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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-10 18:47
    Dann of Thursday
    Hope it all was fun.

    Pretty much. Batman for instance got things like BTAS and some of the live action movies that updated him for general audiences. Granted, Aquaman's recent portrayals have been pretty good I think. He's still pretty superhuman on land though which only occasionally gets highlighted unfortunately. They seemed to have made the sorcery more of Mera's thing as of late if I recall correctly. Probably not, but at least they have the ideas for it if the future permits. Good point , though either way it'd be interesting to see that period for Bruce since beyond his childhood and adult life that middle portion isn't usually highlighted all that much. I actually rather wonder if it might have been a better idea to perhaps hold off on killing the Waynes till the first season finale to sort of show what they contributed to the city and perhaps make their deaths hit us harder. I'd hope they let off on it a bit since they can't go breaking him this early in his career. It'd definitely be better to have them shown independent of his interactions more. That'd probably be cute or possibly sad depending on how they go it.

    It was alright and it was definitely an interesting turn on that. I'm not sure if he would on the grounds it belongs to Takumi. Ah, it was a summary I saw so it must have been a misinterpretation. I'd wonder if he might be getting a bit overconfident even if his standing would probably be the closest among the first years possible. Yes, he showed up a bit there so perhaps we'll see him show whatever he has in store. Maybe it'll come out of the finals. It's off to an interesting start with their different approaches and I think this may be a relatively quick one with tasting for at least one of the dishes happening next week.

    Well, I'm certain you know now if we got any look at his style in the next episode so hopefully it was a good showing. And Zwei was rather useful this week as well. I was a bit confused with the explanation for the underground city if mainly at the surprise that it was being used, though it seems it simply slipped their minds. Some sort of invasion would definitely serve as a distraction especially if the computer trick comes to pass around then. It's definitely the better option at this point I think and the tournament could be a good way to do the next season with perhaps things getting heavy in the second half to get ahead of myself.

    Yes, though I find it hard to ever consider Wu actually becoming competent enough. Maybe he'll have a life changing moment or something. At least they were all sending her letters even if Mako's were kind of hilarious in how awkward they were and Bolin's in how over the top. I'm sure both him and the others coming together to form the team again will come of either being forced or choosing to go back. That could possibly work I suppose, though they've already hinted towards a darker side to Kuvira's plans that I imagine we'll get to see at some point. I didn't mean it as a sequel idea so much as a plan that Kuvira might try to have happen that'll of course fail. He'll probably be given some moment where he is ordered to go against his friends or sees something he just can't agree with. Yeah, that seems to be the case based on this week's episode. Ah, forgot about that. I think that weird Illusion Korra is probably Raava perhaps leading her where she needs to go, though I don't quite get what beating the crap out of her is supposed to do necessarily. Neat reveal on Toph too, though for some reason like last week the end felt a bit abrupt.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-09 23:45
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh cool, I'll hold off on posting everything till tomorrow so as to include Korra. Good to hear it keeping up the momentum from the sound of it.

    And they were having a Korra panel? Interesting, though I suppose they were only talking about San Diego last time and with this ending it makes sense for them to say it would be their last.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-07 17:17
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, Happy Birthday! Have a good time!
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-06 17:09
    Dann of Thursday
    Indeed, I'm largely on board with what I'm hearing and most of my questions will hopefully be answered with more detail down the line or when we can finally play the demo. Given the last one was largely gameplay oriented it would seem appropriate for another story one unless they don't want to reveal much more. Given that they're promoting it being there I'd have to hope they've got some substantial information to reveal beyond a trailer. I could see a release either at Jump, at the end of the Demo, or at E3.

    Saw a video and if I'm not mistaken the lead villain is voiced by Steve Blum.

    And that it's not giving them much trouble. It'll probably be a while in any case and I don't really expect much new info this year or next, which is fine in my opinion as I'd rather it not be rushed.

    I'd still be surprised if they ever got around to remaking it unless they get in serious trouble and need something like that. I'd imagine Nomura would definitely be involved provided he doesn't leave anytime soon, but I'm curious if they'd change the gameplay as well.

    And interesting to note is that KHIII is apparently now running on Unreal Engine 4 as opposed to the Luminous engine.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-06 00:39
    Dann of Thursday
    That could certainly work I suppose, though I don't know how you'd keep doing the Nemesis system if you expand it like that. Though perhaps they could always have him be someone who was operating in the background during LotR, though that could be stretching it. I imagine they will since it'd be best to improve and keep the good will they've earned with this first entry. I sometimes feel the disjointed feeling in the story happens a lot in open world games like this when you get caught up in the extra activities. I haven't started it yet actually. Still working on finishing Xillia 2, which I've almost finished with the post-game material being the only thing I need to do for the most part. It's more a matter of not spending the money/credit on something I might not get to for months and that if I just wait I could get it for cheaper. I certainly hope they do since I know some people are still a bit bitter about Vesperia PS3 never coming out and that whole thing with SE and their special versions always bugged me, so hopefully on both ends we don't see as much exclusion. Pretty much and usually the announcement comes later on enough that it's not too irritating. They're definitely still working on it I think and I wouldn't be surprised if they release it and then add more features later. I definitely like when you can fight back as well and one of my hopes with this is that you might actually get to take down the villain that we see in the trailers since he's the kind I've seen in horror games and others where it's cathartic to seem them defeated. Sort of in a manner of conquering the fear you'd developed. Will do, I just need to figure out exactly what I need though by what I've looked into it shouldn't be much. They do seem to pop up rather fast these days thankfully and hopefully the Keep has enough to it to keep one occupied.

