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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-14 08:26
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, I've heard nothing but bad things. Much of it is how the person playing clearly didn't know what he was doing though. There's aspects to it that could be suspect, but honestly it wouldn't surprise me if it was true and the game is a mess.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-13 23:06
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, there have apparently been a bunch leaked by someone who called the title of that gameplay section three weeks ago. And they pretty much paint the game as a trainwreck that they are scrambling to finish. Always reason to suspect this sort of thing as his plot spoilers leave stuff out, but if any of this is on track this is sounding like it's going to be bad.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-13 13:52
    Dann of Thursday
    I'll start having stuff tomorrow after the conferences are done with to have it all updated. Saw the gameplay they showed for FFXv on the Xbox Conference and yikes that was bad. The dude playing it wasn't very good but other than that it just looked super rough.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-11 09:40
    Dann of Thursday
    Quick update you could maybe add to the end of the other one, but I saw Warcraft last night with some co-workers. Would really like to discuss it with you whenever you get a chance to see it. I will admit it made me want to start learning more of the lore and maybe reading some of the books but I have no idea which ones are good and which are bad (because there are always bad ones in there somewhere).
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-09 12:01
    Dann of Thursday
    By the way, how was the Warcraft book you mentioned looking forward to? Illidan I think?
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-06 12:15
    Dann of Thursday
    Maybe but I felt like this was at the panel, but I may be remembering incorrectly. Just have to see when info about season 4 formally comes out, which is about a month away. Yeah, that sounds about right or exploring the stories enough that we hit good cliffhangers for them all. Ah, that’s a fair point and given they’re from there they could perhaps act as a point of contact. I could see that as well and maybe putting more work into the few that show up to make them bigger spectacles. Hopefully so and Monty did work with some of them quite closely when developing the overall story or so I understand.

    It’d be quite fascinating to see, that’s for sure. I wonder if they have any plans on reaching a finale anytime soon though I suppose they could always come up with some new bit of story. They do that with Guilty Gear after all.

    I suppose so and the length makes it relatively easy.

    Eh, I get why they do it so it doesn’t bug me too much and the rest of the info will be valuable to have. I’m sure we’ll see descriptions of what gets shown too.

    I’m generally fine at this point since the author seems to have a time table in mind to some degree and the ball has to get rolling sometime with more deaths I’m sure. I suppose not. Just making guesses really. It’d be nice if one of these shifters in the know would just explain some of the reasoning though whatever is in the basement may help with that.

    Yeah, overall I thought it was pretty good. Hopefully so, but they do have a tendency to play it safe with these movies which can make it sort of predictable. That’s fair and I suppose having him come back could allow him to maybe bring them back since they’ve been taking a beating. Eh, not sure it’s possible to really bring him in line with the comics since he has some very different stuff going on compared to the comic version with the whole family legacy with Cap and such. Ultron could always come back somehow. There’s a cosmic storyline involving him taking on the various space heroes. That is true and perhaps partly due to the Skrull being part of the F4 license and thus off limits. Never been a huge X-Men guy so I’ll probably just skip this one. I’ve been seeing comments from people who did see it and they were surprised they liked it as much as they did though many did comment on issues like pacing so hopefully we do get that extended cut. Will probably go see that this weekend and maybe the Conjuring 2.

    Curious how it might differ from the movie in this case or what scenes might be similar. Oh, I’ll give all the summons a chance to show off.

    Yeah, it’s nice to see it get this sort of update and I look forward to seeing the full systems in play. I have the first season on disc from a sale some years back though I suppose I could always use streaming to view the rest of the series. I’ll try to do that soon and hopefully it shouldn’t take too long even with how big each book is.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-06 11:35
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, though in some cases it can be cheaper to just eat in at home and not buy the bad stuff except maybe on special occasions. Haha, well I suppose itís good sheís trying to meet those goals. Yeah, I think itís the time thatís the hardest to me to commit sometimes since thereís sometimes not a lot to go around except maybe on weekends. Still, the gym thatís here on the complex makes it a bit easier though I suppose I might be better benefitted actually going to a real full on gym with a trainer, but for the time being Iíll stick to this one I suppose. Think Iíve heard of those in passing before.

    Iím not sure if itís been fully confirmed but Iíd heard people talking about it like it was. Yeah, more detail would be good and maybe be a good way to come full circle since we started on that battle. Just have to make some time. Thatís certainly surprising.

    Given where her character ends up itís nice to see her origins a bit more. Yeah, Iíd seen a mention that it was coming though Iíd forgotten about it. Donít have cable though so I want be seeing it anytime soon and Iím not in any hurry. Perhaps, though I still wonder if theyíll have them go down a dark path for a time and try to perhaps keep it in some grey area for who is in the right.

    Edit: Saw that Gundam Build Fighters is up on Amazon, but interestingly it indicates it got a dub. Curious if that means they'll be doing that for Tri as well and if this might air on Toonami or something.

