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Worriors1 Worriors1 is offline

Spontaneous Retirement.

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  1. Arbitres
    2010-11-20 16:24
    I may worry about things a whole lot but I try to do things one step at a time, it feels more efficient that way. I have no clue whether I keep things in order or not. xD Care to recommend me some of your songs~? And Shiawase Neiro is the 1st ED of Code Geass R2, I just prefer the extended version because you get the whole song's meaning.

    Go go go.... okay I'm stopping for today, Geez that was tiring. Dx

    Health is health, all I care is to make sure you live a long healthy life yourself Worriors1. Procrastination high-five? Nah, I wanna go to bed first. XD


    See you later then~
  2. Arbitres
    2010-11-20 16:09
    That makes two of us, since I worry about alot of things myself. xD I like emotional music myself though it isn't always depressing, the song that gets me the most is Shiawase Neiro. xD

    So first I was good and now I'm awesome? Moving up the totem poll, and so quickly too. And you're welcome.

    Ahhh, I see. My condolences then, although I have nothing health-wise wrong with me, I'm just an expert procrastinator.

    Oh dear~!
  3. Arbitres
    2010-11-20 15:48
    Don't feel bad about it. xD If it's in your nature you shouldn't feel bad about it. I've never listened to Dashboard Confessional or OneRepublic, but I myself do know some incredibly depressing songs.

    Oh? I'm being complimented on my personality? Why thank you~ If I say so myself you have a very good personality yourself.

    No I'm perfectly healthy. No low blood iron here. Maybe over there but definitely not here. xD

    I'M SOR--- Okay. :3
  4. Arbitres
    2010-11-20 15:33
    You jumped ship? >:'O Don'tcha know that's dangerous? It's alright, so you shouldn't worry about it. Everyone has their own thing to attend to and I don't blame you for finding other stuff to do. xD Anyways what music are you listening to?

    Yes I do.... which is a horrible, horrible talent when you are a misanthropist like I am.

    I'm just fine. Although I could always be better. Feel awfully worn lately and I don't know why.

    Fine, fine. Let's compromise and say I won't say sorry long as you don't say it's your fault.
  5. Arbitres
    2010-11-20 14:44
    Worriors~! Your on! Sorry for not responding.

    Sorry about that. So many people come at me with conversation and I tend to forget all the real important ones.

    How have you been? Sorry for the late response. XD
  6. Arbitres
    2010-10-31 23:00
    I'm good at making people feel loved. I notice alot of things, 90% of the things I notice people don't think I'm aware of though. I also have the bad habit of returning to old places, it's nostalgic... and sort of sad.

    Really? I liked all three, pretty heartwarming. I love all of it, hell if I could get even one CGI of Railoko it'd top my Raikare in a heart beat.

    I'm very devoted, believe me. Just ask Roloko. Even though you don't hold yourself very high, you are actually quite talented for your age. Makes me wonder even, how old are you. Either you're bordering on prodigal or you are very thoughtful and specialized in what you do, or... you're a liar. :3

    Listen to music if it keeps you writing, please do. <3 More Railoko, if you'd kindly~

    Homework is pretty awful, but it helps if you get it done so I'm wishing you the best of skill regardless. Remember to take things slowly if they don't make sense at first.

    I know there is no need to worry, but I tend to forward my concerns when someone I'm fond of vanishes out of sight. Yes, it's nice and touching when you're missed.
  7. Roloko vi Britannia
    2010-10-31 22:58
    Roloko vi Britannia
    basically simulcasts are anime that air within one hour later than Japan
  8. Roloko vi Britannia
    2010-10-31 22:41
    Roloko vi Britannia
    just watching new simulcasts and a couple other series that aired a while back that is all pretty much
  9. Arbitres
    2010-10-31 22:34
    Here I thought something bad happened and I cried and I made a memorial for you and everything. D; Not really. I knew you'd return, since I already analyzed you've vanished like this before and tend to return after a definite time has passed.

    Really? I love them all. Memory made me emo... D; You seriously need to write more. I'm keeping everything Railoko xD I also have that picture you drew as my BG for my personal comp, I love the hell out of it. xD Your talented Worriors1, and I think you ened to write and draw more.

    I'm encouraging when I want to be.

    Highschool sucks when you have lots of tests to do. I hope for you to pass accordingly, Worriors1! ...seriously, tests suck. -_-

    Me? I've been worried about you of course! :P Seeing you safe and sound sends my heart all aflutter~!...
  10. Arbitres
    2010-10-31 22:13
    No, you aren't. Not anymore. I've been meaning to but I thought you quit, when I was seeing who was online I flipped out when I saw you. Welcome back.

    ... You need to write more bizarre emo crack, just so you know. Railoko is awesome. and you're a brilliant writer for your age.

    Ahh, anyways, how have you been?

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