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  1. Triple_R
    2016-12-24 19:22
    Happy Holidays!
  2. Triple_R
    2016-10-05 23:46
    After re-watching the Love Live Movie earlier today, and thinking back on Sunshine... I think you're right on Saint Snow. And I think, going forward, that might actually be Sunshine's biggest issue.

    Great rivals bring out great heroes/protagonists. As much as I loved LL Season 1, I don't think μ's reached their full potential until their rivalry with A-RISE took off in Season 2.

    I have strong doubts that Saint Snow can do this for Aqours. Saint Snow just doesn't have the same screen presence for me that Kira Tsubasa did. Either Saint Snow needs to get stronger, or maybe new rivals should be created in Sunshine Season 2.

    Anyway, I'm sending this to you since I remember you being one of Saint Snow's biggest critics, and also because I've largely enjoyed our Sunshine discussions.
  3. Triple_R
    2016-09-25 19:55
    My favorite Sunshine girl is You. 2nd would be Riko. 3rd would be Ruby. After that, I think that Mari and Chika have some potential, but I have to be honest, Chika kinda pissed me off in the last two episodes, lol.

    I really like You's character overall. She strikes me as hitting a good blend between military otaku tomboy and fun-loving friend-valuing genki girl. Riko has a very nice elegance and sweetness to her. I like the Dia/Ruby dynamic, and I find Ruby a little easier to take on an individual level of the two Kurosawa sisters.

    I loved Hanamaru in Episode 4, but I felt she became a little too comedy character-like after that. Maybe she'll bounce back some in Season 2, and I think Hanamaru has good potential.

    I have mixed feelings on Yohane, but she could be funny sometimes at least. Kanan's minimal screen-time makes her hard to evaluate, and I felt the 3rd years drama kinda flopped.

    But yeah, at the top-end, at least I liked You and Riko and Ruby a good amount.
  4. Triple_R
    2016-09-25 16:18
    Well, Pen, I would argue that Love Live Season 1 did a very solid job with pretty much its entire main cast. Maybe an exception of Rin. Maybe Umi should have had more focus in Season 1, but she still came across as a good strong well-realized character to me. And I felt the entire OG cast as a whole was handled well in OG Season 1. I definitely can't say the same about the Aqours girls in Sunshine Season 1. Also, is Umi still your favorite girl from both casts combined?

    Don't let the Sunshine hypemasters get to you. You're far from alone. There's plenty of people, including myself, that significantly prefer the OG to Sunshine and would give the OG some big edges over it. I'm not saying you should give up all hope in Sunshine, but hey, it has a full season done now, no more "potential" excuses, imo. Season 1 vs. Season 1, OG wins that solidly, imo.
  5. Triple_R
    2016-09-25 10:15
    Originally Posted by Pen3 View Post
    In case you forgot, the only problem i had was the of the overacting in early episodes and the music in general, but everything else was done better than the original.
    Seriously? Really? You really think that Sunshine has better plotting, better writing, and better characters than the original? If so, I strongly disagree.
  6. Triple_R
    2016-09-14 20:18
    Well, I still prefer the OG. But I never expected to like Sunshine quite as much as I do the OG.

    What I like most about Sunshine is the Chika/Riko relationship. Because at least it's something different for the Love Live series, right? The OG had some very close friendships, and some light yuri teases, but nothing that felt as steadily developed and romantic to me as Chika/Riko does. I go back and forth on HonoKoto vs. HonoEli, and ChikaRiko is almost like the best of both of them to me. (No offense to you as an Umi fan, as I also like HonoUmi in the Love Live manga, and UmiEli had its moments in the anime).

    I also find it interesting how Sunshine pretty much has an actual love triangle in You/Chika/Riko, which again is different at least.

    But yeah, there's certain things the OG does way better than Sunshine. I agree with you on the OG's more serious tone compared to Sunshine's more silly/over-the-top antics. Partly because of this tonal difference, Sunshine doesn't give me the same FEELS that the OG did, when it comes to things like feeling goosebumps and having tears of joys. And in the area of music/live performances, I'd give the OG the edge over Sunshine, like you do.

    But at least Sunshine isn't totally pointless. I honestly was worried about it being totally pointless after Episode 7. Sunshine isn't as good as the original Love Live, in my opinion, but at least Sunshine is an usually fun watch that brings something new to the table.

    Oh, and I was being generous with that 10/10 rating for Episode 11. Don't read too much into that. That was mainly me being relieved over finally seeing an Aqours live that was actually energetic and cool, as well as me being impressed over them letting Riko go ahead and split from Aqours for awhile. Other than those two things, it was just a standard quality Sunshine episode for me.

    So it's fine if you're not sold on Sunshine. I understand where you're coming from.
  7. Triple_R
    2016-08-26 22:32
    Nice choices. From what I've seen, Kotori probably does get the best figurines.

    For what it's worth, I do think one of the OG's biggest mistakes was not having an Umi-focused episode. I could understand them deciding not to bother with a focus episode for either of the 3 2nd years, since they were the core of the show at the beginning. But then Kotori did get a character-focused episode (Season 1 Episode 9) and Kotori was arguably the main focus of the final arc of Season 1. Umi probably should have had a character-focus episode at some point.
  8. Triple_R
    2016-08-25 12:36
    Well, thanks for a good discussion Pen. It was an interesting back-and-forth.
  9. Pen3
    2016-08-25 12:23
    I don't know, but i felt that Sunshine 8 had a bigger impact on me, maybe its because of how bad the other episodes were. The problem wasn't whether Ep8 of original was good, but it didn't leave me with a strong impression. I can't even recall what happened on that episode unless i go back and rewatch it. Considering that it has been a long time of course, but i do know that it was about Eli. Now, you are talking about both series as a whole then yes the original is better since Sunshine is just starting to get good. As for Umi getting good focus, i don't think so, she just gradually accepted the idea of becoming an idol over the span of S1E1 to the Movie, there wasn't a specific arc just for her.
  10. Triple_R
    2016-08-25 12:11
    Then what do you think of the points I made in favor of LL Season 1 Episode 8? I think I gave very good reasons for holding LL Season 1 Episode 8 in very high esteem. What I pointed out there is more impressive to me than anything Sunshine did in it's Episode 8. And LL S1E8 also never had anything as annoying or distracting as this stupidly over-the-top reference reliance.

    If you compare the first 8 episodes of the original Love Live to the first 8 episodes of Sunshine, the original LL wins by a considerable margin, in my view. The first 8 episodes of the OG didn't shortchange any main cast character as badly as Sunshine's first 8 episodes shortchanged Kanan. The first 8 episodes of the OG had smoother pacing and cleaner plot developments. The first 8 episodes of the OG brought the full group together much better than Sunshine's first 8 episodes brought its full group better. So far in Sunshine, the 3rd years feel mostly cut off from the rest of the main cast, whereas in the OG, there's much more varied interactions between all 9 main cast members.

    "I just cant say the original did the characters better when my best girl is the least developed and didnt get any episodes on her own." - Umi received good focus in LL Season 1 Episode 7. Umi was well-developed. Umi showed good development right in the very first episode of Love Live in how she carefully changed her mind on the school idols idea. I understand your feelings here, but Umi had a good strong presence throughout much of Love Live, and some very good comedy moments. Umi tended to be very important in key plot points, and you could easily argue that Umi was the glue that kept μ's together.


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