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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-27 15:59
    Dann of Thursday
    I actually managed to get OS:L for around $10 recently due to having some coupons saved up and that managed to pay off pretty much the whole thing so I decided to jump on it after doing the math. In the end I was fine with it especially since all word on the Vita version was that it ran great and I can’t argue from what I’ve seen so far. Much cheaper too. Overall I think it’s a fantastic upgrade on the game that deals with most of the issues I had, especially on the gameplay front. Yeah that was a lot of fun as well. Maybe something down the line for me, but hard to say. Most likely I’d imagine as there aren’t really any console games I have on standby that I feel like going back to at the moment.

    Essentially yes and it made the repetitive parts of the first game easier as I could just breeze through and get to where I wanted to be. You don’t have to use it though and can just go along as normal as you want. Yeah, February is a tad tricky. I don’t anticipate any issues the rest of the year since there’s only really one game I’m getting.

    I could probably go in and condense my stuff down quite a bit, which I’ll need to do one of these days. Oh I’ve had jump drives in the past just they only recently seem to have had these relatively big ones that aren’t too expensive.

    I’d wager we’ll know a bit sooner than that given some comments made about the NX and given the 3DS is getting rather long in the tooth at this point and has about reached the age the DS was then it was unveiled. I wouldn’t bet on Sony entertaining a successor for a long while if at all.

    Do you mean IX in the last two? Honestly of the 3D FFs IX to my ears is generally the least argued about as everyone generally accepts it as being a really good entry. Only complaint I can ever really recall is some issue with the character designs. I’m not sure they are really fully in VR but then I wasn’t too impressed with any showing of VR that I saw. But then I also don’t really care about VR so there’s that too. Definitely cool news about the PC stuff though. Will do.

    I think it was more the dialogue coming across less than spectacular, but it may have to wait for the final game. And if the game overall is compelling enough then that can overcome the writing if it does turn out to be subpar. One thing I was glad about is that her commenting on every little thing was just a feature of the demos. Not yet anyway though I’m sure something will pop up.

    It’s apparently not too long either. I don’t know, maybe if I see it on sale at a time when I have some extra cash I’ll check it out.

    Main hope right now I think is these versions they have overseas that have English subtitles which I believe they did for the most recent entry in that Gundam Breaker series.

    Nah, I’ll pass for now. Besides, I believe games from this studio tend to drop in price pretty quick so it may be something I can get at a bargain down the line.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-22 10:18
    Dann of Thursday
    Small addition but did you know there was this all new Voltron series out that apparently has people from both Avatar series working on it? It's apparently pretty good too surprisingly.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-15 21:31
    Dann of Thursday
    I wasnít quite sure how to do this but Iíll talk E3 stuff here I guess.

    Kind of a quieter show I think, but some good things either announced or given a better look at. I guess Iíll go by conference?

    EA: Was kind of meh on the whole thing. What was shown of ME wasnít too much, though lots of info has come out (hereís a compilation:, not much of interest for Star Wars other than the very brief look at Amy Henigís project. Oh and Titanfall 2 looked pretty neat though Iím not sure Iíll ever play it.

    Bethesda: Thought this was alright. No interest in Quake or Elder Scrolls stuff. Prey looked interesting, though a bit sad the old Prey 2 concept is no more. Dishonored 2 looks good though honestly Iíll probably never play it.

    Microsoft: Nice redesign on the console and a good price point too. The whole linking between Windows and Xbox One with many of the games coming to both is a nice thing to see and buying one means you get it for the other console is nice too. Very interested in Scalebound though that demo was a bit rough. Recore and Dead Rising 4 look fun as does Gwent as I enjoyed that. Tekken 7 looked solid. Things like We Happy Few looked intriguing. Surprised they talked about Scorpio when itís over a year and a half out, but curious to see what it can do. Overall, it is nice to see them making progress or so it seemed to me.

    Ubisoft: Not a whole lot that caught my interest honestly. Watch Dogs 2 looks like an improvement. New South Park could be good but never played the last one and Iíve never really watch SP. For Honor looked cool, but Iím not sure itís something Iíll ever play.

    Sony: God of War is certainly different, but reading on what Cory Barlog is going for and Iím very interested in this game, especially as a fan of the series if one that felt it needed a change to progress. I like this new direction for Kratos and the fact it is a continuation is quite cool. Not really interested in Days Gone honestly, though it is impressive seeing those waves of zombies. The Last Guardian has a date and Iím very much looking forward to finally being able to play that. Horizon continues to look great and impressions from the floor sound positive. Iím not really into David Cageís stuff, but that showing of Detroit was intriguing. Resident Evil VII wasnít too surprising though the direction is certainly a surprise that I hope works out for them. Never really played any of Kojimaís games, but that showing certainly was weird and intriguing. Iím utterly psyched about Insomniacs Spider-Man game and hope they knock it out of the park. Details certainly make it sound like a lot is going into it and that theyíve been working on it for some time.

