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  1. Jeffry2009
    2009-04-17 22:35

    I bought you a good stuff. I gotta go. I felt so lonely sometimes due to run out of animes.
  2. darthfury78
    2009-04-08 11:58
    I hate fag relationships. Was never a fan of boy x boy relationship. They seem to hint that more in Code Geass because of CLAMP illustration style.
  3. Levy
    2009-04-07 12:08
    oh lol, I adore how fanboys are so cutely unaware at times! XD
    "Uke" is the recieving/bottom/passive half of a male/male homosexual relationship, opposite to the Seme. It's more a role-symbol applied to fiction than anything.
  4. Jeffry2009
    2008-10-31 08:18
    NyxOne is the Dream Traveller!? You're kidding me! No wonder why it sound looks familiar to me.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-31 07:16
    Dann of Thursday
    I would have to consider that one of the unneeded plotlines for the show. Milly is a minor character after all and there was no real previous look at her relationship with Lelouch beyond a sound episode here and there. It doesn't truly serve the plot in any real fashion, but that is just me. They would logically all be on the airship since they were all being evacuated at the end of S1. Eh, whatever in any case.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-30 16:51
    Dann of Thursday
    It's not that unfortunate really though later on the mechs started getting a bit too out there. I honestly dislike the mangas of this show and find them generally quite irritating in some aspects, but that is just me. And I'm not so sure there really is enough support. And popularity alone does not guarantee that a series can get another chapter in it.

    How do you know he defeated Suzaku on the island? I'm well aware of the original intention and even then I'm sure some aspects of the plot would have been repeated or at least delved into much more than they were. The one thing I can imagine that would have been abandoned would have been Ashford. At least I hope so since way too much time was wasted on that school than needed to be. Personally, I find that R2 simply had too much going on but managed to bring out a pretty good finale, even if some questions were not answered and it was essentially open ended to some degree.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-30 06:55
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm not sure what you have been reading, but I'm just telling you not to get your hopes up. There isn't any particular reason for Sunrise to invest money in another CG when the series has always fallen into the same genre as Gundam. The first series just barely got the greenlight for the second season. Why do you think we were waiting so long for R2? It wasn't simply because they were spending all that time working on the show. CG was simply an experiment for Sunrise that happened to pay off just a bit, but it doesn't have the staying power of Gundam in the long run. We don't know exactly what was changed anyway. Maybe there were a few big changes, but I think some things remained entirely the same no matter what.

    The series was always in some ways like Gundam in terms of genre and such, though with the addition of several elements not found typically in Gundam at the same time. How was the ending pathetic or in any way like DN? It's an open ending (and yes, I know what the some like Okouchi says, but I truly don't care in the end since the show speaks for itself and it does nothing to contradict the idea he is alive). Is there something wrong with that? Personally, I have thought for an extremely long time that we might get an ending such as that where some aspect of it is completely up to us and in the end it ultimately works out for everyone since there are those who believe the ending is better with him dead or better with him alive. There really wasn't anything stopping them from explaining it. It would have been quite simple to include it somewhere along the way.

    That was because the series was not finished yet, but now that it is there really is no reason for them to do such a thing. And again, Lelouch is only dead if you decide to interpret the series that way. As I said just a bit ago, a series speaks for itself and allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions about what is happening in the end. Okouchi says he is dead, but that is how he views it. I believe he is not and that is how I view it. Just because Okouchi is the writer doesn't make his view any different than mine. There is nothing within the show itself to contradict my belief. And the show is what matters here. I choose to look at several things within the episodes there including sign in the last episode and those aspects have allowed me to soundly believe that Lelouch is immortal in the end. It doesn't ruin the ending and in fact to me closes everything off more to some degree. And I know I'm not alone in believing this.

    Of course, you're likely one of those who thinks I'm a foolish idiot for believing such a thing though that's fine if you believe that since I truly don't care. The ending itself was simply open ended and allowed the viewer to choose for themselves. For example, my sister watched through R2 because she was bored (she disliked S1 so I'm not sure why she did this) and when she finished I asked her what she thought of the ending. She said she didn't like it that much since to her it was open without a clear cut ending. To her though, it was obvious that Lelouch was alive from what she had scene the entire show. Some people don't need to rely on having something said by the staff about the show and personally I think it's better that way since it allows the viewer to make decisions on their own and actually use their imagination ratherthan relying on having the info told to them.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-29 19:52
    Dann of Thursday
    Personally, I just want to move on past CG. And I sometimes think that there may have been overexaggeration in the changes made in the show. That shouldn't have stopped Taniguchi and he should have found a way around it.

    It had its issues and faults of course and was inferior to S1, but it happens. It's their own fault for having some many plotlines and characters. And several of those plotlines (I won't name some of them since you may get quite angry depending on things) this season were a waste of time and in some cases ruined a chance for a few characters to really grow.

    Except that was a case from the U.S.. This is Japan and the situation is actually quite different in how it works. Code Geass fits basically into the mecha drama category for Sunrise and there really is no reason for them to focus on CG when they have Gundam which has a long proven history of being succesful.

    Like I said, I don't see the point. I want to move on and I'm sure Taniguchi wouldn't mind doing that either.

    You can write him, but I doubt you'll get anywhere. There is no reason for him to do so and he would need to get the approval from Sunrise to spend money on such a thing. What is the point?
  9. Jeffry2009
    2008-10-28 11:52
    And yeah you're right. but everyone thinks that you're the delusional.

    told me about it.
  10. Jeffry2009
    2008-10-15 06:53
    Yes, you're welcome. My mind was completely bothered about CG R2 bcoz i was rewatched the episodes back 2 back & i've felt something wasn't right.

    I mean what in the HELL exactly was that all about? I'd like to see some more reactions & thoughts after the massive aftermath of TURN 25 especially Rivalz & Milly!!

    Kinda like i'm protest this show, wasn't it?


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