with that setting... it would've been oh so much more entertaining. I'm not into super robota as well, although I adore Getter. Can't even say why

    I had mixed feelings about Diebuster. Nice name, but, well, as I said before, I'm not into girls doing sempai routine. There has to be at least one worthy male character with an actual role in the story. Otherwise it ends as an eyecandy for shutin otakus Battle Athletes did this exponentially good. Aside from one grandpa type male there was this one super sidekick minor character kid boy whose plot finished with 2 background appearances early in the series. I have to agree, G-L was all about special effects and introducing lots and I mean lots of minor characters whose lines ended with one or two sentences said in the whole series.
  6. BetoJR
    2009-04-27 10:50
    Heh... I liked the OP animation, but the series animation itself seems a bit downgraded from it. Going by the first episode. Is that noticeable in the entire series? If so, I don't know if I'll be able to even watch the second episode, myself...
  7. Urei
    2009-04-27 06:04
    Some people find this most fitting
  8. BetoJR
    2009-04-26 07:33
    Funny thing is: I did respect the character, at least until this movie. Oh, well... Anyway, I started this, and I'm gonna end it.
    I'm not a Gundam fanboy, having only watched Gundam Wing dubbed on the local Cartoon Network (and not enjoying it so much) and, recently, Gundam 00 (I actually enjoyed the second season, myself). Afterwards, Urei made some suggestions to me and I'm pretty much agreeing with him on all counts. My favorite Gundam, so far, has been The 8th MS Team - that was good storytelling.

    And, sure, I've always been partial to the Macross franchise. Sheryl Nome jumped up leagues to become my favorite female character of all time, and Diamond Crevasse went to the top of my favorite songs list, as well.
  9. Urei
    2009-04-22 07:09
    Hm, games, games, games. To tell the truth I play very few games right now. I was playing The Last Remnant for PC until I deleted my save file...accidentaly ~~ That pissed me off to no ends as it happened right after I did a damned 3 hour quest. Did it without any help from FAQ sites and it costed me hell lot of patience ~~' Front Mission 5, I love that game. It's THE best Front Mission since the first FM. Nice characters, great graphics, amazing system and everything else. The down side is that I don't know Japanese. It was announced recently that the last - v4 English Fan Patch for the game will be released soon so I pretty much gave up on playing it. The last patch will have all the in the game dialogues translated so we will be able to apply in onto ISO and have a full fledged English FM5.

    I'd love to play Armored Core 4 for PS3. Another simply amazing game. They got rid of everything that pissed off the players. That hard targeting system, slow action and the damn energy usage. Christ, I can remember it already, a 5 second jump always depleted your AC's energy and caused it to overheat ~~ the gameplay looked something like this - micro jump + strafe = pray that the enemy will remain for at least a second in your targeting field. And now? I want that game ...

    I finished Ar Tonelico 2 recently. Another great game. Right now I'm waiting for SD Gundam Generation Wars on ps2. Last good game for ps2. It'll have S1 00 Units as well ^^

    Oh, and I also started to play one mmorpg
  10. raile
    2009-04-22 03:12

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