    Well, let me know if you ever find yourself down here and Iíll let you know if I ever manage to get to New York. Thereís a pretty big variety of places that cover everything you could imagine from anime to card/board games and so on. Hmm? RT is based in Austin. If they have a new one lined up unless I missed an announcement one was coming.

    Iíd imagine it would come soon in some fashion. I suppose something like that might be best seen if we see her do some cooking with this mindset. Is the dish he cooked a variation of the one he made to get in what with him being a sore loser and all? The revelation that theyíd seen this coming was a nice one, though he still surprised them by subverting the Elite Ten. Even if this does mark a turning point I donít see their relationship going that direction for a long time if not till the end. Somaís too dense and generally doesnít care about this sort of thing for one.

    Will do.

    Yeah, and I imagine weíll know soon enough how long it will be though I saw some listing regarding the DVD/Blu-Ray releases that people thought indicated it was going to be 12, at least for this season since something like this could easily get another season I imagine. Iíll add it to the list of things I need to get to.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2016-06-06 09:42
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, I finished Digimon Cyber Sleuth and am now working on Bravely Second bit by bit. If I get OS on handheld I might do that first since thatís not an extremely long game by any means. But sort of not playing a whole lot right now due to working on other things. Itís more that the couple I know Iím getting on top of what I have is enough to keep me busy that I can feel okay waiting for a time where the game may very well be cheaper. I donít even know if I will ever get to it. That game is just too big with too much to do. Yeah, the only way I can ever do a replay nowadays is if the game isnít necessarily that long and I can just tear through it all quickly like on new game plus. I may sometimes push myself on that sometimes I admit. Iím certain itíll be there whenever you feel like checking it out.

    Will do

    No I can get that especially with how long some of these can be. BD at least gives the player complete control over difficulty and encounters to the point you can straight up turn them off if you just want to progress without running into monsters constantly. Well, not yet anyway though Iím sure the year will find a way to populate with lots of great stuff. Iíd actually be okay if there was a relatively low key year that just let me catch up a bit. I certainly hope so, but I agree any new announcement would be a 2017 release or longer. Then itís just a matter of seeing whether games weíre still waiting on dates for will be this year or slip to next like Horizon. I really hope so though I donít doubt weíll get a release date.

    Oh definitely. Nothing worse than realize you forgot something and itís gone for good. Definitely nice that that these things get cheaper as time goes on generally.

    I think itíd be funny if they didnít do any announcement but just had it show up on Steam one day unannounced. Iíd suspect a price drop to be more likely than a hardware upgrade at this point.

    I donít think itís quite as divisive as some entries, but I know it exists for it. I feel like we donít actually know much about whatís going to be shown, which is fairly interesting. I mean, for Sony Iíd imagine it will largely be VR stuff and maybe that newer PS4 model and Microsoft may be the Xbox One Slim and maybe this Xbox Scorpio thing. Thatís definitely nice to hear so looking forward to seeing it eventually. Iím trying to think of which two it would be exactly. Gotcha.

    Given their comments it makes sense theyíd at least entertain the idea, though if it does happen it sounds like a ways off. But I suppose if they find some way to do it where it might not cost too much then it could be sped along.

    I think it could probably be a fun enough as one of those mid range games which are nice to do here and there. Oh, what did you decide to go with?

    No, just some characters and levels from what I read. Sorry. Yeah, itís pretty cool. Itís definitely fun and the matches arenít too long either so I can maybe do a few quick ones then move on to something else. I havenít checked the comics out yet but really dug the shorts. Oh, it wasnít an actual thing that was being done but an idea suggested that I thought was actually quite a good one. This is apparently their first new IP in 19 years so it would make sense for them to look at different ways to market it and people have been asking about some sort of single player that deals with the story of the world.

    And on another note, a PS4 remaster of FFXII was announced today for 2017 that will also be the Zodiac version. No word on an NA release but Iíd be surprised if we didnít get it. Horizon Zero Dawn got a small delay to Feb. 28th, 2017 but that's fine by me really.

    Edit: Haha, looks like they ended up going with that usual timeline you mentioned and Persona 5 will be out February 14th, 2017. Fine I guess since more time for XV, but it coming out then means I won't be getting to Horizon any time soon.

    And the new Super Robot Wars is getting an Asian English version! So I may finally be able to play one of those and understand what's going on.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-05-31 16:29
    Dann of Thursday
    I guess it depends on the length of the seasons and episodes as well as how much we’re covering this season. I could have sworn they said something about shorter seasons but longer episodes but can’t recall. We do have to establish whole new areas as well as some characters as well, though I’m not sure I would expect too many. There’s also the possibility that we may not see some of those who had been regulars much like Sun and Neptune while we focus on the other teams. It can definitely get old if they go on with it too long but too fast could lessen the impact potentially with this sort of plotline. Fair point there. This season also felt like a learning one since they didn’t have Monty guiding them like they had before so growing pains are expected.

    Some of the staff certainly liked the idea I know. I know it got announced for localization recently (I’d thought it had been confirmed a while ago but I guess not) but not sure if a date was announced yet.