    Nintendo: Just Zelda aside from the brief Pokemon stuff and this was certainly interesting. It looks great visually, but the way theyíve changed aspects of the game like essentially having loot in the clothes and weapons. All very interesting, though the sheer size and things to do kind of worry me honestly.

    Other games that looked good were Gravity Rush 2, FFXII Zodiac, Persona 5 (thanks for the video) and a number of indie games like Cosmic Star Heroine. Also Nomura actually mentioned TWEWY and how he knows people wants a sequel, though of course nothing is planned right now. Also said VIIR is still a while away but that itís progressing smoothly.

    Regarding FFXV they have showed off quite a bit with various trailers I think, though I havenít seen all of them. Most of the demonstrations and trailers are on Squareís Youtube account though I believe. I think theyíre still doing presentations too. The previews from people have been kind of mixed with a major issue for everyone is that the demo was constantly crashing or experiencing bugs. Most seemed to like the world, but there was a lot of mixed reactions on the combat which is concerning because Iím just worried this isnít going to be fun to play. Magic fusion sounds cool I think and is a neat system where you can combine something like a Fire Spell and a Cure Spell. They also showed off wait mode, though I havenít looked at it yet. Still very worried about the overall game and Iím starting to wonder if that seeming joke by Tabata about wanting to wait till November was actually the truth. They just keep seeming to mess up with their marketing of this game. I'm just wondering if they might have been better off pushing this to 2017 in order to give them more time to stabilize everything.

    Probably missed some things, but feel free to pick and choose what you want to discuss.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-15 21:28
    Dann of Thursday
    Hmm, you may be right actually. I can’t quite remember clearly now. I could see some being cleared up but with new things opened up to be followed up on. I’d be surprised if we end at a point where there’s been no real project. New locations certainly allow for that. Definitely and I hope they don’t try to put filler ones in for the sake of it but just save them. I would certainly think so as well.

    That’s certainly an idea, though I could see them just saying they really like the idea. They could always reach what seems an end and then just leave it alone for a time if they wanted to try something new. I have heard the new GG has one of the best training modes for teaching you the various mechanics and matchups against other characters seen in a fighting game, which is nice to see as a feature.

    Most likely. Yes, that ending was pretty funny I thought as well as establishing it as an AU if that wasn’t already apparent.

    Yeah, surprising but I suppose we’ll see where it goes from here now. Surprisingly Eren didn’t seem completely enraged but just sad, which actually seems like progress for him. The serum is about the only chance I can imagine since they might be in a pickle without a strategist. Definitely curious to see what happens next time.

    There’s a sort of pattern to a lot of Marvel films in some ways, though films like WS and CW get away from it a bit. Oh, they could totally justify bringing Zola back with a backup. Perhaps, but that might be a bit of a stretch to have the character he is turn into that. Yeah, he was kind of wasted in that sense. Granted the properties of the Gauntlet could allow anyone to be brought back. They’ve only ever used Doom, Silver Surfer, and Galactus cloud. I’ve heard there’s some really cool parts of it so you can probably have a good time.

    That definitely sounds useful and if you have a digital file I’d happily accept a copy of it to look through. Are Arthas or The Shattering among those because they are on sale for 1.99 and I have some credit for books? I’ll give the campaigns a look sometime then. And these lore videos look very nice so thanks for the link on those. That’s good to hear and I’d largely heard positive things about it. So does that mean once you’ve got your PC you’ll jump into WOW as a Demon Hunter Completely forgot about it actually so thanks for the reminder. Greg Weisman (Young Justice, Gargoyles) is doing some Warcraft books actually which focus on some characters sort of just traveling the world and seeing all sorts of things.

    I think you can drive it as Noctis but if you don’t want to and just want to get straight to your destination you can designate it Ignis.

    By all accounts the changes made are fantastic. Yeah, I might wait and see if there are killer sales on Black Friday or something. I have noticed that tends to be the case once you get into a book pretty well.

    We can probably condense some of this I suppose. Sorry for separating it still.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-15 21:27
    Dann of Thursday
    I’m not much better. I essentially know how to put things in pans or on portable grills and heat them up until they’re ready. The most complicated thing I’ve made is probably spaghetti and even then I had supervision. Ah I can see how that could be pretty weird then. Pretty much since there can come times when you just don’t feel like it. That’s about what I’ve been thinking too due to those reasons and I can generally manage in terms of scheduling. Yeah, that sounds nice.

    Looks good. Looked at Origin 3 and it was good though wow I forget how much of an asshole Char is. Yeah, I looked at Thunderbolt over the weekend. Nice fights and animation, but ultimately not something I’ll probably look at again. Just not a fan of how bleak it is and how few likable characters there are.