    That'd definitely be preferable on my part as well. Another new IP would be a good thing to see since right now it's just sequels and such from older franchises.

    Yeah, it can really help cut the tension and seeing something scary with other people experiencing the same thing is more enjoyable than on your own.

    The comments give me the impression he does as well, which was a relief really. I've seen some spoilers posted though they go so far I have to think they're fake. They always liked it as well, though I think took issues with some stuff later on. That sort of thing always makes the wait more agonizing since even if you get a new chapter not much happens.

    Will get the rest tomorrow.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-06 00:00
    Dann of Thursday
    Do we blame Super Friends for that whole perception about him being lame? I've never gotten it when you actually take a look at what he can do. In the end I don't think it'll be as highly regarded as the LotR movies were, but I think it should be able to end on an good note with that battle. They had better not pull that fake out ending stuff Return of the King did though. Wow, that far ahead in terms of potential ideas? Well, good to have some sort of plan on their part and it also sounds like they're prepared if that doesn't happen. I suppose the change in actors would indicate a timeskip? That's good to hear since I wasn't entirely sure how he'd be at it and that approach is a good one to go with if no unexpected. Some of the changes seems a bit odd, though largely in the name department. That's nitpicking I guess. Oh, that well? Not too bad then and hopefully they can maintain good numbers to keep the show going.

    Based on summaries, while a large part of it does seem to be about Subaru's backstory and potential redemption we do get to see the aftermath. Souma seems to have gained some good rep with everyone for this and Takumi has his fire back. Only one bit with Erina, but not a bad one with Souma apparently telling her that one more win and then he has the right to challenge her. I'm not really sure if we'll actually see that come to pass though and I can't help but note that Eizan has largely been a background presence despite claiming this would be where Souma's rise would stop. We do seem to be heading right into the next match so that'll be fun.

    Yeah, seeing this episode makes it more understandable and it looks like it just wears you down if the numbers are great enough. Yes as was the clarification on his reason for being a huntsman, though I hope we get to see him fight next time. Zwei doesn't seem to have much to do quite yet, but we'll see what they decide to do with him. Yeah, it's shaping up like next season will be a tournament arc while also probably seeing a big strike by Cinder so it'll be a good chance here to learn a bit more before the season ends. This episode definitely did a great job making them come across as a bigger threat given their absence as of late. I think it's something we could see down the line, though probably not for some time. Her somehow using them would definitely be a way to strike a blow and distract Beacon, though it'd also be interesting if they saw the chaos going on with Cinder's activities and decided to attack with that perhaps disrupting Cinder's plans. Perhaps they can come to a realization by finding out why Ruby wasn't asked, but this was definitely a good thing for them to deal with now. At least he's somewhat amusing in how utterly useless he is unlike his aunt, but I certainly can't blame anyone either. He's just too good at his job I guess. I do enjoy how deadpan he often is around Wu, though I imagine he's not going to be tied down to him that long. A successful assassination would free him up to. Hell, if they wanted to be sneaky they could frame him for it and force him to go on the run, which could lead to a conflict for Bolin as well. It ultimately depends on how they end up portraying how she came to be where she is as well as what she does from here. Avatar hasn't done gray all that often with it's villains. I suppose the only hope is how she herself wants to be remembered if she cares about that. If they wanted to go really villainous they could go for something like killing Korra to bring about the next Avatar who, as an Earthbender in the next incarnation, if everything is under Kuvira's control could be found and then brought up as pretty much the ultimate weapon. Or I'm thinking this out way too far. Yes, hopefully we get some of that soon enough, though I feel Bolin isn't that hard to figure since he ultimately just seems to want to help people and sees this as the best method. I hope that works out as well and as you said he ultimately hasn't changed that much in personality in wanting to help people. I saw a comment from someone that based on what the guy said to her at the end she may have thrown the fight for money, though her still being weak would make more sense. Unless it's meant to show how low she's gotten since then. I also think that given Kuvira's habit of blinding her opponents with those bands that Korra might be due for some lessons from Toph in her style of earthbending.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-03 15:48
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, though apparently some of what was shown this time was in the way of more advanced abilities, which makes sense. I'm curious what they'll be showing off in November, but with Jump I'd think we'll get a new story trailer. What'd be even better would be if they had some sort of playable version for people to try, though that may be a bit early especially with a demo already coming. A release date would be great too.

    Yes, it gave us a lot of insight regarding the characters and opened up the chance for more along with some interesting story bits concerning the Grim. I'm really thinking we might see a really old Grim capable of speech at some point. And I'm getting that vibe with Shokugeki as well unfortunately. I can understand the stuff with Takumi, but would rather move on to the reactions of others. Maybe next week.

    Watched Korra and thought it was a good first episode which also teased a lot.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-02 16:32
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, they did that whole repeat showing off Type-0 and XV as well as clarifying a few things. Looks like jumping is in fact in while they confirmed you only control Noctis among other things.

    Here's a link for the XV portion:

    And one for the Q&A part translated:

    Looks like we'll have something November as well and then Jump Festa for December. Good on them for keeping the info coming at a steady pace. I believe they did something similar for the relaunch of XIV.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-01 22:55
    Dann of Thursday
    I'd be surprised if we ever get the full story. Not that surprised I guess. I'll be starting that one soon.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2014-10-01 21:40
    Dann of Thursday
    An interesting comment from Nomura popped up:

    Sort of confirms he wasn't taken off the project on the best of terms, though perhaps he'll channel all that into making KHIII even better.

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