    Yeah, and something like this doesn’t really make him look great if he’s planning to get into another animation job. It’s unfortunate but hopefully everything is just able to progress.

    It could just be a thing where they need to find their groove with it. At least they aren’t too long. If they were I could see this overstaying its welcome.

    Yeah and I think I might be having family over at the time it’s going on anyway so next year may be better. Oh I'm certain and they’ve tended to have recordings of the panels up during the week of for people to watch so I may be able to catch most of the details there. I’ve seen a bit of X-Ray and Vav but I’d completely forgotten about the Camp Camp project.

    I’d sort of expect to lose some down the line but hopefully for this fight we’re done for the moment. Maybe Reiss was unaware of the Shifter’s plans to destroy them? Given that they’ve been behind the walls for quite some time, this plan by the Shifter’s seems a relatively recent development. They do really want those abilities it seems so it could be that those are needed or make those within the walls a possible danger they don’t want to take chances with. Hopefully so since we’ve already taken some substantial losses. And still haven’t made it to that basement.

    Hope you enjoy it! Yeah, given they tell us their plans so much in advance it can easy to get too far ahead speculating when we have a long ways to go. I really hope they go full on crazy with showing everything off even though I’m not sure how many magic dimensions there are supposed to be. They do need to knock it out of the park with the intro so people can buy into the character and want to see more of him. Some certainly like the Red Skull for instance. Well, that is one of his gimmicks. I think Mysterio pulls stuff like that too. Red Skull has potential, some in Civil War I’d like to see again, if they ever decide to go forward with showing off the real Mandarin. I’m kind of sad Ronan died since he actually goes some interesting directions later on. Yeah, not sure. Apparently it’s not all that great overall aside from some good scenes here and there. Those early reviews aren’t exactly hopeful though the international ones seemed more positive than the US ones. There’s also that they apparently cut 40 minutes of scenes from the film that the director would like to restore in a DC.

    Looks like the events of the movie actually will be in the game in some form though not in as much detail as the actual film. Not sure if they’ll use the actual footage either given the VA differences. Saw some cool Chocobo stuff and riding them looks fun. That’s a good point, I need to look at that again honestly. I think Carbuncle generally has defensive applications if I recall right? Can only wait and see.

    The demo is really fun and I think the gameplay improvements for the characters may have made it their best yet and it always had my favorite story of their games. That’s a very good point since I sort of prefer to just watch the show at home on the TV than on a computer.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-05-31 16:26
    Dann of Thursday
    I meant the DC Cinematic Universe and as far as I know the TV series will remain its own separate thing from the films. They have an entirely different actor for the Flash for the films. Yeah, I think it’s pretty much the same way with me. The start can be annoying since for me anyway I’d miss out on free food for lunch or just really want a snack but couldn’t do it. Yeah, I’ll probably see about getting one of those eventually. The running has definitely been a bit tough though not quite as bad as I might have thought. Still have a long way to go there though. Will do. Ah, I forgot there were actually a fair number of those.

    I thought I read somewhere they were going to keep making Origin OVAs after the Char/Sayla stuff starting with the Battle of Loum. Though that was already sort of shown in the first episode so I don’t know if that really means anything. I keep forgetting about all of it lately as I’ve fallen a bit behind. Need to find some time to catch up.

    Yes, it’s more effective when you see all the development beforehand knowing what’s to come. Weird how that’s really not too far away. They could always acquire it or be required to obtain it at some point, but we’ll see. I guess we’ll see where they go now whether it’s darker or not.

    I’d appreciate it and if you ever find yourself in Austin I’ll try to show you around too I’ve looked at a few now and they’re all pretty nice. True, there’s been a lot of those without any animated appearance, though it does leave them with a well to tap. That’s fair since it could easily be garbage. Very true.

    Perhaps, depending on their reasons for agreeing with Azami. I actually saw someone point out that Megumi could actually be someone who could like Azami’s way since it removes that stress of being expelled, though she’s grown quite a bit since the start so I don’t know how much it could still affect her. Yes, that was an interesting revelation since she saw how it could be something enjoyable. And yeah, I imagine we’ll probably have to wait for Jou to talk about it since for some reason I feel Azami’s view of everything is probably a bit warped. It was definitely a step up and I’m looking forward to him cooking for her. True, he might view how he is now as a step down from what he was before, which I suppose might show how he simply doesn’t understand. Yeah, Azami makes some good points but he takes it too far. A balance is what is needed here and I suppose you could do Soma and Erina combining their viewpoints to arrive there.

    Yeah, no point if it’s not likely to see completion and then you have the whole uncertainty of just how long the series is going to be. I’ll let you know whenever I manage to get through all those. Just need to plan things out with my time better.

    I may end up waiting till it’s complete or at least really far along. I mean, I got the concept of fold space more or less but didn’t catch on to that other stuff. I can get that viewpoint and there can be a joy in a show like that. Of course, some take it too far and it ends up just being terrible.

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