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  1. Daisu
    2012-11-24 02:45
    Shinsekai Yori, is kinda like simoun. Episode 8 is yuri and BL :P
  2. Lost Cause
    2011-11-05 12:19
    Lost Cause
    Hi Darth!
    In regards to your last post in the CG forum; I highly doubt Stan Lee would let CLAMP draw his characters. I believe Spiderman is a personal favorite if his. That and old "webhead" just wouldn't look right as an anorexic. Linda
  3. Lost Cause
    2011-08-04 21:50
    Lost Cause
    Hi Darth!
    Thanks for the link to the "Possibilities of Code Geass R3"! It was a good read and for the most part I agree with it.
    Personally I think that Sunrise wasn't ready for this series to do as well as it did! It was literally a "shot in the dark", and they figured that they always had Gundam to fall back on or continue to rake in the cash. It's why R2 did so badly, they pandered to the otaku who were only interested in figures, models, and fanservice!
    If given half a chance and Akito does well, maybe, just maybe they'll redo R2. I don't buy into or believe what Taniguchi and Okuchi said about never having Lelouch come back! I think if there's enough demand (and I believe there is) and money thrown into it, they would reincarnate him faster than Lazarus!
    It's a wait and see game buddy, and we're the audience. I will tell you this though, look forward to seeing plenty of Lelouch (as Zero) cameos in the new series! Or at least I'm betting good money on it! Linda
  4. Lost Cause
    2010-06-09 05:56
    Lost Cause
    Hey Darth! Thanks for the reply and the "411" on the CG not as planned thing!
    And since the CG forum is "mined" if I got any more questions for ya I'll just ask here ok? LC
  5. Lost Cause
    2010-05-31 13:54
    Lost Cause
    Well your very welcome! But it seems that a few other posters have given you a little flack because it a "H-dounjinshi". Now don't get worried or nuthin as I am a woman of 33 with two kids and a husband in the Marines. Therefore I quite familiar with sex, and understand what the Japanese think of if, perverted or not!
    I still intend too check it out none the less! And thanks again! LC
  6. darthfury78
    2010-05-31 13:30
    Thanks, Lost Cause. The iyou Doujins are the best of the Code Geass doujins out there, in terms of artwork. I also heard that the storyline are very good as well, according to those who know the Japanese language. They usually release a doujin every 4 months. They certainly took the time to study the official Code Geass illustrations carefully. I have yet to see anyone else come close to what they have accomplished. Take care.
  7. Lost Cause
    2010-05-31 11:10
    Lost Cause
    Hey there! Just wanted to thank you for tellin me about the iyou doujins! Your a peach! LC
  8. Roloko vi Britannia
    2010-05-21 15:09
    Roloko vi Britannia
    oh then I know you its me Tsubasa_Lover_4Ever I don't know if you seen me in the CG forums over there or not though
  9. darthfury78
    2010-05-20 04:06
    Yes. I do have a Crunchyroll account.
  10. Roloko vi Britannia
    2010-05-20 00:51
    Roloko vi Britannia
    *random comment from random user* just a question do you have a crunchyroll account?


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