    Yes, the whole scene was kind of funny. Sounds alright. Hopefully so though probably with a bunch more dead by the end.

    Yes, that would be something preventing it, but I don’t think they air anime except on Toonami. And I think they still air stuff like One Piece and Naruto.

    I think it’s mainly just Austin really. I thought for a second they had moved and I hadn’t heard about it. Ah gotcha.

    Fair point. Ah, I missed the callback to the one shot actually so that’s a nice touch. We’ll see I guess and he might decide to have her try something disgusting. Oh, I’m sure they’ve got stuff going on their end. Yes, it’d be curious how her style could change now that she’s opening up like this.

    Sounds good. I thought I heard something about that.

    If it seems to end on a cliffhanger then a sequel can probably been assured. I think I’ve been shortening it. I don’t think it’s that long either, right? Or is it 24-26?
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-15 21:25
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh yes, I was very excited when it got announced to be coming over as were my sisters who both had files, though it became a bit difficult once I moved. Managed to get a used one back when I was still working at GameStop using trade in credit and a coupon after they dropped the price on the used ones a bit on the older models when that newer version came out. Eh maybe, but I was never tempted to level everyone to max in that game so I’m not sure it would be an issue. Just get through the game and see all the endings. I thought it generally did a good job wanting you to not keep grinding the old characters by pushing you forward with the new book. Yeah, I’m all good otherwise really. Yeah, I’ve heard it’s a great cap off on the game and I’ll probably watch it on Youtube eventually. I remember doing that with like the Chicago Typewriter and such which was fun. Yeah, I’m sure. That demo didn’t really do much for me. Looks like more Deus Ex with better graphics than HR. Maybe something to look at eventually but I don’t feel like I need to be in any hurry.

    Oh probably. Not necessarily. It just means that if you’ve spent some time grinding by turning the encounter rate way up and just want to get going you can turn it down to nothing so you’re not getting in encounters constantly. I found it quite useful. Yeah, nothing too big so far aside from some looks at things to come in small ways. I mean, there is stuff that does look interesting, but nothing I’d feel super compelled to play right away.

    I’ve been thinking on getting one of those really big external drives, but they’re still just a bit too expensive for my taste so that will have to wait a bit. The jump drives will have to do whenever I get some.

    Pretty much, though honestly it probably wouldn’t be something I’d actually play. Sort of curious what the future is for handhelds myself what with NX seemingly being some weird hybrid and Sony not likely to be making a successor to the Vita.

    Well, some of it was how linear the game was, some of the characters not being that great (Tidus and Wakka specifically) among other things. Everyone likes Auron though and agrees the battle system was great. Eh, I like surprises though maybe knowing some things with some surprises in reserve would be cool. I know pretty much all of MS’ conference got leaked with mainly rumors for Sony. Well, MS announced the Slim as well as their super powerful new Xbox that’s coming out next year. One thing that is nice is that a number of the games they announced are also on PC. I imagine I will. Oh, that’s nice if it’s what I’m thinking.

    Some of those are going to be big time investments certainly. What kind of desktop did you decide to go with?

    Sure, though if you get the games I’m not sure what use it might be to you since I think it’s meant to be a preview of sorts or something along those lines. Let me know if you ever do and we could play sometime. Yeah and I heard they’re not too long whenever I do. Oh definitely. I feel like they’ve taken notice by how well people have taken to it and I can’t think they’ve made all this backstory to just not use it at all.

    Yeah it added some things and the director revamped the systems a bit where for each character you pick a specific Zodiac sign which has its own license board sort of like a job system.

    The writing is a bit iffy I have to admit which is a bit worrisome. Eh, I’m honestly looking forward to P5 much more so I’d be willing to hold off on Horizon though Horizon is also supposed to be really big. We’ll see what happens.

    Not really no. I’ll just wait for KH III.

    Not sure there’s been much demand for that though anything is possible.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-14 15:25
    Dann of Thursday

    They are optimistic but their comments about the battle system are concerning.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-14 08:26
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, I've heard nothing but bad things. Much of it is how the person playing clearly didn't know what he was doing though. There's aspects to it that could be suspect, but honestly it wouldn't surprise me if it was true and the game is a mess.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-13 23:06
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, there have apparently been a bunch leaked by someone who called the title of that gameplay section three weeks ago. And they pretty much paint the game as a trainwreck that they are scrambling to finish. Always reason to suspect this sort of thing as his plot spoilers leave stuff out, but if any of this is on track this is sounding like it's going to be bad.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-13 13:52
    Dann of Thursday
    I'll start having stuff tomorrow after the conferences are done with to have it all updated. Saw the gameplay they showed for FFXv on the Xbox Conference and yikes that was bad. The dude playing it wasn't very good but other than that it just looked super rough.

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